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I love water for some reason

  1. 4|24|16 scm

    Took yesterday off. Made the 240 mile drive to move daughter's stuff from dorm room for summer, which included a loft. Left home around noon and returned after 2 am. Easy swim today:

    750 easy fr with fins
    30 x 15.3m turn drill on 0:20
    • alternate through 2, 3, and 4 strokes into wall, turn, and glide back

    Went to chiropractor for first time ever on Friday. My hope was to relieve some of the right arm issues (shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand pain, numbness, tingling) with no success. However, I can't remember the last time my neck has felt so relieved. Must have been over ten years like that and I became used to it.

    We're getting excited about our summer vacation in the south Caribbean. My wife's native land, and my place of rest and enjoyment. Will be the first time just the two of us go, so it may take getting used to. Already been swimoutletting in preparation:
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    Haven't bought the MF yet, still deciding on size. Due to fitting reviews I may get the XXL (12.5+) even though my feet are just 11's. My feet are unusually wide, and my big toes are the leading edge and tend to get squished in closed toe fins.

    Plan to use the MP snorkel for pool training as a twist (been buying finis's every year for awhile), then modify my current finis snorkel into a GoPro mounted, snorkeling device as I successfully did last year. Makes for ideal OW/snorkeling/beginner free diving combination. Maybe even use the MF as such too, for an interesting boost.

    The Buoy will come in handy for regular OW swimming through traffic areas. Many times in the past where I could've used one.

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  2. 4|21|16 SCM

    500 easy
    10 x 15-20 fr on 1:00 easy sprint
    12 x 15 on fr 0:40 easier sprint

    30 min of stretching

    Left shin is completely well, and my left adductor/lower abdomen problem is not bothering me as of yesterday. Looked back at my blogs to pinpoint that the adductor/lower abdomen injury had plagued me since last May!

    Right arm hurts though, from hand to shoulder. At the back of the shoulder a muscle keeps twitching itself, but the arm feels better when it does - now that's weird.

    90F water provided fastest average pace in 100m event over 79F and 68F. Whereas submaxial swims showed less of a change except HR.
    I bet 50s would show even a greater proportional temp/speed relationship

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  3. 4|20|16 SCM

    7 x (3 x 25 fr on 0:20) on 3:00
    • each first 25 was dive-from-side and nb

    8 x 12.5 fr (D-F-S) / 12.5 br on 1:00

    Did a lot of stretching and RC last night
  4. 4|19|16 SCM

    Warmup with an easy nb sprint from a side dive

    30 x 25 nb fr on 1:00
    • modest, but quick sprint every 2 ea
    • closed fists with fins every other 2 ea

    7 x 25 fr on 0:40, very easy and slow

    Shin did improve other day, but still the same today and can't kick hard yet. Daily activities irritate it. Also seems warmer and slightly enlarged compared to the other. It's like I'm made of glass or something.

    Maybe a good thing - will have fresh legs in 10 days
  5. 4|18|16 flipped out

    300m easy kick

    100m broken, easy fr sprint

    4 x 50 on ?:?? as 12.5 flutter/12.5 br/ 12.5 fr/12.5 UWDK

    20 x 15.3m TD on 0:30
    • flipped UW to develop rollspeed

    40 x 5m on 0:15 UW push and flip (arms back)

    50m of forward flips

    50 ez fr sprint with fins/snorkel

    Illness has fizzled out, just mild chest crud remains, plan to get rid of that outside tonight. Left front shin also improving.

    Re-insulated attic this weekend with 12 bags of non-fiberglass stuff. Yoga allowed me to accomplish this task effectively and without injury.

    Hack squats
    Pushups (hands/feet on blocks) with elastic resistance (about 55 at top)
    Negative pull-ups
    lower back
    back of legs

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  6. 4|15|16 SCY

    Been sick for 2.5 days. Took yesterday off but did moderate drylands. this afternoon I hit a SCY pool as a driveby while passing one up running errands. Asked if I could use blocks (nope), then was kicked out by a team after 30 minutes (even though I paid $5).

    Easy 50 fr's

    A few fast 25's

    ez bk-br-fr

    50 nb easy sprint - 29

    Drills with fins and snorkel

    Since Monday my left lower shin has been irritating me. It is mild and chronic while walking, using clutch, easy swimming, so forth, but the pain is sharp when kicking all-out. I believe it was from working 18 straight hours on Sunday wearing steel toe combat boots the first half, and heavy steel-toe doc martins the second half. I'm on my feet constantly when we're busy (walking across flightline, pushing stands, etc), and we've been busy lately (have a random tempo). Just happy to finally get a break. I plan to spray insulation throughout attic tomorrow, maybe not. But it must be done before the heat comes.

