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  1. Hey all! Long time no Blog!

    by , March 25th, 2015 at 02:27 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Just dropping in to say HI to everyone! I haven't really logged into much over the past year with my whole house remodel thing going on. Well, phase 3 of 375 is almost done on the remodel, as I'm in the painting phase of the master bedroom, bathroom, and half the living room, along with the upstairs hallway and my MIL's room. Still lots to do.

    But I did do a good thing (to make my wife happy, yet she hardly noticed) and took a load of 1.2 TONS to the dump yesterday. Mainly sheetrock, and old plywood from the old flooring. Also a few windows, a toilet, and other misc. garbage stuff. It's a great dryland workout if anyone wants to try moving 1.2 TONS twice over a few hours time.

    Well, in swimming things, I'm still going at it, and actually on the upswing from last summer/fall. I was way out of shape then, concentrating mainly on work and my house. It showed in a couple events, like a 200 Fly in which I nearly could not complete. YES, James couldn't do a continuous 200 yard Fly! In November I did a 2:20ish stopping at the 100, 125, and 150 of the race for a 3-4 second breather turn. Gotta do what you gotta do, right?

    Well, fast forward to last month, in a SCMeter meet, where I had no problem doing a 2:27 200 SCM Fly after a 400 IM and 1500 Free on Friday night, on my way to a very good full weekend on hopeful Top Ten swims.

    This coming weekend I will be attending my LMSC SCY Champs meet in Moscow, Idaho, where the fun will continue. To start off the meet, I have the 400 IM, followed by 1650, then a while later have the 200 Fly and 200 IM. Sunday just the 500 Free and 100 Breast, but still a full weekend. I'm looking forward to the 400 IM "race to the death" against Ellen Reynolds. I'm assuming she's going for the 50-54 National record, since her entry time is just a mere second away, and she's had some previous good races with me in that race before. Not chicking me this time Ellen!

    I'm hoping to get a video of the race, and if so will FB post it. If you're not my buddy yet, you better find me! My name is common, but it's still not hard to find me with all my common swimmer friends from USMS and beyond!

    Happy swimming to all!
  2. Saturday, November 16, 2013 Trifecta Meet Results

    by , November 17th, 2013 at 02:36 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I knew this was going to be a rough and tiring meet for me for many reasons. I had worked the previous 23 days in a row, with about 1/4 of those days being 12 hour days as well. Friday prior to the meet was one of those 12s, but luckily it started early and was done at 11:00pm.
    Got to bed maybe around 1:00am, and the alarm clock at 7:00am was wayyyyy too early for me. Got the kids rounded up, made some PB&Js, somehow was able to get my wife to come along too, and got rolling down the road for the 3 1/2 hour trip to Moscow, ID. We saw our first snow of the year, right around Pullman and Moscow where the elevation is 2500+
    2nd hard part of the day was my event schedule, which is nothing new, but in combo with my work, and "lack of training", I knew it would be tough. Yeah, I swim 5 or so times a week, but the minimal yardage and stuff I knew wasn't enough to be able to power through all the events like what is ideal. I had my game plan set though, and was focused mostly on the 200 Fly, and to have fun with the other ones.

    I was in the 3rd heat of the 1650 (3 heats is rare!!), with one of them being 40 minutes, and the other one about 30 minutes. I didn't bother warming up in the general warmup prior to the race. I got in about 100 yards in the warmdown area, which was a nice 86+ degrees...more of a hot tub. Mainly to get my suit tied tight, and give my shoulders a little rotation before the race actually started. The racing pool was a great 79/80 degrees though.

    I don't have actual splits yet, hopefully they'll arrive on email soon so I can begin processing the results. The meet ran from 1:00-who knows what time. I left at 6:30pm, and they still had 100 Breast, 200 Back, 50 Free, and 500 Frees to go (at least another 50-60 minutes). They had lots of breaks, and other issues that seemed to drag on. Plus we have quite a few senior swimmers (81, 85, 91, 92) that take longer than me to finish their races, so the timeline was a bit stretched out. Even with me leaving out of town by 7:00, I didn't get home till 10:30pm, which I was wide awake for giving my normal working hours at my job.

    1650 Free - 18:56.xx
    My idea on this was to start out really easy and treat the event like a warmup. For the first 300 or so I did this, and there was a "new to our area" masters swimmer right next to me, a guy in his early 40s. He was hugged right up to the laneline, drafting me hard, so I wanted to see if he was ready to go. On the 4th 100 I accelerated a bit and he tried to stick with me, doing ok. On the 5th 100, I came off the wall with a couple dolphins and kicked in the afterburners getting myself up to "race pace". Not exactly my Indy Nationals race pace, but my pace for today...enough that I knew I could handle. I was able to maintain pretty well, though I know I felt a little lull in the swim around 1100-1200 or so. I checked the clock a few times though the swim, and knew I was going to be pretty close to the 19:00 mark based on my quick math in my head, so I picked it up in the last 300 to be sure I'd be under. Good thing, because it was closer than I thought. This was a really good swim...only 1 minute, 10 seconds slower than my swim at Indy last spring.
    My splits from looking at the clock were roughly 5:35/5:40 at the 500, and 11:20/11:25 at the 1000. There was a small running clock on the opposite wall of the large timeclock that matches the time, so it was nice to see after I came off the turns.

    50 Free leadoff in the 200 Free Relay - 24.56
    This happened right after a 10 minute warmup break, which doing anything that close to a 1650 is just tough. I led off next to the team from Central Washington beat of course (24.0) because any kid fresh out of high school can still do a 50. Central Washington lost their college swim team a while ago, and they started a masters club a few years back to use as a team. It's nice to see year to year what kind of new talent they bring to the races.

    400 IM - 5:08.73 (entirely cooldown pace)
    This literally was right after the relay, and I was in no mood to try to go fast. I got through the fly easily, probably 1:03ish, and then shut it down from there, cruising the next 300. Felt much better afterward. Had I tried to race this, I would've died a horrible death somewhere in the middle.

    100 Fly - 58.32
    Of all my races, this was going to be my real challenge with others. I was seeded 2nd to an 18 year old college kid (57.1 to 58.0 entry times). We started off fine, somehow I jammed my middle finger on the 25 turn, it still hurts today, and also the arch of my left foot cramped as I pushed off the 25 turn. I just tried to power on, and the cramp sort of went away. I was gaining on the boy (or thought I was) on the 3rd length, but couldn't pull it out on the final length. I don't like to get beat, but this one I couldn't help too much.

    200 Fly - 2:11.16
    splits from timing it off the video were 28.0, 1:01.1 (33.1), 1:36.0 (34.9), 2:11.1 (35.1)
    I really wanted to have a good showing in this one. Training well or not, tired or not, I was going to give it all I had on this race. I guess I'll be a 200 Flyer this year. It's easier to train for than the 1650 or 400 IM...and is easier mentally than the 200 Free. I'm a little weird, huh?

