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I love water for some reason

  1. 8|22,24,25|19 lcm scy

    8|22 LCM about 1000m ez various stuff in 50m increments

    8|24 SCY meet
    warmup: 100 yards and 15 minutes light exercises and mobile stretches to wake body up
    50fr nb 26.86 1.6 faster than 5 months ago, but still slow
    100br 1:22.78
    250 yards total

    8|25 SCY meet
    warmup: light stretches and random ez stuff
    50bk 34.25 didnt use the classic start technique, just dropped down and pushed off. Left shldr socket still too loose to attempt as I learned a few weeks ago.
    100fr 1:02.93 - had an embarrassing loss of balance rolling over forward in to the pool off the block before the start. They were kind enough to let me try again lol. Unfortunately I used up a few seconds worth of energy climbing out of pool as fast as possible, and everything seemed off after, like I breathed twice one stroke cycle off turn #2. 5 seconds slower than 4 years ago, at least 5 seconds faster than 5 months ago
    50br I forgot to get this times tenths, but it was 2 seconds faster than 5 months ago, and 2 seconds slower than 50-54 age group best of 33 something
    200 yards total

    Meet was fun, water wasnt too cold, weather perfect, and was good to see coach

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  2. 8|20|19 LCM

    4 x 50 (25 nbfr / 25 o-bk, e-br) on 2:00
    3 x 50 (25 nbfr / 25 o-bk, e-br) on 2:30
    5 x 50 (32 nbfr / 18 ez fr) on 3:00

    200 slowmotion fr (1:15 pace) with snorkel
  3. 8|16|19 LCM

    5 x 50 fr on 0:90
    4 x 50 on 2:00 br bk br fr
    4 x 50 fr on 2-3:00 20m fast | 30m ez
    2 x 50 stroke bk br
    4 x 50 fr very slow
  4. 8|14|19 24m pool

    Warmed up with bands and did a few nerve flossing stretches to get the tingling out of hand (very useful technique). Looked at clock 12:30, confirmed with lifeguard rec swim will be open at 1:00. No. Pool is closed for the year and available only for PT swimming. Oops, now I have just 28 minutes to swim.

    10 x 24s with 10-20sec r, o-fr | e-bk
    10 x 24s with 10-20sec r, o-fr | e-bk, snorkel
    20 x 24s with 10-20sec r, o-fr | e-bk, fins snorkel
  5. 8|11|19 SCM

    8|11 1PM and hot water/air

    20 x 25 on 15-30r frbkfrbr order

    about 15 various intensity, off-wall bursts between coasting with fins

    8|9|19 24m outside pool

    5x (1 length ea, resting 0:20, Fr,Bk,Br,Bk)
    5 ea 93% 24m nb Frs, then ezs, wt fins
    240m swim wt fins|snork bursting off the wall 5 times within
    Registered for local meet weekend after next
    50 fr
    100 br
    50 bk
    100 fr
    50 br
    1 relay applied

    As long as I better all swims earlier this year, made it rather easy to do, I will be content.

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  6. 8|7|19 LCM

    Carried an object (5x 8 5/16 sheet plexiglass) ~100 yards overhead last night then right shldr ached, arm/hand tingled. Must be a nerve getting compressed when theres inflammation. Today swimming, had a familiar weakness during the loaded point in stroke. Need to force self to throttle back certain activities.

    Arrived at pool were on lightning hold so were closing. There was no lightning within 10 mi. Drove to second pool and behold - thunder. Even though an indoor pool, on weather hold so I had ample opportunity for warmup. The 80F water was a shock to my warm-water acclimated system, but it felt so good to just cool off finally.

