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  1. Sandwiched between my kids and my parents

    At our SCY championships I had a great time to speak with Rick Battistini, our coach du jour, and he had a lot of wisdom about taking care of one's parents.

    I had been looking for any commiseratory blog entries but didn't see any.

    My father had cancer and was taking a lot of extra care last year and he unexpectedly died of a massive heart attack on December 30th 2016.

    My mother was not in great health at the time and took it understandably very poorly and had a sharp degradation in her own health.

    I ended up 9-1-1ing her to the hospital for a 1 1/2 week stay and now she is rehabbing at home.

    I have had to stop everything but coaching Masters 3x per week and am battling back to swimming time for myself for my own gratification and stress release and health.

    I don't know how much longer my mom has and I have limited help form limited family nearby.

    Since I've been coaching and teaching swimming, I have needed the support of my parents and this is really tough.

    Last weekend at SCYs I was so tired I was not having fun until I could nap for 1 1/4 hours between events then had to scratch the last 2 because I had to get back to Mom and relieve my son from mom sitting!

    I am figuring it out bit by bit!
  2. MHS Swim Team Assistant Coach, years 2 and 3

    Last year, 2015-2016 our girls won the State Championship and our Head Coach Susan Guertin won a major coaching honor.

    This year, 2016-2017 our girls came in 3rd at States with only 5 girls qualifying.

    Decidedly worth it in many ways, mostly for the joy of working with the kids I have taught to swim over the years and way more fun than watching TV!
  3. NEM SCY Championship Effort untrained and not warmed up

    I learned last Sunday the 19th of March at the 3rd day of the main weekend of NEM SCYs that if tired, just get up and go warm up anyway.

    I only had time to warm up for 600 yards and I was in the first heat of the 400IM. It was very hard on my windpipe, needless to say! My time was about 3 minutes slower than the National record holder Laura Val!

    Only 5 people entered in my age group so I still got us 12 points on that one.

    However, my teammates were cheering and my walls were legal and I could have a lovely nap between that and the 50 fly.

    We had 15 women's heats of the 200 free followed by 18 heats of the men's and then I made a 7th place on the 50 fly for a 7th place among many more swimmers.

    I was so glad I showed up!