    50 Back on 200 Medley Relay leadoff: 30.9
    I just worked the SDKs off the walls and stretched out the swim. I had the 50 Fly coming up right afterward...and like any sprinter, I didn't want to wear myself out.
    It was nice having 3 other guys from my workout group there so we could do a couple relays. in the video is myself, Kurt (60), then Jack (81), and Rick (60). Many of you ask why I did back instead of fly? Jack wanted to do the fly rather than the back. His choice...not mine. Respect your elders.

    50 Fly - 26.25
    This was just all out speed. SDKed about halfway down the pool, 1 breath. Had a bit of a glide in finding the wall at the turn, but came off quick with good underwaters kicks. 2 breaths back and hit the finish strong. Fastest I've been in a while, and the first 50 I've done outside of Wenatchee in a while. I like to get my money's worth on away trips for meets.

    Well, these events concluded the "Combo Trifecta" - combo of the Brute Squad Tri, and the Butterfly Tri. They gave out award to those who completed the 3 distances of any stroke, or the brute squad, or the combo that about 8-10 people did.
  3. Weekend to Portland, Gil Young/NW Zone LCM Meet Report

    by , August 25th, 2013 at 11:15 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Thursday, I started off my trip to Oregon, leaving around 4:00pm, with plans to go to my sister's house in Beaverton. Well, I stopped at a rest area about an hour and a half into the 5+ hour trip, and my little blue '83 Toyota pickup didn't want to restart. I was a bit upset at this point, and stuck in the middle of nowhere for a while. I had basic tools with me, and after working through everything, determined that my battery was dead...very dead. It was the original battery that we put in the truck when my father and I built the thing 6 years ago, so I guess I got my money's worth out of the battery. Well, I did the old "pop the clutch" trick to get the truck started, luckily the rest area had a downhill exit ramp back to the freeway, so it was easy. That was actually my first time doing that for a vehicle, and was happy it worked. I ended up turning the truck around at the next possible "No U-turn" turnaround (reserved for State Patrol) and headed back home for the evening. A little ticked that I wasn't in Oregon tonight, but glad I wasn't stranded. And I got to sleep in my own bed one more night.

    Friday morning, I got up, did a little work on my truck, and then ended up leaving town a little before 9:00am. This time I was in my wife's '99 Nissan Sentra, a more reliable and also better MPG car as well. I had to be to the Mt. Hood Pool by 3:00pm for checkin/4:00pm meet start time. It was a 5 hour trip, and I got there with plenty of time. Got to watch the lifeguards changing out the lanelines from SCY to LCM...they were loving life.

    All of my seed times for this meet were my season best times in the particular events, except the 50 Fly, which was my time from the 2012 season.

    Friday night:

    1500 Free - (19:52.77 seed time) - went 19:04.64
    1:17.34 (4:58.53) - 400
    1:17.85 (5:09.65) (10:08.08) - 800
    1:17.35 (5:08.63) - 1200

    This turned out to be what I think is my best event of the weekend. I swam it basically solo, lapping everyone in my heat at least once. I wasn't hurting a bit during the swim, and had no idea how fast I was truly going till it was over. My only battle, was with That Guy operating my lap counter. He kept flashing the number 43 repeatedly at me, occasionally giving the correct lap count number. It turns out he was giving the correct number every 3rd 100, which he said was "more than enough".
    I had a goal of making a time fast enough to earn the #1 spot in my age group in the USMS rankings, as this year was a "slow year" for my group in a few events. I ended up doing that, by over 25 seconds. We'll just have to see if there's any other late submissions into the database. For now, I'm #1.

    Saturday afternoon:

    800 Free - (seeded 10:04.80) - went 10:07.15

    Splits were basically the same as the first 800 of my 1500, only 1 second faster overall. The only thing good I did in this race was beat Kirk Nelson to the 50. I did Fly on the first 50 as well, after that Kirk smoked me. That Guy again counted for me, and I had no clue what he was doing...I think I'll have to fire him from this job in the future.

    100 Free - (seeded 1:02.67) - went 1:02.61
    29.50 / 33.11

    Felt good at the 50, legs died after the breakout of the 2nd length, arms got shorter about 15 meters later. It hurt. Still, a season best time.

    200 IM - (seeded 2:37.97) - went 2:36.81
    I did not want to swim this race after the 100 Free. I went to the blocks at the last minute, stepped up with no care at all, and dove off. I guess that was the trick, because I actually did good. Another season best. I had no one to race though, as I was in the 2nd to last heat middle lane.

    Saturday night night: Can't go to the Portland area without getting burgers from Burgerville!! Only 5 of the original cheeseburgers (love the special sauce) and a large blackberry milkshake. Topped it off later with a 1 liter of cherry coke from the store. My grandparents thought I was nuts eating all of that.

    Sunday morning:

    I was still at my grandparent's house at the time warmups began. I wasn't going to do a real warmup today, plus it was a bit chilly out, so I just stayed dry and warm...arriving on deck around 8:40am.

    50 Fly - (seeded 29.45) - went 29.66

    Not too shabby for my warmup. The guy next to me, a true sprinter, was about a bodylength behind me after the dive and breakout. In a matter of 3-4 strokes, he flew right past me!?!?!??! After that he didn't accelerate any more though, but I had no chance to catch him.
    I did cooldown/warmup a 100 or so after this, in preparation for my 200 Free a few heats later.

    200 Free - (seeded 2:18.47) - went 2:18.35

    Another season best time. At least my splits were consistent, though it just felt slow overall. I was glad the 3 day meet was done though. Masters meets just shouldn't be spread out over this many days IMO.

    Sunday going home, I stopped in The Dalles for another round at Burgerville. Same order as the previous night. This is the last chance to eat at Burgerville going eastbound until you circle the globe, so you might as well stop.
  4. Sunday, August 18, 2013 Met the famous SwimsuitAddict

    by , August 18th, 2013 at 04:37 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    IGLA Open Water Swim - 2 mile wetsuit category

    I started off the morning at 4:20am with the alarm going off. Luckily I'd packed my bag last night, 'cause I wasn't in the mood to do much this morning. I stopped at the local 7-11 to get some Gatorade for rehydration after the swim, and got stuck behind some people with the late late-night party munchies. They were quite the sight, and a bit funny.

    Well, I got going on my way toward Seattle, and got to the split where I have to choose which pass to go over. The shorter route (according to the new electronic reader board) was closed on Snoqualmie Pass due to rock blasting this morning from 5:00-8:00am. No way was I going to be able to go that way for a 7:30am checkin time. So off I went on the longer route over Stevens Pass, which also takes me quite a bit further north above Seattle. It worked out okay though. I got my McD's fix in Monroe, and then got my way to I-405 and back to I-90 to get over to Mercer Island where the swim was taking place. I still got there with plenty of time to spare. In fact, I was one of the first to arrive for the check-in.
    After walking around aimlessly, I saw a couple people wearing CIBBOWS hats, and one of them looked like Janet (only from FB pictures). We said hi to each other and talked a bit. I'm pretty boring, and she figured that out right away.

