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  1. JenBrehob's Avatar
    Thanks! For me, the coaching and swimming (nothing in excess) is stress relief. I am getting even better than I was at naps, too.

    Today I went to our branch with the LCM pool, since the more local branch was having the HVAC redone, and the first person I spoke to in the pool was a teammate on our Masters team who has also been a part time coach and she understood a lot of it and we had a great chat. I also had a better time than expected swimming 1100 first time in a long time Long Course!

    So that was great. Otherwise it's been my mom getting better (gained 2 lbs since last checkup, as of yesterday) and getting some help, I have some elder services helping by providing an aide for 7 hours per week so I'm getting 2 little breaks and my girl twin just got home from college so that should help over the summer a bit!

    My grandmother was very good at pacing herself so I am learning the same!
  2. flystorms's Avatar
    Is there anyone who can help relieve you of some of the things on your plate? Is there another coach who might help out for a month or so? Or someone on your team who is interested in coaching and could give it a try temporarily?

    Definitely take some time for yourself for stress relieve - whether it's sleeping or swimming or whatever. Like they say on planes, put oxygen on yourself before helping others, otherwise you may not survive.
  3. bzaks1424's Avatar
    If I may offer some unsolicited advice: If you start training core 4-6x a week (at least one rest day). You'll find that you can eat closer to practice as your core will not have to work as hard to maintain balance and stability while swimming.