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    You're welcome!

    Tons of fun water and land related things to experience there, but it makes the return home difficult.
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    That is a lot of fish! Looks like nice snorkel or dive trip. I want to go to Aruba now. Thanks you for posting.
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    Aruba brief

    I snorkeled daily while on vacation from Jul 12 to Jul 25, typically once in the am and once in the pm. I had my GoPro zip tied to my front mount snorkel such that I could start at one hot spot and swim out to another in one out and back open water swim with fins. When I swam upon something interesting I would just remove the snorkel and use it as a handle for the camera. It worked quite well. I did a lot of drills this way enroute, and my sighting skills are developing.

    I learned if I dove down to the bottom and attached the snorkel to a rock, the curious fish would come check out this snorkel/camera contraption. Little did they know they would be recorded. I'm sure they didn't mind.

    I have no idea how far the swims were, but I spent at least 3 hours a day in the ocean. The water varied between 77 and 81, depending on depth and current, it was quite refreshing, but so was the breeze on the dryland. I believe the ocean current that reaches Aruba comes from the east Atlantic (Africa perhaps?). But for being so close to the equator, it was very pleasant - a nice break from the heat at home.

    One of the curious fish movies:
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    Looks sweet - swim and surf! Enjoy.
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  6. __steve__'s Avatar
    I am using one of the fujifilm finepix XP's. There is a female threaded port underneath to mount a standard tripod. But I just bolt it to whatever I can find that sinks and can support it.
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    Steve, what are you using to video your swims? Do you have some sort of tripod mount? thanks
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    Thanks Joel, I managed to sleep 9.5 hours LN and feel better already.

    It was Good to see ya, and nice swims back to you. What was it, 14+ events and relays you participated in?
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    Hope you get feeling better soon. Nice swims last w/e!
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    Thank you!

    Kicking workouts like that used to be more like an exhaustive leg specific drill activity. Now it's just swimming without the use of hands

    The fins also seem to keep the ankles in good kicking form
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    Wow that's a lot of kicking! I'd hate to climb stairs after that. Great job!
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    Thank you sir and you splits are right on. I went 2:57.90 and yours add up to 2:58.

    The goal for the w/e was to race long and build on that. 2BR is definitely not my race
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    Quote Originally Posted by joel schmaltz
    It was good to see you again and that was a very nice swim.
    That yard work probably won't help that back much.
    Hey Joel

    I recorded your 2 Br and have your splits. They might not be precise - I couldn't see your turns at the far end (from me) - but they are accurate. I averaged them in with smoothing.


    That was the only swim I witnessed, but it was a good one. File too large for me to send on my phone though
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    It was good to see you again and that was a very nice swim.
    That yard work probably won't help that back much.
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    Yep, if I did squats I would be hacked too.

    The hack machine you rest on back at about 60 degrees supporting the weight /sled assembly with your feet placed stationary on a platform. There is no pressure or load on my back when I use this, unlike the leg press or squat.
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    What's a hack squat? I usually hack something up after I do a squat too deeply ... does that count ?
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    If I get better in time I will be there for sure. And if I don't see you, enjoy the meet and good luck on the events

    Thanks Joel
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    Say it ain't so Steve. Hate to hear that. Maybe... Just maybe you will feel better by Sat or Sun morning. Take care of yourself!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Yeah, that last shot is a hoot! Looks like a beautiful spot.
    That was taken at an abandoned gold mine. The camera was moving around, but I grabbed it before it fell!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Looks gorgeous.
    It is, especially the North East side of the Island, away from resorts and civilization. You have to access by jeep or foot.
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