    I took a look at the course for the swim, a 1 mile triangular swim, counterclockwise, so all left handers around the course. Going down the first straightaway I noticed (along with everyone else), a huge boat (someone has $$$$) right near the line of the corner buoy. As it turns out, this was damn near spot on with the turn buoy, so it was much easier to look for the boat than the yellow turnpost in the this direction was heading right into the rising sun. The backside of the triangle looked to be pretty long, my only worry was getting lost out there. The final side back to shore was pretty easy to spot the finish buoys, so no problems there. There was a bit of plants/seaweed/crap in the water around the shallow starting/finish buoy. More annoying than anything.

    The race got off right at 9:00, as the seconds were being counted down I shouted out "Have fun guys!", and put on goggles and went for it. I started on the far left of the group, and it seemed like everyone was off to a fast start. I just kept going hard trying to breakaway from the group. I was getting my legs and feet hit a bunch, and I think it was because I was actually cutting sideways across in front of everyone without even knowing it. OOPS! My stroke naturally carries me to the right I guess. We made our way down the first leg of the course, and I was right with another guy side be side. I let him get ahead and dropped in behind him for a little draft. I stayed with him around the first buoy, made the turn looked at the next buoy and got swimming again. The leader went somewhere else though. Took too sharp of a turn and was headed back toward shore instead of across the middle of the lake. He eventually got back on track. Along the backstretch I was passed by another swimmer prior to the 2nd turn buoy. I stayed in 3rd place with the 4th place guy turning even with me at the finish buoy of lap #1.

    Now we were headed right back into the sunlight on the start of lap #2. This time the sun glare was way worse than the first time. Lucky for me I had a couple guys right in front of me, so I could follow splash bubbles underwater, or I could see their splashes ahead when I sighted. I was trying to see the big boat, but the glare was too much this time.

    On the middle of the backstretch of the 2nd lap, I was I believe in 5th place after getting passed by another person. My eyes were killing me from my goggles. I use swedes, and they were cutting into my eye sockets a bit. I'm used to pool swimming, and doing intervals, where I can usually take my goggles off for a bit every 100/200 yards or so. I'm not used to having them on me non-stop for 30-45-60 minutes at a time. I just started treading water, put my goggles on my forehead, and began talking with one of the lifeguards on a paddleboard nearby. She asked if I was fine, I said yeah, just resting my eyes from the goggles. After about 30-45 seconds of my "break", I put my goggles back on and proceeded on. At this point I went into butterfly for about 30 strokes or so. Fly with a wetsuit on is so amazing, plus doing something different with my muscles felt good too. I didn't want to wear myself out so I went back to freestyle.

    After rounding the final buoy for the turn to home, I found swimmer #6 coming up on my right hand side. Bad move buddy...that's my breathing side. If you're going to try to make a pass, you have to come by on my left. I saw him there, and knew we were close enough to the finish that I wasn't going to let him beat me. I paced right alongside him, we were looking right at each other the whole way, along with sighting forward. At this point we had two people from the 1 mile swim that we were lapping. There was enough space for me to squeeze between them, and the other guy had to go around a bit. At this point were were at the final intermediate buoy before the finish, I'd guess about 300 yards or so to the end. I poured it on, kicking like I know how to, and left the guy in the dust, not seeing him until we were on shore.

    I finished with a 46:12 for my 2 mile swim, and I believe was the #5 overall swimmer in the 2 mile category. In my age group, I was #1, and got a handmade medallion for my efforts. Someone local made all the awards for the IGLA competition, so they are unique. Melted glass, colored blue/red/white/etc. and stamped with IGLA 2013 on them.

    I was happy with the swim, and apparently I can still swim fine even on 1-2 days a week of moderate swimming...showing I don't have to be an animal age grouper anymore. Though we'll see next weekend at the Gil Young meet.
  5. Saturday's Sandpoint, ID Longbridge Swim

    by , August 4th, 2013 at 01:08 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Another OW swim in the books. I've only done a handful of these, so adding another is a big thing for me.

    • August 2011 - CAST Classic 5K - DNF - I wasn't having a good time, out of shape, and pulled myself out of the race after 1 lap.
    • June 2012 - Steve Omi Swim 1 Mile - 1st in age group (19-34)
    • August 2012 - Longbridge Swim 1.76 Mile - 1st in age group (30-39), 21st of 900+ overall
    • September 2012 - Lake Chelan Swim 1.5 Mile - 3rd overall
    • August 2013 - Longbridge Swim 1.76 Mile - 1st in age group (30-39), 6th of 820 overall

    I got up around 5:00am in Spokane where I stayed overnight, and went outside to find a nice drizzle of rain falling. Oh great, hopefully this won't be accompanied by thunder and lightning. I drove another hour and a half to Sandpoint, Idaho to get checked in for the race and numbered. I was #6, alphabetically of course. I joked with a few of my friends that they had given my number based on placement overall.

    By the time the race was getting started, the rain had stopped, but it was still plenty overcast, and probably in the 60s for air temp. Not sure about the water, probably about 70 or so. Earlier in the week, people said it was warmer, but with a few days of rain and no sun, things can change a lot. I'm glad I had a good wetsuit for sure!! I got a good coupon code on the internet from Tom Patterson for an XTERRA wetsuit for almost 75% off, saving me tons of money. It was well worth it to have a real swimming wetsuit vs. the "play around in the water" wetsuit I used last year.

    I lined up at the starting line to the far right side, alongside the kayakers. A majority of the people were at the left or middle so they could go alongside the bridge. It doesn't really matter where you start because it's the same straight line across the lake.

    As the gun went off, I took off, probably "sprinting" for about 300-400 yards or so before even looking around. I was sighting of course a bit during this initial run, but I wasn't looking at any other competitors, just making sure I was straight with the bridge. After I felt I was at a strong breakaway, I went into cruise mode. Looking ahead I could see 1 or 2 splashing swimmers ahead of me, and then I rolled over for backstroke to look behind me. NO ONE!! We were a long distance ahead of the whole pack, so I just turned back over and swam on. As it turned out, I was in 4th position at this point, but didn't actually know that. In my head I was telling myself I was in 2nd or 3rd place, and just keep going.

    The bridge itself is 1.2 miles long, so I just kept going, trying to maintain a strong kick and relieve some of the muscle fatigue in my arms. It was a bit wavy out there at times, but much better than the year prior when we had a headwind the whole way. For the swim, it was very uneventful. I could see a kayaker staying alongside me off to the right side, and I'm glad it was there, since I had no one else around me for a while. I kept a pattern going of about 40 strokes Freestyle, with about 10 strokes Backstroke, maybe 1 or 2 Breaststokes, and back to Free again. In a 50 meter pool I can maintain about 38 strokes per length under calm conditions, so I figured each of these cycles I was doing was approximately 50 meters. I'd stop to clear goggles on occasion, and look behind me to see a few swimmers back there. Still far enough back to not worry too much.

