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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial
    So, we need more juice. WHERE on the neck were you cut? And freak accident? Spill the beans!! Medical professionals are naturally nosy!
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial
    Glad you're better though!
    Cut is over and behind left collar bone near neck, and a small gash on my forehead. Was attempting to sort and remove years of collected useless items in our attic. My foot missed a support joist and my leg partly went through the ceiling as I crashed Part of a glass picture cover was the culprit. Didn't know I has hurt until I noticed blood.

    I routinely do potentially hazardous work around the house and yard, but I'm realizing more clearly I need to be more careful and slow down some as my reflexes and vision aren't as sharp as they once were. I was very lucky I came out with just a cut. But on the graphic side the 2" slice was opened up from the tension on the skin in the area and I was able to see the anatomy of my neck through the opening.
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  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    So sorry about the freak accident! One never knows when life will throw a curve ball ... Glad you are on the mend.
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    So, we need more juice. WHERE on the neck were you cut? And freak accident? Spill the beans!! Medical professionals are naturally nosy!
    Glad you're better though!
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    Push-ups were easy, the crunches are a little more tricky. The run... I am a sprinter
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    Welcome back, wondered what was up. 48 push-ups!
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    Glad you like it. I'll do the leg session later tonight. Long jog this morning and a bike ride with kiddos requires some stretching out before the real world tomorrow
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    I found it just takes getting used to resisting the air
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    good job on the 50 nb! approach time and gravity with the same resolve!
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    That is seriously fast. The guy from above hardly looks like he is kicking. There is something about his kick that is so different from everyone else's. Wild video.
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    I looked in to the scene and there's even a distance event holding a streamlined tank out in front. I want to know if they have to manufacture their own goggle/mask hybrid
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    I have seen that video. I have 2 friends that are from Europe. They love fin swimming. The monofin they use is a lot bigger than what most of us have seen. I used one of the fins the other day. I loved it!!!
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    Side over-under:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Martin
    Negative pullups are good
    They have been working excellent for me. I have sharp irritation at my lower biceps tendons when contracting these muscles, and the eccentric movements are free of pain, and actually help
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    Negative pullups are good
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    Not quite full reps, about 80% the way down (or ~ 4 inches lower than 90 degrees), Full press movements are rough on my tendons.
    65's are about as heavy as I can safely go, so I just adapt with repetition instead of weight.
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    26 reps of DBBP with 65#! That is stout!
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    My turns are turning out to be pretty good
    I need to work underwaters and breakouts more
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    Nice getaway on the flip turn!
  19. flippergirl's Avatar
    Yikes! That's creative swimming with an Alligator finale' to race you to the shore!
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    Determination. As much as I love to swim, I would have driven home frustrated. Good job!
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