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I love water for some reason

  1. 2|29|16

    by , February 29th, 2016 at 05:38 PM (Blog)
    15 x 30m on 1:00 as 15m light sprint fr, stop and swim 15m bk to wall for a bk-br turn

    13 x 30m on 1:30 as 15m flutter kick AFAP, stop and swim 15m bk to wall for a bk-br turn

    Managed 8.5 hours of sleep last night but I am totally exhausted. Certain the treadmill did me in. Running is no joke! Everything tired and sore.

    Have a doable one day meet April 2: ( )

    Interested in events 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 16

    First chance to have fun with 25's, might do a split request 50fr or 25fr in a 200fr

    Also swimming at Spring Nationals, and then Senior games in May. Lots of racing planned.
  2. 2|28|16 drylands

    by , February 28th, 2016 at 10:51 PM (Blog)
    First day out of the pool for some time, I think since 2|13. Were some light days in in that time span, but nonetheless got wet each day except today.

    Gym day, about 55 minutes

    Warmed up briskly walking for 5 min, lightly stretched, then turned the treadmill up to my run pace. I started feeling more tired than normal, worried if I became overtrained. 2 min in to it, about to fall off machine, I looked down and noticed the pace was at a 6.25 min pace - Oops! Was supposed to be at 8.6 mph (not 9.6)!

    2 min 9.6 mph

    1 min 3 mph walk

    6 min 8.6 mph


    Independent LP machine
    • 1 x 10 each of 45, 90, 135, 180 (each leg)
    • 1 x 9 of 225 (each leg)

    3 supersets of Leg curls + back extensions + weighted step ups (50 lbs)
    Leg extensions - 1 set
    Adductors with back straight (not sitting down)
    • 1 x 10 x 90
    • My secret to breaststroke improvement (better times shall come)

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  3. 2|26 and 2|27|16 SCM's

    by , February 27th, 2016 at 05:55 PM (Blog)

    worked on short 15m AFAP fr's
    • also practiced bk to br and br to bk and fr


    12 x 25m as 12.5 from midpool, turn, then return
    • br to bk, bk to br, br to fr order

    10 x 25m as above
    • bk to br

    6 x 25m fr true all out effort on 3 to 5 min
    • most were to, or under 14, IDK, hard to tell really.

    1st 25 started UW while looking at my watch (which was synced with kitchen timer). Did not work right this way because it seemed funky. The 2nd 25 was dolphin kick free, but upon viewing slow motion footage, I started over a second late. Also started late on others too. Would love to have the time and resources to manufacture a personal DC timing system so I could effectively experiment on what works the best.

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  4. 2|25|16 SCM semi-aerobic blahs

    by , February 25th, 2016 at 03:21 PM (Blog)
    about 400 warmup drills with snorkel

    10 x 50 fr's on 2:00 (44 - 40's)

    5 x 50 fr's on 2:00 (40 - 36's)

    10 x 50 fr's on 3:00 (34 ... 33, 34, 35, 35, 37) pooped - not literally

    100 IM real slow (1:47) learn the turns

    15 x 25 kick on 1:00
    • UWDK - 1 stroke breakout sustaining solid FK with one arm fwd to 12.5 / 12.5 kick on bk and practice bk2br turns

    Will NQT the 50/100 fr's. Other ntl events will be the br/fl 50's, and I may take the 1IM if I can get the turns figured. For bk2br I find the reverse flip easier for some reason, esp on the shoulder. However short2long axis turns - not so good.

    I am very pleased with swimming so much free and having happy shoulders afterwards. This is really good


    back, chest, shoulders, legs


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  5. 2|24|16 SCM

    by , February 24th, 2016 at 03:10 PM (Blog)
    Elastic tethered freestyle, build stretched distance proportionally to stroke reduction
    • 5 x 30 strokes on 1:00
    • 13 each x 20, 19, 18, ... 9 strokes (resp.) on 1:00
    • 10 x 8 strokes on 1:00

    5 x 15m DFS fr / 15 easy br

    4 x 50 fr on 3:00, 100 pace (34, 34, 32, 33)

    The elastic fr fatigues muscles like weights.

    Need to include more swims that are complete (50's). Training separate components, as I have been, will continue, but I need to more often combine them into one complete swim, instead of a swim with separate parts (not unlike this sentence), if that makes sense.