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  7. 4|12|16 SCM and some drylands

    SCM 30 minutes

    Swim-turn-swim as fr, starting without wall, 20 ea on 0:30
    • Started 5m from wall, ea time working up to 12.5m, then back down to 5m

    Run (parallel with side) and dive (about 11m out), sprint and turn
    • 5 on about 2:00

    12 x 15.3m dive and UW turn in 7.7m wide area
    • dive, pull L, pull R and turn with body mostly under surface

    4 x 50 fr on 1:00 with fins and snorkel, easy but on top of water

    The last effort of the day I decided to flip-turn as fast as I can. 1st time I turned and pushed so quick. It's about timing and then actually making an effort, but correctly.

    Drylands: shoulders, RC, torso, and stretching

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  8. 4|11|16 SCM

    10 x 50 on 2:00 as [12.5 (turn) 12.5 fr - fast], [12.5 br (turn) 12.5 fr or bk - easy]

    10 x 75 on 3:00 as 12.5 easy 12.5 (turn) 12.5 fr - fast, 12.5 br (turn) 25 fr or bk - easy

    4 x 50 fr with fins and snorkel on 1:30

    4 x 25 dolphin fr with fins and snorkel

    Felt no connection with water. Feel a loss of structure to my training. Just how I feel at moment, maybe only partly true and I'm just recovering from weekend.
  9. 4|10|16 SCM and drylandz

    Quick swim during my lunch (which I extended)

    10 x 25 fr nb on 2:00 dive from side fr with fins fast

    25 flutter kick AFAP 19 (very slow time)

    10 x 25 fr nb on 1:00 with fins

    Drylands on my lunch break for other job (slightly extended)

    5:05 min on treadmill set to 9 MPH

    1 x 32 of #55's DBBP

    Several sets of various med/light weight lat exercises with no rest

    1 x 20 of 180 Hack squat machine

    Leg curls and leg extensions med/light

    abs for about 5 min

    Worked yesterday. Came in this morning @ 6:55am, still have about an hour to go for tonight (11:30pm). At least I had to take 1.5 hours of leave where the two shifts overlap.
  10. 4|8|16 SCY slippery block pool

    I never look forward to the pain of AFAP 50's from block

    warmed up for 15 minutes with fins

    50 #1 (track start)
    • 26 low
    • back foot slipped
    • took one breath back
    • even split the 25's lol

    10 min eazy with fins

    50 #2 (grab start)
    • 26 flat
    • one breath

    10 min easy with fins

    50 #3 (grab start)
    • 25 high maybe
    • took 2 breaths, 2nd half
    • felt the lactate but still fastest swim
    10 min easy

    25 AFAP with fins

    Haven't tried grab start in 2 yrs, might be faster for me and worth returning to.

    The last 50 was the fastest, but oddly I was already toasted, and I even had to take 2 breaths for it (less oxygen from increased LA). This just supports the notion that minor changes in the start (or turn) will have a significant impact on overall time, whereas swimming tired has less impact than expected. Hell, the 2 breaths I took (clearly seen in video) were more like gasps, and furthermore taken out of streamline. Maybe the first (slowest) 50 simply had the worst start but fastest swim. In media player, if I pause the vid of it midway my feet are in the air turning.

    Lesson, treat entire 50 race as nothing more than a solid start with a good turn

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  11. 4|5|16 & 4|6|16

    SCM 4|4

    (forgot details but it included IM turns)

    15 x 25 or 50 on 5:00

    5 x 50 on 3:00

    DRYLANDS: Weights / BW (Lower body, chest, back), stretching

    SCM 4|5

    7 x 35 on 2:00
    • nb fr, fast

    2 x 35 on 3:00
    • nb fr, faster

    10 x 20 on 1:00
    • 10m fr - turn - 10m fr
    • 10m br - turn - 10m fr
    • 10m fr - turn - 10m fr
    • 10m br - turn - 10m bk
    • repeat above 1.5 x

    4 x 20 on 0:30
    • 10m fr - turn - 10m fr

    2 x 25m flutter kick from side dive AFAP on about 2:00
    • 17
    • 19

    DRYLANDS: Weights (RC, shoulders, triceps), stretching

    SCM 4|6

    8 x 50 fr on 1:00 (warmup)
    • high 40's build to high 30's
    • I shouldn't bother with these aerobic warmups anymore (need to take Fort's advice more often). This simple set nearly drained shoulders.