    At the end of the bridge, my power was fading, and I was wishing the swim could be done now. I could see two swimmers pulling alongside me, though they were about 15-20 yards off to my right side. I knew them both: It was Don Morovec (53yr), and Larry Krauser (60yr). They were doing a draft train the whole way. I've been chasing Don's 30-34, and 35-39 LMSC age group records in the pool events, and able to get a few of them, but not all of them. Larry has all of the freestyle pool records from the 40-44 through the 60-64 age group, and they're pretty tough.

    I knew I had no chance to hang with them as they went by, and just let them go on. I was a solo swimmer from the beginning to the end of the whole race, and that was tough. It would've been nice to have a draft person at times, but it just didn't work out for me this year. The final 1/2 mile or so is alongside the shoreline to the finish point. There are 12 or so pilings along the route marking the shallow water as well as a underwater rock barrier wall. At times these rocks were very near the water surface. I used a few of the rocks to jump off and dive forward. My body was dying at this point, just wanting to finish. I was doing more and more switching from free to back, clearing goggles, looking behind me at the upcoming pack of swimmers. Had to keep going. From the last piling to the finish I didn't look back, didn't change strokes, just swam onward, kicking and pulling as best as I could, till I couldn't stroke anymore. Push up, stand up, get up the beach and cross the finish line. DONE...!!!!

    The congratulations from the crowd were sure nice to hear. I saw Larry standing there, he said I was the #6 finisher, and I had 3 more swimmers who must've made a break for me at the end, because #7, 8, and 9 were a few seconds behind me crossing the line.

    The results:

    I really like how they did the results this year. You can see everyone, where they're from, and times. Not a whole lot of super fast age groupers this year. They had Zone Champs, prepping for Jr. and Sr. Nationals as well right now, so they were probably pushed away from this swim by their coaches.

    I finished 1st in my age group, and 6th overall out of 820 swimmers. I was really happy with the result, though I'm still not gung-ho about doing OW swims that much more. I'm sure I'll still make an appearance at Longbridge year to year. We'll just have to see how things go each season.

    My award:
  6. Friday, July 26, 2013 Inland Empire Champs Meet Recap (USAS)

    by , July 27th, 2013 at 03:03 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I signed up for one and only one day of the champs meet this weekend, and chose the day with the 200 Fly. I also signed up for the 400 Free and 50 Free, since they were the next best choices, and I need to get my mileage worth for a day. No point of driving a few hours for one event, even if I do get to swim in twice!

    Started my day at 4:30am with the alarmclock, on the road before 5:00am, and at the pool around 7:15am. Warmups, etc. then sat till my first event around 12:00noon. Drank plenty of water, it was HOT today down there, and no wind at all to help. I stayed in the shade, but even that was unbearable at times.

    I shaved down for the meet, after having a week or so of taper and rest, plus squeezed my @ss into the FINIS Hydrospeed 2 jammer that I wore at Indy Nats last May. At least it still fits.

    7 lane pool in Pasco, kind of strange, but it still has water. Top 7 in the A Final, 8-14 in the B Final.



    50 Free - 27.73- qualified me 13th place for finals
    This was okay I guess. I went faster than a few weeks ago, but I still had a crappy breakout about 2 feet underwater and it just stopped me dead. I know why sprinters complain about things like this.

    Not really a lot of rest after this before the Fly, but that's how I roll...

    200 Fly - 2:26.11 - qualified me 2nd place for finals
    A new adult best time for me!! and a new LMSC Record for 35-39
    31.2 / 37.5
    37.8 / 38.9
    This felt unbelievably easy the whole way. I felt a little struggle on the final 20 meters or so, but it wasn't bad. Led my heat by a lot. The other circle seeded heat had the faster guy in it.

    400 Free - 4:42.46 - a timed final, placed me 6th
    Another adult best time for me!! and a new LMSC Record
    35.7 / 37.0
    36.3/ 36.3
    35.8 / 33.7
    I was a bit tired at the start of this race, but after the 200, I began preying on the swimmers in the two lanes next to me, as they began struggling a bit. I think the heat of the day got to a lot of people by this point, but I stayed well hydrated and was doing fine.
    I ran down one kid who was way ahead of me, and almost caught the other one at the end, but he touched me out at the finish. Still a great time for me.


    Break between sessions:

    I left in search of air conditioning since I had about an hour and a half till warmups for finals. Stopped at a quickie mart for Gatorade and an ice cream bar, then went for food. Found a McD's and stopped in for some nutrition overload. As I left, I refilled my Root Beer, and then realized there was a Baskin Robbins 31 flavors ice cream store down the road. Mmmmmmm... Root Beer Float, combo style from McD's soda, and Baskin Robbins "Triple Vanilla" ice cream. Sooooo good. I was soooo stuffed after all this, but it was worth it. I wasn't sure how finals would go though...


    50 Free - 29.50 (was seeded 13th, placed 14th)
    I dove in SDK'd great, and broke out even worse than in prelims. Once I did get to the surface I sprinted a bit, then realized it was a lost cause and just shut it down to save energy for later...which wasn't a lot later at all...

    200 Fly - 2:24.68 (seeded 2nd, placed 2nd) & lowered my record a little more!
    30.8 / 36.1
    37.8 / 40.0
    I went out strong, trying to stay within reach of the 17 year old next to me, praying that he might die a bit and I'd be within range to swoop in for the kill. He did die a bit on the final length, but so did I. It was a fun race to go out with though. My final USA-S race. Wow!!!


    I had a lot of fun swimming with Velocity Swimming this year, made a lot of friends, learned a lot, taught a lot, inspired a lot of people, and was inspired by the other's efforts as well. I will remember this time forever...and still wonder how Kirk can keep going with the kids in Seattle too!! Oh yeah...he doesn't have kids at home!
  7. Starlight Invitational (USAS) Meet Wrap-up - LCMeters

    by , July 15th, 2013 at 12:15 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Friday night:

    400 IM 5:29.75
    I felt good overall in this race. I did absolutely ZERO warmup prior to this as I missed the general warmup due to work, and it was way too cold and windy for me to even think about getting in the deep tank to get wet prior to the race, so I did it cold turkey and was happy with it. 10 seconds faster than a month ago when I was sick, and about 4 seconds away from last year I think.

    100 Free 1:02.67
    I felt good on the first 50, breathing to my right side, and was hanging with the guy to my breathing side. After the turn I came off the wall, took a breath to the other direction, and could only see whitewater all the way across the lanes. Nothing like being seeded with a time from when I was 24 years old or so. (57.mid) I was still happy with the swim. My legs were a bit tired at the last 20 or so meters.


    My day off from work...I slept in till almost 8:00am before my eyes first popped open. Amazing!!

    Started off with a coaches relay, where I was the flyer in a 200 Medley relay. It was a lot of fun. Felt a lot more like a masters meet than anything else. The kids and parents from all teams all around the pool were cheering loud. It was almost an OUTDOOR facility!! I checked my split from watching the video and was a 29.6 LCM 50 Fly. Not too bad.

    The Relay:

    I then went home for about 3 hours, since I didn't have to race again till after 6:00pm.

    400 Free - 4:50.24
    32.7 / 36.3
    37.1 / 36.8
    37.0 / 37.0
    37.2 / 35.7
    Not too bad of a race. I hung in there well, and wished I could've flipped and kept going for my 800 race...

