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  1. Sojerz's Avatar
    socks seem to work for me and never thought about using lubricant - there's an anti-chafe stick called body glide that cyclists and tri all sware by, but i haven't ried it yet. My socks are speedo are hard to cram into the fin, but once in very tight fit.
    Updated April 19th, 2012 at 11:19 PM by Sojerz
  2. kgernert's Avatar
    Cool tip. I will have to try it. Sadly, while I was using my fins and my toes were getting torn up, it didn't feel that bad - just a prick here or there. It was when I took off my fins/socks and actually saw my toe that I realized just how bad it was. Huh... maybe chlorine numbs the pain?!
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats on your swimming, and your steady recovery . . . and yes it sounds like it was time to give your poor feet a break from the fins!

    I have had trouble with fins tearing up my feet (although I usually ditch them before they get to the state you describe), and besides socks I have found BandAid Blister Block helpful (it's not a bandaid, but a roll-on lubricant).
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  4. Celestial's Avatar
    Glad you're able to be in the water! Shoulder surgery can be ruff!
  5. kgernert's Avatar
    I'm not too worried at this point about overusing my fins. But, that being said, I know myself and my tendency to use fins more than I probably should when I'm really healthy. There's a huge difference between using fins to get through a mainly kicking 2600 LCM set and using fins to get through a really tough set much eaiser. Besides, sometimes it's actually nice to feel the water on your feet.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats! I know it's hard, but keep going slow. I think Indy 2013 is a great goal. You can come back. And don't worry too much about the fins.
  7. kgernert's Avatar
    Thanks for the support. It is SOOOO hard to back off and not push it... but, being that I belong to Indy Aquatic Masters and we are hosting the 2013 USMS SCY National Championships here... My long-term goals are changing a bit. Missing the Indiana State meet was hard, missing LCM Nationals in the Olympic Trials pool will be tough... missing the SCY Nationals in my team's own pool - NO WAY! So... I'm trying to be smarter now, so I don't miss out next spring.
  8. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats on your 100! And super congrats on being smart and taking things sensibly as you build back up. Plus it sounds like you used your out-of-the-water time well. Nice going!
  9. rxleakem's Avatar
    Take time and don't push it too much as you recover. The meets will be there when you are stronger - I'm praying for you now that it's not too long.
  10. kgernert's Avatar
    If nothing else, this is probably a good time to work on my kicking.
  11. knelson's Avatar
    Definitely don't push it. It sucks to be out of the pool, but you don't want to injure your shoulder more. Take it easy until it feels better.
  12. kgernert's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by joel schmaltz
    Nice job! I might have to try this one out later on this week. The 500 kick does not look like fun but I'll try it anyways.
    On our distance days, everything is written as freestyle with the option to pull or kick whenever you want. I did the 500 Kick at that point because my shoulders needed a break!
  13. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Nice job! I might have to try this one out later on this week. The 500 kick does not look like fun but I'll try it anyways.
  14. kgernert's Avatar
    That's kind of what I'm figuring too. I have no idea what to expect - or really what my strategy should be in swimming it. Other than "don't go out too fast" and "strong and steady pace", that's pretty much what I'm thinking at this point. We'll see how it goes....
  15. rxleakem's Avatar
    I will swim my first 400 in a few weeks at BU. If nothing else, a good warm up for the rest of the meet.
  16. swimmerb212's Avatar
    WAY TO GO! I'll have to come back and look at this for my inspiration next year!
  17. kgernert's Avatar
    I found myself wishing it was an open water swim with no walls to have to push off from. That might have been a bit easier.
  18. knelson's Avatar
    Nice job! I've had calf cramping problems during the postal swims, too. My experience has also been that they subside after about 200-300 yards, but it definitely takes a toll.
  19. kgernert's Avatar
    Way to go on doing all of the Postals. That has become my new goal for next year. I've only been swimming 2 1/2 years now, and have never done a postal except for the One-Hour Swim. To do both the 3K and 6K in a matter of one week is a pretty big deal for me... especially since I had never done a straight 3K (not to mention a 6K) before. Guess it goes to show what your body can do when your mind finally shuts up, eh?
  20. poolraat's Avatar
    Congratulations on doing the 6k swim!
    I did it for the first time ever a few weeks ago. Like you, I struggled a bit around 4500 but even though I had a few twinges in my calves, didn't cramp. But that was where my pace finally dropped to around 1:30-32 per 100. Did you do all of the other postals? That was my goal for the year and I did it! Not bad for a sprinter!
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