    5 x 50 fr on 3:00
    • 15m ez - 20m fast - 15m ez
    • 40's flat

    5 x 50 fr on 3:00
    • 15m ez - 20m fast - 15m med
    • 30's mid+

    20 fast = (10m)(turn)(10m)
    25m flutter kick from side dive AFAP
    • 17

    23m UWDK
    • 17

    25 ex kick

    DRYLANDS: Weights (Lower body, back, chest) 30 min, stretching

    Plan to make it to the SCY pool with flimsy blocks on Friday. Will bring the GoPro. Have weekend warrior duty this weekend which means I must work a double shift on Sunday.
  12. 4|3|16 SCM

    warmed up

    6 x 100 fr on 4:00 - 6:00
    • 1:30, :18, :17, :17, :18, :17

    3 x 25 fr + turn + breakout and 2 strokes on 5:00

    10 x 22.5 on 1:00 as 15m fr + turn + breakout and 3 strokes

    25m AFAP flutter kick 0:17

    Filmed the stuff above to figure out what my problem is during my turns (they need work). I'm wasting time transitioning into the flip and once the feet are planted I waste time before I push. I also miss my timing most of the time, either too close where I shoot towards the bottom, or even (less often) too far where my legs are already locked

    I don't have my exact times from the meet yesterday but know as much as I need to LOL

    My 50 fr yesterday was way too slow - I didn't see the guy to my left going in, but he was right there ahead of me off the wall. I was like ??? We rolled on opposing sides so I could see in clear view my slowness, so I got distracted, lost my patients, and ended up breaking out too deep and recovering my arm under water. I swam like a madman trying to regain what I lost, but lost time can't be regain - 25.8. Joel said my breakout looked excellent, but what he didn't see was all the mayhem that went on underwater, he saw me hustling my arse off trying to regain what was already lost lol.

    My 100 was worst, like over 3 seconds slower than what I swam just 40 days ago! I messed up all 3 turns. Last Feb I only messed up one turn.

    My 50 breast was 2 hundredths slower than Feb

    PB in 1IM, but it was also a personal first - 1:14. The back to breast suicide turn went perfectly because I've been practicing that. But I just can't seem to land fl and br into the turn right to make good transitions. Need to work those. My Coach said when I fly I'm way to high out of the water - so high out that my chest was surfaced lol! That's what I get for not doing this stroke at practice. These are mistakes kids make, not 50 yr olds.

    The 25 yds fr I tried starting in an awkward manner: A grab start with feet in gutter, one inch deep of water and my hands grabbing the edge, up and back, from behind. There was a guy in my heat that false started and fell in, which, in addition to how everyone was lined up ready to go, made me laugh, and I never managed to start on time. I ended up with a time close to what I have timed myself doing from a side dive at practice, but for 25m.

    For the 25 fly I just didn't breathe and went 13 something with a from the gutter, swinging-arms style start

    Also did the 25 br

    I need to keep my mind focused and my nerves at bay during swim meets. I also need to fix my turns which means I need to travel to a pool to workout in that has turn markings so I can get my rhythm back.

    I am not worried about yesterdays performance, maybe a little disappointed, and I'm glad it happened so I can have a clear picture of what I need to do. But I did indeed have a sincerely fun time swimming poorly. Seriously. The 25's were a blast, I think everyone enjoyed doing them, even with handicapped starts.

    Drylands today

    5 min @ 9mph on treadmill. That hurt since I haven't ran in several weeks

    Weights - worked legs, chest, back, hips, and core. Did stretching

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  13. 3|31|16

    Swam daily 3|24 to 3|31
    • Short repeats on 0:20 to 3:00 with steady decrease in effort each day
    • Fins used much of the time
    • Did a few turn drills
    • Easy starts from the side
    • Avoided any kicking (unless UW with fins)
    • increased qty of drills

    • 2 light, high rep weights sessions
    • daily stretching

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  14. 3|23|16 stretching and plyo

    about 80 minutes

    Did a few sets of:
    • vertical drop and hops
    • static track stance, then move into proper streamline with an inhale
    • moving yoga stretches
    • abdominal stuff
    • RC stuff

    Wonder what to try in pool tomorrow
  15. 3|22|16 SCM

    500 flutter kick
    • board and snorkel
    • 12:26 negative split at 250

    6 x 25 fr on 0:40
    14 x 25 fr on 1:00

    10 (3 x 7m) on 1:00
    • Breakout into 2 fr strokes & flipturn (7m), kick out from dig and roll to back for suicide turn (7m), do a br pullout (7m), glide back