    Need to get those "on 3's" down

    My shoulder feels good. I've been doing eccentric teres minor therapy with 3lbs. Seems to pick up a little from where the RC stuff drops off. Neck is killing me though

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  6. 2|23|16 SCM and drylands last night

    by , February 23rd, 2016 at 03:47 PM (Blog)
    Reviewing footage and pictures from the meet, I found 2 significant defective areas to improve. 1st (left pic), is sluggish block response. 2nd (right pic) is breakout streamline and position off the turn.

    In the first image, a 50 fr lead-off (also the goggle mishap race), I am extremely late off block. I believe this was from being too cautious during previous start practice on flimsy/slippery blocks the recent few weeks leading up to meet. In fact, a video of a following race, the 50 fr, showed the same thing validating this, I enter the water almost a body length late!

    The 2nd image depicts how my breakout bad habit (off the turn) has returned during race time. My legs are truly in an unstreamlined formation. I believe I panic off the turn, and start the undulations, then flutter kick + stroke, too early before my body is in correct form. Been working on this a lot, just not enough.

    Need to resolve these issues permanently and ingrain proper form such that they are second nature on race day.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    SCM today

    18 x 32.5m fr / 17.5 br on 2:00
    • dive from side, easy sprint, work on breakout bad habit

    10 x 20m on 1:00 fr
    • 10m out from dig and turn, work on same problem and finish 10m out

    Did weights last night for about 70 min and went heavy on most stuff.

    After todays swim I am finally feeling everything from last weekend, yesterday, and today. Time for a break!

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  7. 2|22|16 SCM and weekend brief

    by , February 22nd, 2016 at 01:54 PM (Blog)
    400 warmup as 25 fr's on 0:40 snorkel

    7 x 15m on 2:00 dive from side fr's

    • odds flutter, evens dolphin

    4 x 25m on 3:30 dive from side fr's AFAP
    • odds flutter, evens dolphin

    25m UWDK

    25m UWFK

    Changed my AFAP stroke again. Recent style works for 100's but isn't fast enough

    2016 SC SCY meet

    Fantastic meet, everyone was in high spirit and competitive. Wish I had more opportunities to race with team.

    Relay lead-off 50 fr - 25.58
    • Wore a cap over brand new goggles. Should have listened to Ande's SFF tip: "Don't try something new on race day". Each lens filled up with water upon entry, then tears additionally filled them up. Managed to turn and finish correctly, but I swam this on autopilot and had too much in tank at finish.
    • Breathed once
    • Unfortunately, recent training results show my first swim to be fastest
    • Went capless and used training goggles for remaining meet

    50 fr - 25.47
    • Did not breathe, felt good for all parts. Expected something faster

    50 fl - 31.41
    • PB by 1/100's of a second
    • wore training jammers
    • need to work turns
    • hit line with hand once
    • Don't really swim fly much, just like to race it. Keeps the joints in good mood that way

    100 fr - (27.93) 57.90
    • PB
    • Negative split my effort and actually enjoyed the race. Breathed every 2 with nice long strokes for 75 yds. Swam last 25 without breathing using a dolphin kick
    • Turn #2 was so crunched that my feet actually had to re-touch the wall lower. Even so, I went so deep the 50 - 75 part was spent half UW

    50 fr relay anchor - 24.88
    • Experimented a little: breathed once on first 25, just glided mostly off the turn, and used the dolphin kick the second 25

    50 br - 35.66
    • PB
    • Everything was good but I really need to learn how to do a br turn

    50 fr relay lead off - 25.45
    • Felt good, breathed once
    • Our anchor swimmer was a former teammate of Borges and Cielo, what an honor to swim on the same relay team, including Karen and Julie

    Very Happy about this well run meet! It feels great to have a team and coach that supports everyone and has confidence in each other. Miss the mates.

    Even though I didn't break under 25 which I know I can, I still managed 3 PB's in events I've been sandbagging over the years, while focusing on the 50 fr. Hate to say I actually like the 100 fr

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  8. 2|16|16 SCY

    by , February 16th, 2016 at 03:15 PM (Blog)
    Been swimming lightly and daily. Also have been stretching and doing mild drylands to keep circulated.

    • about 70 minutes in pool
    • drills
    • ~ 20 very easy block starts, some were slow motion, most were 25 + flips

    Wore a swim cap to get used to it.