    100 Fly - 1:08.52
    31.4/ 37.1
    Felt great going out...then I broke down on the 2nd 50. Work work work and lots of swimming makes you tired.

    800 Free - 10:02.22
    1:09.5 / 1:16.5
    1:17.5 / 1:17.2
    1:16.7 / 1:16.5
    1:15.2 / 1:12.9
    I had to pace myself and not let myself run with the big guys in the heat. I knew I wasn't capable of staying with them. After a couple hundred, I set my eyes on a kid two lanes over who was slightly ahead of me. He was watching me as well I found out after the race. I pulled up next to him within the 3rd and 4th 100s. On the 5th 100, I decided I was going to win this "race" with the boy, and dropped the hammer here and kept the gas pedal down. Yeah, it hurt, but I managed to keep going. I really had to go on the last 200 though to keep ahead of him. I managed to do it though.
    Finished this event just before 10:00pm...and off to bed later


    4:25am - woke up for work
    5:00am - work work work, lots of cherries, and a few mechanical breakdowns. Little bit of chain grease, and a bit of cold 34 degree water drenching me at times as well.
    3:30pm - outta to the meet.
    4:30pmish - 50 Free
    5:00pmish - 200 Fly
    5:04pmish - 1500 Free
    5:30pm, chowing on a $1.00 cheeseburger "last call" blowout special from the grill at the meet. Can't pass that up!

    50 Free - 28.72 #1 voted worst event ever...even worse than the 200 LCM Back!
    Only did 4 breaths, which was tough.

    200 Fly - 2:35.36
    32.7 / 38.9
    41.9 / 42.6
    I was feeling a bit iffy prior to this race...still feeling the effects of work all day, plus the 50 Free a half hour earlier. I tried to conserve a bit of energy, as much as you can in a 200 Fly.
    I had about a minute to huff and puff while waiting for a couple stragglers in my heat to finish up, plus the calling up of the next heat: my 1500 heat

    I moved over 1 lane, and just did an in-water start for the 1500. Bad things could've happened had I tried to jump out of the pool and climb up on the blocks.
    1500 Free - 19:52.xx
    36.5 / 39.8
    40.5 / 40.5
    40.2 / 40.3
    40.0 / 39.8
    40.4 / 40.6
    40.8 / 40.3
    40.7 / 40.5
    40.6 / 40.6
    40.4 / 39.9
    39.7 / 39.7
    40.0 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 39.6
    39.8 / 39.5
    39.7 / 37.2

    I managed to use the first 400-500 as a cooldown/warmup. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th 50s of the race felt the worst. After that, all the bad things started going away. I was a bit behind in the race, and had some catching up to do. One kid was a couple lanes over and about 3 bodylengths ahead of me. I worked for about 6-700 to finally catch and pass him, then I set my sights on the boy next to me. He was going out of the flags as I was coming into the flags at the turns. I figured I'd have a shot to catch him, so powered my kick up a bit and pulled a little harder. This was with about 600 to go or so. I reeled him in over the next 300 meters or so, and with 5 lengths to go, I decided it was now or never to try to catch him. I pulled even with him and passed him going into the 1400 turn, but knew it wasn't over yet. He was young and gave chase. The final 100 hurt, especially the final 50, but I wasn't going to get beat either!!

    That deadly double was probably one of the worst I've ever done...and probably wouldn't wish it on anyone...except for the coach of the Animal Lane workouts...he'd probably like it.
  8. Friday, July 11, 2013 6:30-8:00pm and Meet Preview

    by , July 12th, 2013 at 01:15 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Tonight the team just did a splash around workout. About 3000 LCM total. The only thing I did that was intense was the initial 800 Free of the warmup. I always like to get out and bash through this opening freestyle, for some reason it feels good. After that I tried not to hit triple digits with my heartrate the rest of the workout. Very very easy with little to no effort. The kids couldn't figure out why I was going at the back of the lane. They'll learn one of these days.

    I'm entered with my best times in the SWIMS database (which goes back to about 2000), most of which are from when I was 24 years old, but a few of them are from the past couple summers. I'm swimming 'close enough' to these times, but some may be unachievable. No worries here.

    My events:

    Friday: (will work an 8-10 hour day prior)

    Event 4 Boys 15 & Over 400 LC Meter IM
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 4:42.32 _____
    2 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 4:48.82 _____
    3 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 5:04.22 _____
    4 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 5:06.85 _____
    5 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 5:10.60 _____
    6 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 5:13.37 _____
    7 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 5:15.96 _____
    8 Alpaugh, Samuel C 15 BISC-PN 5:22.95 _____
    9 Waite, CJ J 15 BISC-PN 5:36.08 _____
    10 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 5:39.52 _____

    Event 20 Boys 15 & Over 100 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Hoag, Sam R 15 VAST-PN 27.83 _____
    2 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 54.70 _____
    3 Sumnicht, Andrew J 21 SWAT-IE 55.75 _____
    4 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 56.25 _____
    5 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 56.93 _____
    6 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 57.54 _____
    7 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 58.08 _____
    8 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 58.36 _____
    9 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 59.28 _____
    10 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 1:00.10 _____

    Saturday: (Day off from work)

    ***Will be participating in the unsanctioned unofficial coaches relay on Saturday. The team raised over $30,000 in the swim-a-thon this year, and the coaches were "forced" into swimming at the meet this summer in a relay. There are 4 female coaches and two male coaches on the team. They decided to make a men's and women's team. The men recruited another swimming dad, and also myself. John told me they'd have to "handicap" me to make it fair though. I came up with the idea to swim in jeans and a t-shirt. It'll be fun. We're also doing a 200 medley relay, so I'm going to be doing a 50 Fly in jeans and shirt. Even more fun. I think I'll go for the bellyflop entry off the start as well.

    Event 66 Boys 15 & Over 400 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 4:23.56 _____
    2 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 4:26.58 _____
    3 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 4:30.09 _____
    4 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 4:32.67 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 4:36.64 _____
    6 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 4:50.53 _____
    7 Hoag, Sam R 15 VAST-PN 4:56.03 _____
    8 Portzer, Kelton A 17 PSA-PN 5:00.41 _____
    9 Waite, CJ J 15 BISC-PN 5:01.18 _____
    10 Hofferth, Elliott H 15 TAC-PN 5:02.04 _____

    Event 74 Boys 15 & Over 100 LC Meter Butterfly
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 1:02.36 _____
    2 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 1:03.05 _____
    3 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 1:03.13 _____
    4 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 1:03.25 _____
    5 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 1:03.95 _____
    6 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 1:04.66 _____
    7 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 1:07.24 _____
    8 Halsey, Connor B 15 LCN-IE 1:10.56 _____
    9 Hofferth, Elliott H 15 TAC-PN 1:11.14 _____
    10 Comeau, Adam C 17 BISC-PN 1:11.41 _____