    20 x 7m on 0:30
    • Breakout into 2 fr strokes & flipturn, glide back

    2 min on treadmill at 9.5 mph
    Worked legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms with high reps
  16. 3|21|16 SCM

    15 x 50 on 2:00, as 25 fr fast / 25 easy, odds with fins on
    • 14 highs to 15's, and 12's for the finned

    30 x 30m on 1:00 as 15m AFAP fr (speed with a breath) / 15m easy
    • 7 highs to 8's
    • each had one high speed breath after 4th stroke with no need to

    I truly believe my speed is where it should be now. Have dropped the former DPS concept. I just focus on minimizing movements and keeping arms moving fast and light, swimming on top of water. Don't care how many strokes I take per length for now. Seems to work. Before this, I channeled my attention to catching water way out front and applying max force. I've learned torque doesn't create speed, it causes slippage, speed comes from power, and power is work accomplished / time (armspeed). Shoulders like this too.

    Last night I read (online: swim ee) some of Dr. Rein Haljand's implementation of swim mechanics. I think it boosted my stroke awareness a little and perhaps broadened my perspective some.

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  17. 3|19|16 SCM

    Tomorrow I'll be in a new age group. I think it's more competitive for dixie zone

    10 x 10 seconds on 1:00 fast tethered kick alternate dolphin and flutter

    10 x 25 fr on 3- 5 min, dive from side through a noodle ring (fins)

    5 x 25 fr on 1:30, dive from side through a noodle ring (fins)

    30 x 25m on 1:00 as 12.5 fast / 12.5 br
    • fast's were UWDK, FK, fr

    6 x 25 UWDK on 1:00 (fins)

    Tried echolocation. Humans definitely can't

    Weights moderate intensity, everything but arms
  18. 3|18|16 SCM

    Yesterday SCM
    about 45 minutes of rested 25 fr's from a side dive, wearing fins

    Drylands: RC stuff, stretching, weights (upper, light)

    Today SCM
    20m fr's from side dive on 2 - 3, coast in, with fins
    • 5 of them were through-the-hoop (3 noodles in to a circle tied off to line, a little over 3m out). Supposed to narrow your tunnel of entry.

    5 x 25 on 1:00 UWK with fins (belly down SDK, belly up SDK, left side SDK, right side SDK, belly down SFK)
  19. 3|16|16 SCM

    Legs yesterday (no swimming):

    One arm DBDL's
    • 5 reps per set
    • worked up to #70 each arm

    One leg, straight leg DL's with bar
    • Strived to keep free leg in line from head to toe with pelvis level throughout
    • Really worked outer hip joints as if they were never used

    • 6 reps per set
    • worked up to #80's

    Straight leg DL's
    • Kept barbell a few inches off ground - upper body not quite parallel
    • 1 x 20 x 135

    Negative LP's
    • 1 x 20 x ???

    • 1 x ?? x ??

    Straight leg, bent over helicopters with a side kick
    • 1 x 10 ea leg

    Negative leg raises
    • 1 x 10

    Legs and rear sore. Had to force oneself to get going in pool, but after a few lengths, the motor was revving fine.

    Hydro T2 fins worn throughout:

    10 x 25 fr on 1:00

    • light sprint, nb

    14 x 30 on 1:30

    • 15m burst+fr fast / 15m ez bk

    10 x 30 on 1:00

    • 15m burst+fr fast / 15m ez fr

    10 x 25 on 1:00

    • UWDK belly down odds / belly up evens

    CNS tired, so swims weren't AFAP. They were at a good effort though, and I tried to keep stroke rate quick

    Registered for drive-by meet in NC

    (Good preparation for Spring Nationals)

    Have no idea what my IM and 25 times would be, so I guessed. Also lowballed the 100 fr in case I could squeeze a 25 fr split request in there. If so, that would be a great opportunity to compare dolphin kick fr to standard fr.

    50 SCY
    50 SCY
    100 SCY
    100 SCY
    25 SCY
    25 SCY
    25 SCY

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  20. 3|14|16 SCM

    10 x 25 fr on 2:00, dive from side with fins
    10 x 50 on 2:00, 25 fr fast / 25 bk kick with fins
    3 x 25 fr on 3:00 fast
    250 easy with fins

    Will be using fins extensively for a few weeks. My fin times are improving with them, therefore an improvement nonetheless.