    Lost 4 lbs (165) since I removed alcohol from diet. Not sure what mechanism caused this because I am probably more hydrated now.
  9. 2|12|16 SCM

    by , February 12th, 2016 at 05:24 PM (Blog)
    10 minutes various with fins warmup

    22 x 12.5m on 1:00 easy sprint / 12.5m br or kick easy
    • breakout form

    50m nb fr easy
    • horrid turn
    • could've gone another 2m

    10 x 13.5m on 2:00 relay start from side easy fr then flip / 13.5m br or kick easy

    10 each easy relay side dive and glides on about 0:35

    10 x 15.3m turn drills on 0:30
    • evens br / odds fr

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  10. 2|11|16

    by , February 11th, 2016 at 11:01 PM (Blog)
    20 each on 0:30 turn drills, odds fr /evens br

    20 each on 0:19 turn drills, fr

    fr pull with bands resistance, about 5 x 15 - 25 sec on 2 - 5 min
    • stretch the cords an entire body length more (~20%!) using a dolphin kick with fr (vs 6 - beat).

    Easy weights, whole body. Nothing extreme

    Eccentric RC / teres minor therapy

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  11. 2|10|16 SCY

    by , February 10th, 2016 at 08:26 PM (Blog)
    3 x 25 nb fr fins on 0:30
    3 x 25 nb fr fins on 1:00
    5 x 25 nb fr fins on 3:00 fast (11)
    3 x 25 nb fr fins on 5:00 fast using dolphin kick AFAP (10)
    6 x 0:23 on 2:00 static fr pulling bands
    4 x 25 on 1:30 fr, easy from block, easy sprint
    12 each on 1:20, easy starts from block

    With fins, I am significantly faster freestyling with a dolphin kick. Maybe because arm turnover is too slow with conventional 6-beat with fins. I should test this without fins, but not before my meet (20 / 21).

    Better start taking it easy. Normally I would be at gym now, hitting the weights.
  12. 2|8|16

    by , February 8th, 2016 at 10:36 PM (Blog)
    5 x 0:26 (28 strokes) fr, pulling stretch bands to maximum distance and holding

    10 x 12.5m fr on 1:00 light burst and sprint / 12.5 easy

    5 x 12.5m fr on 2:00 burst and sprint /12.5 easy

    5 x 15m fr on 2:00 burst and sprint / 15 easy

    6 dive and glides from side

    25 UWDK (18)

    25 flutter kick (18 or 19)

    6 x 23 fr, fast / light sprint with fins

    4 x 0:15 on 1:00 kick with fins super hard and fast pushing on wall

    and a few other things, but forgot the details

    1 hour of various moderate intensity weights, stretching, and stuff

    Just finished 2 d of being weekend warrior. Pulled a double yesterday, 7am to midnight, hung-over. But I quit drinking that night. It's been about a bottle of wine almost daily for a few years. maybe it's not so good.

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  13. 2|5|16 SCY

    by , February 6th, 2016 at 09:05 AM (Blog)
    Warm up with fr and br

    50 fr from block easy sprint, NB - 27.24
    easy swim for 5 - 10 min

    50 fr from block very hard but not fully all-out, 2 breaths back 26.09
    easy swim for 5 - 10 min
    bubble rings

    50 fr from block very hard but not fully all-out, 3 breaths back 26.23
    easy swim for 5 - 10 min

    50 fr from block very hard but not fully all-out, 3 breaths back 26.12
    easy swim for 5 - 10 min

    5 x 0:30 fr on 2:00, tied with double red elastic bands capable of stretching ~10m

    6 x 25 kick on various

    weights - med-high reps, moderate intensity (60 - 80% to failure)
    chest, back, shoulders, calfs
    stretching - 10 minutes

    Able to swim a 50 fr on autopilot now. The first was a mild sprint, 2 - 4 were done as close to a an effort without truly going AFAP - if that makes any reason. Funny how I can go easy on the first one and still be almost as fast as the following harder ones. Still one issue (perhaps related to these particular blocks), and that is I am entering the water axially rotated at least 10 degrees CW from level. Not sure if one foot is holding back with fear of slippage, or if I'm tilted in the loaded position. Hell, I'm not sure if it makes a difference - maybe it's faster lol

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  14. 2|3|16 LCM

    by , February 3rd, 2016 at 09:17 PM (Blog)
    400 of drills with fins / snorkel

    Dove from side in 13m wide area and did some nb 26 fr's on 2:00

    300 more of drills

    This pool has three spanking new (home made) wooden blocks. They are solid and sturdy, and have some rubberized and abrasive grip paint. BUT the lifeguard did not grant me authorization to use one .


