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I love water for some reason

  1. 3|29|19 LCM 14th swim

    100 fr warmup
    100 bk warmup
    2 x 100 fr with fins 50 fast / 50 ez
    2 x 400 bk with fins
    10 x 24m on 1:00 (with turn)

    weights last night- upper body
  2. 3|28|19 day 13

    Did a meet last weekend. Not a good performance here from nonexisting preparation for racing. Instead of resting or training, I finished pulling out this tree stump. Also spent too much energy using 18 chainsaw intended for branches. Remember next time for projects as such, to rent a 24 saw
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    Well, the 100 fr was about 7 entire seconds slower than 2016 lol. It seems the lagging is from the block, likely holding back, playing it safe, but the turns were half stroke too late. The meet did offer 25s, but limited number of available timers kept the touch-pad assembly at the block side of the pool, so we had to start from the tile with a stainless steel corner beam, 12 back from wall. Not ideal setup for a lanky geezer.

    Was not a total waste of effort, in fact a total opposite. It pointed out what I need to work on to get back up to the curve. 50 fr 2.5 seconds off where it would be. Over 1 second can be lost on the start and turn alone, and another second with 5 months of training. Well see

    Todays swim LCM pool (13th swim for 2019)
    Swam in the short, 12m section to practice turns
    About 30 minutes of free with snorkel, 10 minutes of which was resting. Also did some bk and br.

    Then 12 x 24m (with turn) nb fr, dive from side, rested about 20 -40 seconds between.

    Then a 50 lcm flutter kick for time with snorkel- 0:51
    50 lcm easy frog kick

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  3. 3|19|19 LCM

    3|17|19 drylands
    Leg Press machine 270lbs added, 1 x 50 reps (PR)
    Single calf raises 140lbs 1 x 10 reps each calf
    Hip thrusts with 40lbs 1 x 50 reps
    Weighted plank 40lbs bag on lower back 1:32

    Rogue airbike
    4 x 1:00 work / 1:00 easy
    22 ,18, 16, and 17 cal resp for each worked min

    Got an awsome blast of lactate acid in legs. Likely a quad acidosis PR

    3|19|19 LCM (swim #11 2019)
    10 x 30m nb fr + 20m bk ez on 2:30
    16 x 10m fr fast 0:20 rests
    50 flutter kick for time snorkel, no board 0:52
    50 ez frog kick

    signed up for a 1 day drive-by meet on Saturday

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  4. 3|12|19 LCM

    9 x 100 on 3:00
    • 20m fr moderate nb / 30m fr ez/ 25m br ez / 25m bk ez

    50m flutter kick for time 0:55 lol / 50 ez kick
    100m kick fins
  5. 3|9|19 drylands

    Heavy yard work removing a giant tree stump. Dug a 6 diameter hole 2-3 deep around the thing, cutting the roots as I go, some roots are 10 diameter, some underneath, a project. Plan is to hoist it out with 3000lb hand crank, but there is no where to anchor at a decent angle.

    legpress: 270 45rep
    single leg pushdown (assisted PU dip mach): 4 sets externally rotated
    1 set neutral
    10 min hip rotator exercises

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  6. 3|7|19 LCM


    16 x 50 0:30r
    • 20m fr sprint / 30m ez br (o) bk (e)
    • stay relaxed and loose on the fr

    200 atlantis with fins and snorkel
  7. 3|5|19 and 3|6|19 drylands

    LegPress 1x270x44reps
    Backwards 1 leg hack squat machine 1x25x5
    Standing calf 1x320x20, 10x320x10 on 0:20 rest
    Weighted plank 40 lbs 1:35
    Bk ext 1x20
    1 leg side plank 5xBWx5
    DBBP #45 1 x 20, 5 x 10
    DBCurls 6x25x10

    Plan to implement more routine safe stretches
  8. 3|2|19 and 3|4|19

    7 x 10 reps superset of:
    - neg pullups, concentrically pause for 2 sec
    - pushups, eccentrically pause for 3 sec
    - vertical jumps

    RC scap stuff

    3|4 LCM
    5 x 20-25m fr 90-95%/30-25m ez bk or br on 1:20
    3 x 20m fr 90-95%/30m ez bk, br, fr resp on 1:40
    2 x 12.5 fr 95%/12.5 ez br r0:20 12.5 ez br / 12.5 fr 95% +flip
    12 x 15m fr 95%, from dig center pool 2x ea length
    4 x 15m fr 95% on 1:00
    4 x 25 fr kick on 0:20 rest

    Shoulders feel good. Hips ache from 3|2
  9. 2|28|19 LCM

    by , February 28th, 2019 at 06:28 PM (Blog)

    7th day of swimming again. it wasnt much, but probably spot-on

    2 x 100 on 3:00
    2 x 100 on 4:00
    2 x 100 on 5:00
    all as 50 frs moderate (low40s) / 50 ez (o bk, e br)
    1-4 fr: breathed after the 10, 8, 6, 4, 4, 4th stroke resp
    5 & 6 fr: breathed after the 12, 10, 8, 6th stroke resp

    300 with fins and snorkel- UW atlantis mixed with surface kicking

    The shoulders felt fine, left one had a dead spot after the catch, during insweep. Was more involuntary - as if a protective measure. Nevertheless, still adjusting to swimming and improving on both shoulders, most notably the right.

