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  1. Katherine Neustadt's Avatar
    I suggest relocating it FAR FAR AWAY. Good kitty! Hope she didn't get bitten.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Here is my old start, might be faster :

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  3. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Track starts are much quicker for me. I have found the blocks with the wedges/fins allow for an even quicker start. IMO, you are heading in the right direction.
  4. __steve__'s Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    Great job, steve!
    Thank you Mike
  5. rxleakem's Avatar
    Great job, steve!
  6. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thanks Joel and Fort

    Like golf, I must make a habbit to never look up

    I also need to learn how to breathe without losing rhythm and stroke form, I'll put up the snorkel for awhile. And instead of worrying when to breathe, I'll know where to breathe beforehand.
  7. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by joel schmaltz
    Nicely done Steve! A PB is a PB. With all the variables in the sprints, any drop is good.

    You should have planned out exactly where you will breathe before the race. 1 breath is impressive. I think it's easy for the mind to wander more in long course 50s. And I'm always wondering when I'll get to the friggin wall.
  8. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Nicely done Steve! A PB is a PB. With all the variables in the sprints, any drop is good.

    I have always had a bad habit of lookin for the wall a bit. Especially in long course. I blame it on not being able to train in a LC pool. Gotta blame something.

    Wish I could have been attended that meet. I thought the meet would have been up on Meet Mobile but I was wrong.
  9. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thanks Frank
  10. fdtotten's Avatar
    Great progress with swimming moderate LCM 50 FR in :33 at SPL 35 and 2 breaths!

    Earlier this week my coach had me do a set of LCM 50s FR as each 50 breathing 2, then 4, 6, and 8, so generally about 4 breaths per 50. Then another round was 3,5,7,9 which resulted in 3 breaths per 50 because I finished before 9.
  11. __steve__'s Avatar
    Glad I was able to think up something useful to use. There's just so much between a good and bad start so I do them whenever I can
  12. fdtotten's Avatar
    Great workout. I will follow your example this weekend to do a similar set like the 11x50 on 2:00; block start to break-out, 15m fast then EZ.
  13. __steve__'s Avatar
    Exactly lol
  14. mcnair's Avatar
    With the golf game I built to a 14 sec, 15 stroke 25, was satisfied. Then I decided to go 25 AFAP - like 14 seconds in 18 strokes??? I really need to reevaluate what's going on here lol.
    That's almost as frustrating as real golf! Like driving all the way to the green and then 4-putting the hole.
  15. __steve__'s Avatar
    They were yummy, and sour.

    I am lucky to have a block to use. This pool is opened just over 3 months of the year. It has just one intact block - lol. Use can be limited (kids use it as a diving board, or someone could be swimming in the respective lane). But if the chance to use it arises, I am on it.
  16. The Fortress's Avatar
    Magaritas aren't interesting?!

    Nice block work! Jealous.
  17. __steve__'s Avatar
    Breakouts are also one of my weaknesses, I'm such a procrastinator.

    I find it difficult to time the breakout such that the initial strokes are at full steam. I always end up trying to adjust my rhythm (I guess, or position) to get my arms going full speed, but by that time I've already been through a few strokes and seconds. But yes, in LCM there are only two areas to mess up, the start and breakout
  18. chowmi's Avatar
    I like all your workouts! No garbage yardage. Nice to see you doing lots of starts. After all, if a start and breakout is 35% of your 50 race, you should be doing lots of starts! The only thing I would change is to always do a breakout if you can. The reason is that is a serious competitive advantage for you - it's the critical connection between the speed off the blocks and the super fine tuning into the stroke and maintaining speed. If you can get to the 15 meter mark faster, with less energy (because you've been working on them!) and also carrying more speed yet use the least % of your total energy relative to the competition, then WOW you will have a great race!
  19. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thanks Frank, I guess 26 is somewhat fast even with fins, it's good to feel what it's like to go that speed. I remember seeing in Ande's blog he goes 26 without fins at practice!

    Yes, I will indeed take great caution with the no breathers. A good thing is the constant attention of lifeguards.

    I did modify the snorkel some and it helped. Made the tube closer to my head and also cut 1.5 inches off the top.
  20. fdtotten's Avatar
    Awesome quality swimming! 26 is blazing fast - you are making very solid progress on the speed aspect of your swimming. I do not need to say this to you, but I will anyway, always take great care when doing your hypoxic swimming. The head orientation issue with the snorkel will continue to be minor factor even when you are a long time snorkel expert, occasionally it just catches or gets water in the mouth piece, disrupting everything.