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    Quote Originally Posted by rxleakem
    Isn't it great when we start to realize some gains in our training/timed swims? Well done!
    It's great, yes, but I need to time myself again. That's practically rocketship pace for me, and I'm worried I might have miscounted my laps. If it IS an accurate time, wow!

    I've been lifting weights twice a week for about a year now, and have definitely noticed increased strength in the water. Whether that translates into speed is another matter.
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    Isn't it great when we start to realize some gains in our training/timed swims? Well done!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    I see some Postal swims in your future
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    Great work on the 3000 and good luck on your hour swim!
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    Nice job! I'm doing mine this weekend; hope the shoulder holds up!
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    Great job!

    I'm planning to go to the meet in your neck of the woods Sunday. Hope to see you there.
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    Woah... that would be a hell of a tough workout. I'd be to anyone who could manage it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    My recollection is he didn't swim prelims in any of the relays, but I could be wrong.
    You are correct. He only swam in the finals of the relays.
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    How about a "Phelps Workout?" Swim his exact Beijing competition schedule, including prelims, semis, finals and relay legs. That would make for a pretty tough workout!

    Off the top of my head, you'd need to swim:
    4x100 fly (prelims, semis, finals, medley relay finals)
    3x200 fly (prelims, semis, finals)
    1x100 free (4x100 free relay finals)
    4x200 free (prelims, semis, finals, 4x200 free relay finals)
    3x200 IM (prelims, semis, finals)
    2x400 IM (prelims, finals)

    That's 3,300 meters.

    My recollection is he didn't swim prelims in any of the relays, but I could be wrong.
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    yay! yay! yay!
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    Woo hoo! Congrats. Help yourself to an extra serving today...
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    Wore the cap on my lunch swim today, and in half an hour, the nice white cap turned YELLOW from the chlorine.

    I'm glad I don't use that pool very often!
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    Congratulations! I'm doing the GTD this year for the first time and I was totally surprised when that cap arrived in the mail. What fun! Enjoy your new cap
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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement! I love my FLOG. When you can track your progress, it really inspires you to want to do more. It's like: hey, I did 18 miles last month--let's see if I can hit 20 this month!

    I also should have mentioned my breaststroke looks a lot better than it used to. My pull is still too wide, but my kick is better, I've caught the trick of pulling the hips forward, and I'm keeping my eyes firmly downward. Not my best stroke ever, but I think I really "get" breaststroke now.

    One of my aims for this summer is to begin learning butterfly (I can dolphin kick, and with fins I can do an alternating-arm stroke, but I'm very weak, and my rhythm is all off). I really want to be able to do a decent IM. Goals, goals!
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    Congratulations! Milestones, milestones, milestones! You're making great progress...
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    You should get a cap in the mail in a few weeks.
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  18. Nancy H.'s Avatar
    Thanks for the kind encouragement! The wonderful thing about swimming is that I usually feel so healthy and strong, and I generally love the way I look at almost any size. But I really don't want to have to spend $2000 on a completely new wardrobe (the coats were especially expensive), which is good incentive for keeping the weight off.

    Jessicafk11, I blush to admit this, but in 2007, when I was getting the last 10 pounds off, I borrowed a page from Michael Phelps. One reads about how he tapes his goal times on the wall so he'll see them first thing in the morning, etc. Well, I taped a photo of a pair of trousers I liked inside my closet, so I'd see them every morning and every evening. Just a reminder of what I was working towards. When I finally got into those pants (in the size I was aiming for), I was beside myself with happiness. : )
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    That's great news! I'm in my own battle right now for the "sunny side of 150." I used to be 150 no matter what but shot up to 170. I have finally gotten closer to 160 and things are moving in the right direction, I know how easy it is for the pounds to creep back! My work pants stretched out with me and even though I only have one pair of jeans that fit, I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe. I know it is temporary and I'm afraid if I buy all new clothes I'll lose some of my motivation.

    Again, great work, very happy to hear things are sunny!
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    Keep up the great work!
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