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Catch, Pull, and Glide!

Welcome to Catch, Pull, and Glide! This blog hopes to share the joy, fun, exhilaration, (muscle!) pain, and grind of my swimming journey. And to try to do it with a sense of style, wit, and humor!

I'm a mid-life swimmer returning to the pool after a seven year layoff. I've been swimming for fun and competition since I was six years old. I've swum in oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and pools. I dive into water and immediately get a sense of being Home ... more on that in the first entry! Your time and comments are always appreciated. See you in the water! Peace, and Happy Swimming!

  1. #1 Back in the Saddle Again ...

    by , February 6th, 2010 at 11:08 AM (Catch, Pull, and Glide!)
    Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Well, it's back in the pool after a 7-year layoff! From the first Reach - Pull - and Glide off the wall, it's been good to be back Home in the Water, Back in the Saddle Again. The other-world feel of water is transporting. Swimming with the water, not in it, or through it, provides the portal for swimming joy. My first workouts included unbridled 'dolphin laps' - bounding off of the bottom, arcing over the top of the water, and returning 'down under'. It's just fun sometimes to be totally in the water.

    From my first 9-month swim ;-) , I, like many of you, have loved the water ... Swim lessons from 5 years old, first meet at 6, trips to the beach ... then in the teens and early twenties ... high school, club, and college swimming ... life guarding, WSI rating and teaching, coaching swimming and diving teams ... Outside the pool, our family and friends were "water people" too. Many of us were life guards, swimmers, canoeists and kayakers ... And the body surfing at Narrangansett when the hurricanes came up off the coast ... weekend drives to swimming holes, riverss and quarries for a cool swim and maybe a crazy cliff jump or two.

    It's always been a natural thing to be in the water ... to be one with our Water Planet ... it's like breathing ... the Oneness ...

    A look at the early training regimen in the next entry! Peace, and Happy Swimming!
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