    500 fr snorkel

    6 x 15m fr fast on 0:20 rest
    • 2nds and 3rds from dig mid-pool

    12 x 25m fr fast fins on 0:30 rest
    • every other from mid-pool

    2 x 50 as ~20m fr | 30m bk with fins

    300 fr easy with snorkel and fins

    50 flutter fast | 50 frog

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  7. 8|6|19 SCM

    air 88F
    water surface 88.6F

    14 x 50 o: fr with fins / e: bk-br used reverse flip
    50 flutter kick
  8. 8|4|19 SCM

    Water 90F again and shoulders recovering from prior days workout and chores, so it was not much of anything other than the opportunity to swim. Was also at 12:00 noon.

    5 x 150 as fr-bk-br order
    500 ez with board fins and snorkel

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  9. 8|1|19 LCM


    400 bk with fins

    3 x 200 as 50 flutter kick fast / 50 frog kick / add fins for 100 free ez
    1 x 200 as 50 flutter kick fast / *50 atlantis kick / add fins for 100 free ez

    300 various with fins
    300 very, very slow free (not too easy)
    15m reverse free (feet first)
    *50 UW atlantis kick done with couple few sec pauses for air

    Rotator cuff scapula stuff

    Started broad jumping again after 5 years off due to low back and shoulders. Did about 12 of them:
    1st jump was just over 6ft to ease back in. Hoping to reach 8, the last was just 710. Will get over 8 eventually unless something breaks

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  10. 7|30|19 24m pool

    7|27 lake Jocassee SC
    Was helping move my son at college and stopped at lake for about 2400 m of snorkel swimming. Included about 12 each 20 stroke sprints on about 20 sec rest
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    weights upper body
    Did 41 reps #50s DBBP (not full reps)

    Rouge airbike 3 x 1:00 work/2:00 ez
    1st minute did 24 cal
    2nd minute 20 cal
    3rd was just 13

    480m warmup
    8x 48 on 2:00 from block o-fr e-br (31s, 43s resp)
    2 x 24+turn sprint fr from block 24 ez bk on 3:00
    3 x 48 kick on 2:00 did flutter, frog, atlantis (49, 1:04, 54 resp)

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  11. 7|25|19 24m pool

    10 x 48m from the block, o-fr | e-br
    3 x 48m from the block, bk | br | fr
    3 x 48m from the block, fr with fins
    150 kick as 24m flutter | 24 frog
    100 kick as 24 flutter | 24 atlantis
    100 drill with fins and snorkel

    My yard produces delicious seasonal fruit. Loquats in the springtime, tomatoes, peppers, and figs (see image) through the summer. Unfortunately wildlife takes about 85% and leaves me about fruitless.

    This cute little vermin belongs to a family of raccoons that invade my yard. They eat here so often they are unafraid of me

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  12. 7|21|19 SCM

    162 lbs
    6:00 PM, outside pool, water was 92F, air was just below that

    10 x 50 from block on 2:00, fr-o / br-e
  13. 7|18|19 LCM and stuff earlier

    7|16|19 almost a SCM swim

    Went to the base pool. Water had little visibility, floating / suspended stuff, an organic layer of film floating, and an unusual sensation on skin. Recalled similar conditions last year before I got sick. Didnt feel right so I got out after only 100m. In locker room the large trash had three water logged diapers closed up.
    3 x 1:00 work / 2:00 easy on assault bike (>500watts on work)
    1 set ea: leg press 270, leg extensions, calf raises

    7|18|19 LCM
    100 ez
    3x100 on 2:20 as 50Fr / 50 bk or br
    5 x 50 fr with fins on 1:00 mod effort low mid 30s
    5 x 50 fr with fins on 1:00 sprint breakout + 3 strokes, cruise on surface rest of the way
    10 x 15 m fr sprint / 15 m ez bk or br on 1:00
    400 slowmotion fr snorkel and fins
  14. 7|15|19

    161 lbs
    91F on pool thermo!