    Event 80 Mixed 15 & Over 800 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A M19 BISC-PN 8:39.39 _____
    2 Alpaugh, Spencer T M18 BISC-PN 8:45.71 _____
    3 Gifford, Ryan R M18 Golds-PN 9:08.15 _____
    4 Sterner, Kay E W18 BISC-PN 9:41.54 _____
    5 Adams, James A M35 VS-IE 9:43.74 _____
    6 Rosen, Candice T W15 BISC-PN 9:44.96 _____
    7 Mergel, Mackenzie W15 VAST-PN 10:01.08 _____
    8 Alpaugh, Samuel C M15 BISC-PN 10:20.53 _____
    9 Bell, McKenzie A W15 BISC-PN 10:25.59 _____
    10 Speirs, Felicity M W16 Storm-PN 10:33.33 _____

    Sunday: (will have an unknown amount of hours workday - probably 8+)

    Event 116 Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter Freestyle - probably will have to scratch it
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 1:56.19 _____
    2 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 2:03.55 _____
    3 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 2:04.48 _____
    4 Alpaugh, Spencer T 18 BISC-PN 2:07.21 _____
    5 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 2:07.75 _____
    6 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 2:08.25 _____
    7 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 2:08.27 _____
    8 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 2:08.27 _____
    9 Goodwin, Joshua N 15 TOSC-PN 2:12.48 _____
    10 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 2:13.69 _____

    Event 128 Boys 15 & Over 50 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Bocchi, Joseph P 18 PSA-PN 13.63 _____
    2 Sumnicht, Andrew J 21 SWAT-IE 25.51 _____
    3 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 25.55 _____
    4 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 25.98 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 26.27 _____
    6 Gifford, Ryan R 18 Golds-PN 26.41 _____
    7 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 26.97 _____
    8 VanHoof, Bennon D 18 RFST-PN 27.00 _____
    9 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 27.10 _____
    10 Goodwin, Joshua N 15 TOSC-PN 27.28 _____

    Event 132 Boys 15 & Over 200 LC Meter Butterfly
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Weiner, Brendan A 19 BISC-PN 2:14.97 _____
    2 Willers, Noah P 15 VAST-PN 2:22.15 _____
    3 Tonsmann, Marcus W 17 BISC-PN 2:22.78 _____
    4 Wunderlich, Camden D 16 Golds-PN 2:23.74 _____
    5 Adams, James A 35 VS-IE 2:24.61 _____
    6 Emerick, Max J 16 Golds-PN 2:25.54 _____
    7 Bergstrom, Henry J 15 VS-IE 2:29.64 _____
    8 Comeau, Adam C 17 BISC-PN 2:38.70 _____
    9 Halsey, Connor B 15 LCN-IE 2:57.35 _____
    10 Pringle, Justin J 16 VS-IE 3:04.28 _____

    Event 133 Mixed 11 & Over 1500 LC Meter Freestyle
    Name Age Team Seed Time
    1 Alpaugh, Spencer T M18 BISC-PN 16:50.65 _____
    2 Gifford, Ryan R M18 Golds-PN 17:42.14 _____
    3 Adams, James A M35 VS-IE 18:47.50 _____
    4 McCoy, Sakaiya A W14 SWAT-IE 18:56.41 _____
    5 Mergel, Mackenzie W15 VAST-PN 18:57.23 _____
    6 Alpaugh, Samuel C M15 BISC-PN 18:57.92 _____
    7 Johnson, Naveed K M16 TOSC-PN 19:07.14 _____
    8 Van Troba, Ella S W13 YAC-IE 19:34.38 _____
    9 VanWell, Jack C M15 VS-IE 20:30.13 _____
    10 Miele, Mikaela E W13 VAST-PN 20:30.69 _____

    The last two events will be fun...or not fun, we'll have to see. Notice the event #'s. I'll be in the last heat of the 200 Fly, then step right up into the 1500 Free 1st heat (swum fast to slow). There's no scheduled break, but maybe I can 'take my time clearing the pool'.
  9. Sunday, June 2, 2013 Apple Capital Day 3 Results

    by , June 3rd, 2013 at 01:18 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Started off the day with a little timing of the morning session with my older daughter. Gotta get in the volunteer hours with the team of course. Saw some fast 10 & unders too. I finished this about 11:00, and didn't have my first event under after 3:00pm so I went home for a while and got some work done as well. No rest for the weary!

    Got to the pool and warmed up a little bit in the deep tank, probably a total of 400 meters at the most. My first event was the 100 Fly, which I was seeded 3rd in, with my "best time" (1:03.1) from when I was age 22 or 23. It was the only event that I really wanted to do today anyway.

    100 Fly - 1:06.3 - good enough for 3rd place!!
    I actually earned one of the cool medals that the team purchased this year for the Top 3 places! I didn't figure I would be able to get one, but I guess I was wrong.
    1st place was a 1:00, 2nd was 1:05.5, 3rd-7th was 1:06.3 to 1:07.0, so I got the lucky end of the reach at the wall.

    The rest of my day was just survival mode to get through my events...3rd day of a meet, and recovering after my sickness last week, this is all I could do:

    200 IM - 2:37.xx
    31.5 / xx
    xx / 34.0

    200 Back - 2:49.
    Is it bad that my 200 Breast time was only 13 seconds slower than this??
    whatever...I need to remind myself that only Fly and Free are to by swum in LCMeters from now on...and maybe the 400 IM

    200 Free - 2:18.0
    I felt good on the 1st and last 50s in this, the middle 100 just stunk.

    Well, I got in a good amount of racing, and will be able to repeat the freestyle and fly events next month, along with the 400 IM.
  10. Saturday, June 1, 2013 Apple Capital Day 2 Results

    by , June 2nd, 2013 at 02:32 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    After yesterday's rough time with life in general, I managed to wake up this morning feeling great, in fact better than I've been all week long, so I headed in to work like always at 5:00am to get a little more $$$$ in the pocket. Got 8 hours done, and still had about 3 hours at home to take the kids to the school to play, and just relax for a while.

    Headed to the pool about 4:00ish to grab a cheeseburger with grilled onions from the concession stand. They're 100% worth it, and don't sit in your stomach, or at least not mine. They had a 30 minute-ish warmup period at the mid-point of the afternoon session (you know how USA-S has to do the "4 hour rule"). I got in about 800 of easy free, some fly drill, and a little speedy stuff, but not much more than 25 up tempo stuff. I already knew I'd be better at this point than Friday's 400 IM. My body was 100% different feeling.

    200 Fly - 2:30.25 (same as last season)
    31.9 / 36.1
    39.7 / 42.0
    Yeah the back half hurt a little bit, and I was really feeling stiff around the 150 or a little before. As I pushed off the final wall I could feel that twinge just prior to getting a cramp coming on in my calves. Uh oh. I just slugged through the final 50, trying not to use too much effort on the legs, or risk rescue by the lifeguards. Made it home right about the same time I had last season, so that's a plus.