    3 set: Streamline squats on 2 boxes, tethered around waist with large bungee for resistance

    1 x 40 x 40lb hip thrusts

    weighted plank 40 lbs (already fatigued)
    0:30, rest 0:30
    3 x 0:15, rest 0:15

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  10. 2|26|19 drylands

    by , February 27th, 2019 at 11:42 AM (Blog)
    Rogue airbike
    6 x 1:00 on 3:00
    cal each min:

    • 20, 17, 16, 15, 16, 14

    hr each @ 15 rest:

    • 154, 150, 154, 154, 154, 154

    hr each @ 1:15 rest:

    • 120, 132, 126, 132, 140, 140

    work ave (peak) watts:
    • 325 (443)

    • shoulders (12 sets) triceps (7 sets)

    weights for 2|25|19

    • leg press: 1 set 270 lbs 40 reps

    • chest, back, calves superset
    • weighted plank: 40lbs 1:32

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  11. 2|23|19 and 2|24|19 SC SCY meet

    by , February 25th, 2019 at 07:11 PM (Blog)
    Had a great time with my friends and team this weekend up in North Myrtle Beach SC. I entered this meet with less than 2000 yards of swimming accomplished over 2+ years, excluding occasional kick-only workouts I've been doing several times or more a month. I included my prior results from August 2016 to see where I slowed.

    2|23|19 (8|26|16)

    50 back 35.36 (31.58) +3.78
    100 breast 1:27.97 (1:19.38) +8.59
    50 breast 38.09 (33.67) +4.42
    100 free 1:03.57 (58.37) +5.20
    50 free 28.46 (25.71) +2.75
    50 free (200 fr relay) 1 (leg 3) 28.09
    ​50 free (200 IM relay) 2 (leg 4) 27.89
    ​50 free (200 fr relay) 3 (leg 4) 27.40
    ​50 free (200 fr relay) 4 (leg 4) 26.98

    I thought my freestyle would be the stroke to suffer, but it was the opposite. Interestingly was for each relay leg I swam, it was a little faster than the prior, which tells me the 50 free is so much to do with the execution of the race and less to do with conditioning.

    I'm not going to whine about how slow these times are because I am actually happy with them, excluding the 50 br, 100 br, and 50 bk

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  12. 2|21|19 lcm

    by , February 21st, 2019 at 09:46 PM (Blog)
    Another week out of pool while in middle of trying to get started on a schedule. This time was from influenza A. 4 days of fever (at 101.8 I would drop a few advil). Also had to avoid pool a month ago - I had to get 7 stitches in my leg (do have a gnarly pic).

    Shoulders on otherhand, still seem to be tolerating the pool.

    I am free of the flu, except lingering upper respiratory effects. But as of today I should be 24hrs beyond period of transmitting.

    100 fr
    100 br
    1200 kick with surf fins and snorkel
    100 fr

    Ill start swimming harder when Im ready to. My only concern with the approaching meet is how I handle entering water from the block. Felt a little scary from the side of pool earlier, but the streamline arms feeling stronger than then

    Actually feels good going to meet once without any expectations or stress

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  13. 2|14|19 LCM

    by , February 14th, 2019 at 07:53 PM (Blog)
    400 fr WU SN
    • first time swimming over 100 of fr in a year

    100 br 1:55
    200 kick as frog/flutter
    200 IMK
    200 various with fins

    LS felt little loose, but seems to be getting used to swimming positively

    Signed up for meet 23/24 Feb, with a total of two swim workouts (other than kicking) in over a year and a half, or more. Entered seed times 10 - 20% slower than my times 2016.