    SC? 26.2 yard (24 m) pool

    13 x 1 lap on 1:20
    Fr to the 15 m flags, roll to bk with a bk-br turn and stroke back

    10 x 24m on 2:00 from block (a few relay) nb fr sprint

    5 x 24m on 1:00 from block 1 breath fr sprint
  15. 7|10|19 and 7|11|19

    Pools closed for weather

    rogue airbike: 3 x 1:00 work / 2:00 rest
    528 (417) Watts (avg) during work
    lactate overproduction shutdown about 1min into recovery #3.
    rogue bike feels harder to reach wattage than assault

    Weights: worked legs, nothing notable

    SCM 89F H2O, full sun @ 1PM

    100 ez
    5 x 50 fr on 2:00 40-41
    5 x 50 on 1:30 as 25 fast + turn / 25 ez (bk or br)
    10 x 25 one arm drill on 0:45 (off arm @ side, breathe that side)
    200 drill
    3 x 25 fl with fins (Lt shldr still too loose for fl)
    200 kick as flutter/frog each 25 m (4:47)
    300 slowmotion free hold a steady 6-beat, like 1:10 per 50

    Drylands - everything but thighs
    noteworthy stuff:
    BW: 163.5lbs
    DBBP 50s 38rep
    BBcurls 50 25rep

    Will not swim today

    Freestyle form feels efficient as it has ever been. Still need to build up speed. The quantity of OW swimming (with board fins and pool snorkel) through varieties of surf conditions (ripples to 4 swells), and currents certainty feels like it has made positive changes to balance and muscle control. This included at least 30 hours of active time in water. Had to spend 2 weeks on Oahu in June for work but had sufficient free time for the water. Also spent 9 days in Aruba in April for vacation.

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  16. 7|9|19 SCM

    warmup (~20 min)
    50 easy fr
    50 easy bk
    1K bk with board fins

    main - USRP inspired (~10 min)
    10 x 30m on 1:00 as 15m fr(o)/br(e) / 15m UW atlantis
    • work breakout to stroke form and transition

    drill (~8 min)
    200 slowmotion fr snk
    6 ea slowmotion flipturn to breakout

    kick (~5 min)
    200 flutter kick
  17. 7|8|19

    LCM pool, used the 12m wide area

    13 x 24m fr nbs on 2:00 (relay start from gutter)

    SCY meet in 7 weeks
  18. 4|12|19 LCM 17th swim

    17 th swim this year, let alone past 2 years

    40 x 50 on 1:30 slowmotion free drill
    there is a point where swimming slower takes more effort, at about 0:55 pace. Some of these were as slow as 1:15. Concentrated on technique and position in water, which was quite the task while keeping balance.
    Will see how well this drill works the stroke in Aruba next week - unfortunately its JUST a week, but Ill take whatever I can get. Hoping on joining the local Masters practice 5am 17th and 19th

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  19. 4|4|2019 and 4|8|2019 LCM

    Apr 4 LCM
    10 x 100 on 2:30 as 50fr / 50bk
    50fr 2 breaths
    50 ez
    100 ez
    100 with fins

    Apr 8 LCM
    10 x 100 on 2:30 as 50fr / 50bk
    400 with snorkel and fins

    Avoiding fast (well, high effort) swimming for awhile. Need to manage good stroke biomechanics that I can maintain at all efforts. A little rt shldr clicking going on at early backstroke recovery - it's been there (mild clicking) since early rehab, but I think it's just remaining scar tissue that will work its way out.
  20. 4|1|19 Dryland

    Leg Press:
    0 lb 20 reps
    add 90 lbs - 10 reps
    add 90 lbs - 10 reps
    add 90 lbs - 10 reps
    add 90 lbs - 27 reps
    Standing calf raises:
    90 lbs - 70 reps
    add 90 lbs - 20 reps
    add 90 lbs - 20 reps
    add 90 lbs - 20 reps
    add 90 lbs - 15 reps
    1 leg pushdowns using pullup assist machine:
    leg externally rotated- 10 reps each 70#
    leg internally rotated- 3 reps each 110#
    Plank 2:00 under a 35 lb plateBody weight at 170 lbs, usually 162-165 - no explanation

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