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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Keep up the good work. It sounds like your getting into good shape fairly quickly. For what it's worth, Dara Torres breathes every stroke on her 50s! Not sure you need to do restriction on the 100s.
  2. ddunbar's Avatar
    We also have to get the lane covers on the pool at the end of practice. That takes a few minutes. We are generally in the water at 6:45 pm and out by 7:45.
  3. ddunbar's Avatar
    It is supposed to be an hour. We start in two lanes while the age groupers finish. We have two to three ability groups in the club and don't have posted work outs so there is some down time between some sets. With the fins, I roll with the faster group. I would like to see more sets of 200 stroke or IM in the mix but need to work on strengthening the core for that.
  4. Redbird Alum's Avatar
    Don -

    I noticed a lot of your practices are in the 2200 to 2600 yard(?) range. About how long are you in the water at each practice?

    Asking because I swim on my own, and spend about 45 minutes in the water going about 2250 yards after coaching kids.

    Best Regards
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