    200 Breast - 3:02.92 (about the same as last season)
    42.3 / 47.8
    47.5 / 45.4
    I told John that I was going to take it out easy, and build the effort and turnover on each 50. I did start easy for sure, and stayed neck and neck with a girl next to me (they swam all the 15 and over events co-ed mixed), until the final 50 when I really went for it with my turnover and lunging forward. My legs just played along, but I powered home well. This is a pretty decent time for me.

    The sun was well down at this point, and it had been cooling for the past couple hours, plus the wind was picking up a bit like it always does around here at night. Basically pretty cold no matter who you are. I stayed in my clothes up till about 15 seconds before the whistle to get up on the blocks.
    400 Free - 4:48.40 (3 seconds slower than last season)
    1:08.xx / 1:14.mid / 1:14.mid / 1:11.low
    I was sandwiched between a college girl and another boy in the final heat, and they both got out about a bodylength or more ahead of me within the first 100. I was just eating their wakes for the middle 200, and began to pull up on them both from about the 250 point to the 350 mark. I gave it my all to catch them, but to no avail. Kids...


    Tomorrow morning I'll be timing the meet for about 3 hours in the morning with my daughter, and then will get back later in the afternoon again for 4 more races. These ones should be least I'm waiting for the 100 Fly in which I'm seeded 3rd in. I need some hardware!!!
  11. Friday, May 31, 2013 Apple Capital Day 1 Results

    by , May 31st, 2013 at 07:56 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I've been sick since Wednesday night, running a fever, and just overall feeling like BLAH. This morning I woke up and didn't have a fever anymore, and was feeling pretty good so I decided to give it a shot. It's only the "easy" events this afternoon anyway, right??


    500 Free
    400 IM Drill
    300 IM Kick (no Free)
    2 x Dive 50s (I just cruised them)

    1300 LCMeters

    I was feeling pretty iffy during the initial 500 of the warmup, but figured it was mainly from the after-effects of the past couple days. 1 1/2 hours later was my first race, the 400 IM

    400 IM - 5:37.UGH
    I was about 15-20 seconds away from where I should have been at, and possible could've been better than that at 100% health.
    Splits - I don't recall them all, but:
    I felt OK the first 50, but I just didn't have the normal UMPH that I usually do in the fly. It was just downhill from there. At least I wasn't rescued by the lifeguards.

    1500 Free - Scratched
    It was a decision that was for the best by me and all the coaches. I'd just hate to get stuck in an almost 20 minute race and feel like I couldn't finish it.

    On the good side...I will be able to watch Kirk on Jeopardy tonight!! You'd better win dangit!!!!

    When I got home from the meet, I took my temperature, and I was back up to 100.7 again. Not good...back on the meds and hydration again. I may have to scrap this weekend altogether. I believe that was my first scratched/missed event as a masters swimmer/renewed age grouper.
  12. Saturday - Indy Nats - Day 3 Results & I'm done!!

    by , May 11th, 2013 at 12:32 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I decided last night during/after the forumite dinner that I was going to swim today's events "cold turkey". What that means is basically ZERO warmup/ZERO cooldown. I broke that rule by doing a 100 cooldown after my 500, but that was it. A total of 700 GTD yards for the day. And I don't regret my decision at all. It worked out fine, and honestly I don't believe I would've been any faster in the 500 even with a warmup.

    Here it is:

    500 Free - 8th Place - I posted my splits, along with Jorge, who was right next to me in the heat. He was coming back at me slowly during the race, and around the 400 I really noticed him coming!! Went to the legs like my coach always says, and that is was pulled me through! Without my legs, I would've lost this race. Thank you Coach John!!
    While it looks like I added time, I didn't. It was a masters best time by over 2 seconds from when I wore a full-leg tech suit back when I was 32 years old. So this is by far my master's best time. I held very consistent, and definitely hit the afterburners at the end.

    8 Adams, James 35 HMS 5:05.00 5:10.30
    27.42 58.01 (30.59)
    1:29.51 (31.50) 2:01.38 (31.87)
    2:33.06 (31.68) 3:04.93 (31.87)
    3:36.88 (31.95) 4:08.59 (31.71)
    4:40.53 (31.94) 5:10.30 (29.77)
    9 Albino, Jorge 38 SYSM 5:02.00 5:10.72
    27.73 58.74 (31.01)
    1:30.97 (32.23) 2:03.23 (32.26)
    2:35.63 (32.40) 3:07.80 (32.17)
    3:38.78 (30.98) 4:10.00 (31.22)
    4:40.99 (30.99) 5:10.72 (29.73)

    100 Free - 28th Place - this was my sixth event choice, or "filler material" for the meet. I knew my flight outta here was at 3:00pm, and just signed up for the first event of the day regardless of what it was...thankfully it wasn't the 50 Breast!

    28 Adams, James 35 HMS 52.49 52.72
    25.08 52.72 (27.64)

    It is what it is. The 100 isn't exactly my style anymore, but I gave it all I had. Felt more like flailing in the water vs. that EZ swim that I remember back in college. Oh well, back home soon, and back to hardcore training again with the kiddos at Velocity Swimming. LCM season is upon us, even though I won't be in a LCM pool till June, right when our opening of the season LCM meet is.

    It was great seeing and meeting all the forum folks this year at Nationals as well. Good luck to everyone, and thank you all for your support!
  13. Thursday, Indy Nats Day 1 Results

    by , May 9th, 2013 at 06:11 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Thursday was a rough day to start with...

    At least starting on Wednesday night, leaving Seattle airport at 11:25pm, flying to Chicago. Got awoken about WAY TOO EARLY somewhere over Salt Lake City as the capitan mistakenly spoke through the cabin speakers rather than the transmission do the air tower in Salt Lake. Grrrr.... I never really got back to "good sleep", if you can call it that, for the remainder of the flight.
    2 hours of sitting in Chicago, with a McDs Hot Cakes Big Breakfast as well about 5:30am local time (3:30am to my body).
    We boarded the plane to Indy. That seat felt amazing, and I was instantly out. I don't even remember leaving Chicago, but woke up as the wheels hit the ground with a bump in Indianapolis.

    ...but it finished quite nicely:

    2 Adams, James 35 HMS 18:03.13 17:46.96
    1:31.10 ( ) 2:02.87 (31.77)
    2:35.30 (32.43) 3:07.38 (32.08)
    3:39.55 (32.17) 4:11.72 (32.17)
    4:44.28 (32.56) 5:16.81 (32.53)
    5:49.44 (32.63) 6:21.90 (32.46)
    6:54.47 (32.57) 7:27.41 (32.94)
    8:00.21 (32.80) 8:32.90 (32.69)
    9:05.58 (32.68) 9:38.47 (32.89)
    10:11.33 (32.86) 10:44.39 (33.06)
    11:17.48 (33.09) 11:50.12 (32.64)
    12:22.70 (32.58) 12:55.58 (32.88)
    13:28.38 (32.80) 14:01.15 (32.77)
    14:34.02 (32.87) 15:06.50 (32.48)
    15:39.08 (32.58) 16:11.79 (32.71)
    16:44.24 (32.45) 17:16.38 (32.14) 17:46.96 (30.58)

    Season best 500 time, and season best 1000 time on the way out for the race. Dropped over 16 seconds on the race from last January. I probably could've been faster, but I'm happy with it. It was very consistent, even though it didn't feel that way. I began picking up my kick intensity about 400 to go, even though the splits don't show it, but perhaps this kept me from going the other way too.