    Mild to moderate intensity with low reps working every group except calves

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  15. 2|2|16

    by , February 2nd, 2016 at 02:53 PM (Blog)
    10 x 15m (+ flip) DFS fr on 1:00
    16 x 20m DFS fr on 1:15

    Just worked on water entry and form. I am quite sore everywhere from yesterday's drylands.

    Later on:
    Yoga for swimmers - core and shoulders

    Events Feb 20 / 21:

    50's fr, fl, and br
    100 fr
    200 fr (still have to add this, already registered)
    and, whatever relays I am chosen for

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  16. 2|1|16 SCY

    by , February 2nd, 2016 at 10:05 AM (Blog)
    Warmed up

    50 fr from block one breath 26.0

    easy swim

    50 fr from block 2 breaths 26.1

    easy swim

    50 fr from block 2 breaths 26.1

    5 x block starts and breakouts on 2

    250 of kicking

    significantly slower this time. Must of been tired from the 20 x 25m nbs on 1:00 the day prior, which were quite fast for me. The blocks at this pool are just terrible. Proof is in all of my 25 splits of 50's done - split well under one second of each other
  17. 1|30|16 SCM

    by , January 31st, 2016 at 03:18 PM (Blog)
    20 x 25m on 1:00 fr, NB's
    • 15's on the faster ones, 17's on the slows

    8 x 15.3m on 0:30 turn drill

    about 500 of drills, dives, glides, and kicking
  18. 1|29|16 SCY

    by , January 29th, 2016 at 11:43 PM (Blog)
    Lifted weights last night heavy on legs, also did weights Wed upper body

    SCY (times without reaction time)
    400 warmup

    50 fr nb from block about 95% out and a little more back (25.23)

    200 easy

    50 fr AFAP nb first 25yds and 2 breaths back (25.?? - camera on far side of pool and couldn't get exact finish)

    200 easy

    50 fr AFAP nb first 25yds and 4 breaths back (26.17)
    • proof breathing slows me down

    200 easy

    100 kick

    That was my first nb 50 I've ever accomplished from the block and I am very pleased about it, as well as the result (kids, don't try this dangerous activity). The block seems to make the whole process of swimming without air more difficult. Had to hold back a little to get this done.

    From review of footage there were a few technical flaws that have my concern. They are the things I've been working on and fixing for ever. It's like I forget everything I've learned when I get on the block.
    • Breaking out crooked with right foot kicking out of streamline on first arm pull (both off start and wall).
    • Entering the water with knees bent. looks like the water makes my line buckle when I enter.
    • My recovery is still too wide. I watch footage of Roland Scheoman, his arms remain within a narrow volume of space both above and below the water

    Guess I'll work on this then head back to this pool (with blocks) again. I'ts quite a bit of a hassle filming and driving there, and the swims are painful.

    SCY meet in 20 days. I will be 50 in March, so this is my last chance to better my 2013 time, which should have been done already.

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  19. 1|28|16 SCM

    by , January 28th, 2016 at 01:37 PM (Blog)
    400 warmup fins and snorkel

    2 x 2:00 dolphin kicking with fins and snorkel pressing against wall
    • pool had hot and cold spots, had to mix

    12 x 20 - 30 seconds on 1:00 fr
    • elastically tied to wall, hold a distance to a marker on bottom

    20 x 14m on 1:00 light sprint fr + another 14m easy br
    • muscle memory form

    7 x 25 UWDK on 2:00, fast quick kicks descended to slow long kicks
    • 30 kicks in 0:19 -> 11 kicks in 0:24

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  20. 1|27|16 SCM

    by , January 27th, 2016 at 12:17 AM (Blog)
    400 warmup with ankles tied loose enough to kick streamlined

    50 x 15.3m turn drill on 0:30, ankles still tied

    SCM - 45 minutes of drils/kicking

    30 minutes RC exercises (amazing how quick this helps)