    Postponing left shoulder surgery until late summer. My right shoulder still improving from its procedure 9 months ago, but its very slow
  14. 1|4|19 LCM

    LCM - bulkhead installed, dove below it ea 50 again (more interesting this way, get a solid mid-pool boost too)

    5 x 200 IMK on 6:00
    • fl done as UWA (atlantis) with 3-4 breaks for breaths
    • br and fr with snorkel

    600 of drills with surf fins

    50SCM left foot kick
    50SCM right foot kick
    • my left leg kicks 10 seconds faster with less kicks though it is weaker, and I account it is due to how floppy and flexible the foot and ankle is compared to the rt.
  15. 12|31|18 not a resolution at all

    by , December 31st, 2018 at 04:58 PM (Blog)
    Dec 27 LCM danny jones pool
    (Floating bulkhead in use but swam LCM, going under it each 50)
    200 fr ez wu
    1800 lcm various kicking with fins
    5 x 50 flutter kick on 0:90 without fins

    Dec 28
    16 x 0:10/0:30 (AFAP/easy) rogue airbike

    Dec 30
    5 x 0:30/2:00 rogue fanbike/woodland curve treadmill on 4:30
    active recovery on bike

    Dec 31 LCM (pool had bulkhead but went under as I approach it each length to maintain LCM)
    300LCM fr with snorkel
    300LCM UWAK (under water atlantis kick) 10-15m per breath
    6 x 50LCM Br on slow
    1000 LCMkick with snorkel and fins mix of flutter and UWAK
    10 x nb 25 SCM fr on 1:00
    25 fly with fins

    First time swimming fly since april 2016 just to see how my shoulders can take it. My right bicep felt wrong at the lower tendon so I stopped. Probably just not used to the new biceps attachment configuration.

    My lower back started going out a few weeks ago, was worse on 27th, but getting better now. Probably form all the running ive been doing in recent preparation for approaching afr fitness test. Hoping for another 100, but i dont know - fine line between peak fitness and breaking down to unsalvageable

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  16. 12|21|18 lcm/scm/scy

    by , December 22nd, 2018 at 10:27 AM (Blog)
    Ran into a bulkhead that mysteriously appeared in the lane during lcm set. Was the type they just drag in to each lane and tie off. Thought they were only doing the other lanes. One side was a little longer than scm, and the other was a little longer than scy, swam both liking the slightly longer than scy one the best.

    200 LCM IMK
    50 fr ez
    200 SCM IMK
    50 fr ez
    2 x 200 SCY IMK
    50 fr ez
    600 fins

    Fly kick parts done as UW Atlantis with 3 - 4 breaths per 50

    Lactate conditioning is not activity selective I find. For instance I swam just twice past 2 months, but my legs didnt mind at all 1.3k of straight kicking, even after pushing a few of them. I have been working LP on dryland at least 2x wk which consists of 30s max efforts (peaking to 800 watts rogue / 1100 watts assault) on the airbike followed by 60-90s woodland curve 6-9mph, then remounting airbike 90 - 120s active rest.

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  17. 12|15|18 LCM

    by , December 16th, 2018 at 04:58 PM (Blog)
    4 x
    100 free
    200 IM kick

    Right shoulder about 70% way to full recovery and whatever was damaged appears surgically fixed. Hand still aches and tingling -probably axial nerve pressure which may improve with regain in strength.

    Left shoulder I plan on addressing early next year. MR with contrast report highlights: circumferential tear of labrum with displaced fragments into axillary recess along inferior and posterior inferior labrum, biceps anchor and superior labrum are nearly completely denuded, glenoid thickening, and Hill-Sachs impaction fracture among others. Whatever that means, it doesnt sound normal. On a good note, my rotator cuff group like the right side, is good. I am looking forward to having this worked on. Ive been swimming with this train-wreck in my arm since the day I learned proper swimming just over 10 years ago. This recent 2 month break from swimming jumping back in yesterday (like a reset) really exposed this limitation, which I learned to ignore out of necessity during years of stroke development. If this will be a successful outcome, I reckon I will have to redevelop stroke by scratch. I will continue to swim leading up to it

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  18. 7|13|18 25.9 yd pool

    10 laps free with fins
    4 laps back with fins
    2 laps breast

    At physical therapy. Warm-up, stretches, then:
    3 x 30 reps ea of abductions to side, fwd, and between no rest using 1lb db (270 reps).

    PTA wasnt watching and I was supposed to do 10 reps of 2 sets (PT was on vacation and I wanted to leave early to swim before thunder storms arrive)

    1 x 10 each, on belly 1 lb db arm raises to front and side

    My Shoulder improves every day with range of motion, strength, and decrease in pain. However I have no idear how to judge if I am doing too much or too little. According to the doctor I shouldnt be even trying to swim for another 2 months, but he is not a swimmer and does not understand I can be fairly gentle with my arm using fins and moderately passive strokes.
  19. 7|7|18

    1:30 am nearby pool
    2500 yds kick on sides with fins
  20. 7|6|18 deadpool arm

    assault air bike
    5 x 030 on 4:00
    briefly hit 11XX so arm getting stronger

    weights and stretching doing what I can mostly light weight

    500 fr with surf fins 8:XX
    300 of various other fins stuff

    every day shoulder is better than before, but only just slightly. Really quite painful when I wake up. Stretching lightly in all ranges with both internal/external rotations.

    My right arm still slightly over an inch smaller than other, wife calls it my deadpool arm lol
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