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  1. mwest42's Avatar
    It had occurred to me to "trade" timing with another person... that just means I have to convince another person to do the swim.

    Although, I just realized that I was confusing the time frame of when the 3000/6000 had to be done with the 5K/10K time frame, so I guess I have a little more time to talk someone into it.
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    You need to find another swimmer who wants to do the event and swap with each other. (ie. you swim today, I count. I swim tomorrow and you count).
    I believe your timer also is required to record your splits on paper. They can also be your counter.
    I've also had friends who have paid their teen-age children to do this for them. THis usually only works one year because the teen is soo bored they never want to do it again!! Good luck!
  3. Bobinator's Avatar
    I respect and admire anyone who swims the 200 fly!
    Good luck in PR!