    Not to bad with roughly 3 hours or so of sleep, plus the East Coast time zone change. I'll hopefully get more rest tonight in the hotel.

    Tomorrow is my marathon day: 400 IM, 200 Free, 200 Fly...then forum dinner time.
  14. Sunday, April 21, 2013 USA-S Pentathlon Meet Results

    by , April 22nd, 2013 at 01:13 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I drove over and back to/from Spokane, Washington today for the final day of a 3-day pentathlon meet. Friday night they did the short version, 50s plus 100 IM. Saturday was the 100s plus 200 IM. Today was the day I went for: 200s plus 400 IM. Gotta get my money's worth of course!

    I was tired this morning for sure. Yesterday I ended up working 8 hours of OT in the morning, then did plenty more unpaid work at home to finish my night. We had all the cousins over here with my kids last night, so we decided to rent a movie from the RedBox - "Wreck It Ralph". A good kids movie, very funny, and did actually teach life lessons. That set me back to about 10:30pm for bedtime though.

    Alarm went off at 4:30am and I was out the door for my almost 3 hour drive to Spokane. USAS meets have such darn early warmups, and then the meets last most of the day as well. That's the bummer part of the whole thing...otherwise I love every bit of them, especially the great competition!

    Team Warmup:

    500 Free
    3 x 200 "IM" stroke down/free back @ ~1:00 rest
    8 x 50 Build Choice (did 1 Fly, 7 Free) @ 1:15
    2 x Dive 25s (1 Fly, 1 Free)
    (1550 yards)

    I did plenty of cooling down after each of the following races, but ZERO warmup prior to any of them. That's how I roll...

    400 IM - 4:38.60
    27.6 / 31.8 (59.4)
    36.7 / 37.1 (1:13.8)
    41.4 / 40.6 (1:22.0)
    32.0 / 31.6 (1:03.6)
    This was a season best time for me by 2 seconds, but I wasn't very happy with it. My legs just killed me after a 50 of the backstroke. Probably the lack of rest, plus sitting in a car for 3 hours prior to this didn't help. I'll go faster in a couple weeks.

    Got in a Power Nap in my chair here for about 30 minutes

    200 Back - 2:17.89
    31.9 / 35.3 / 35.6 / 35.2
    Right on the time I did a couple weeks ago at the LMSC Masters Champs meet. I was huffing and puffing afterward, and my legs still weren't happy with me.

    Another Power Nap in the chair...who knows how long, but each event was spaced out almost 1 1/2 hours or more.

    200 Breast - 2:32.65
    34.3 / 38.5 / 39.5 / 39.6
    Good season best time, I can live with it. I had explosive wall pushoffs, and my pullouts carried me a long way, so I didn't have to swim much. That's the goal of breaststroke - not to have to do very much, right?

    Power Nap right up till 2 heats before I swam the next one - the parent next to me woke me up to see if I wanted to swim or not.

    200 Fly - 2:10.09
    28.2 / 32.6 / (1:09.2 2nd 100)
    This one felt pretty okay. I was back and forth with the boy next to me, each of us taking turns leading the other. Good race. I ended up 4th place in this race, my only ribbon-worthy swim of the day. I need to remember to keep my head down on the 1st stroke off each wall in this race. If I breathe first thing, it slows my momentum for the entire 25, and then I start sucking...

    200 Free - 1:55.33 (Masters Best Time - at least untapered/unshaved)
    27.0 / 29.9 / 29.9 / 28.7
    I didn't feel excellent as I stepped up onto the blocks for this one, so I decided to start out easy and see what happened. The kids next to me got out ahead in the first 100, but I kept them close. Started giving more power in the 3rd 50, and kept going on the 4th 50. The final 25 though is where I really made up ground, over a bodylength on the boy next to me to finish strong. This makes me happy leading into Nationals to be able to have a best time like that.

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  15. Saturday/Sunday - Inland NW LMSC Champs Results

    by , April 7th, 2013 at 10:14 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)

    I was feeling a bit sluggish prior to warm-ups, and even stretching out a bit in the pool didnt seem to help. I guess 12 days out of the water, then getting sick (food poisoning) and trying to swim this week anyway wasnt helping me out too much. Oh well, race time anyway

    200 Back
    season best time by 3 seconds
    32.46 / 34.71 / 35.82 / 34.83
    This actually felt pretty okay, I was trying to extend my wall underwater work a bit more than normal, even though after the 100 I reverted back to my streamline glides for distance off the walls. Managed to hold off a 40yr-something backstroker for the win.

    100 Breast complete blah!
    33.00 / 37.72
    I just couldnt get into my stroke. I could feel that I wasnt grabbing water, and my pushoffs and pulldowns just didnt have the normal umph that I normally have. It didnt help that 55 year old Mike did a 1:05 with minimal effort next to me. He can glide almost 8-10 yards off one stroke cycle!

    200 IM
    3 seconds slow
    27.98 / 36.52 / 40.25 / 29.78
    My fly felt right up until I started my first stroke. By the end of the backstroke it became a good 3 man race myself, Wes (40-something backstroke guy), and Mike (55 yr, breaststoker) Mike caught up quickly, but I managed to stay with him on the breast, Wes was a bodylength behind, but within striking distance. I was beat to the wall by bodylength, but made up my mind that I wasnt going to lose the race. Powered home strong to have a good finish.

    No relays today for me. We only have 7 people from my workout group here, and they were going after some 55+ relay records in the LMSC.

    I got to see something in person for the first time today at the poolwe have a blind swimmer at the meet this weekend, and she has a person at end of the pool with poles to tap her on the back just prior to reaching the wall. She does all four of the strokes too, and swims straighter than any person with two working eyes. Pretty darn good.



    Started off with a good long warmup at the beginning, prior to the 1650s, even though I wasnt doing the 1650 this time.

    500 Free
    10 x 50 @ ~:15 rest SDK on back/Str. Flutter Kick on back by 25s
    4 x 50 Fly Drill 3/3/2/2/1/1/Full Stroke to end
    200 Free EZ

    Got in for another quick warmup prior to the main part of the meet. Did another 400 or so.

    200 Fly

    27.98 / 32.79 / 34.59 / 35.77
    This felt rather good. I just didnt have my get-out speed at the beginning, and just tried to maintain my 2-up/1-down breathing pattern. Out in about 1:00.8. Nothing hurt until length #7, and then it was just tough it out to the end. I was only 3.5 seconds off my time from 2 months ago in Kirkland, so this was pretty decent.

    50 Back leadoff of the 200 Medley Relay
    29.63 pretty sure this is a best time for me.
    I took 11 SDKs off both the start and the turn. My coach told me I really nailed the competition on the 2nd 25 with the underwater work.

    200 Breast 2:41.xx
    35.65 / 41.72 / 42.59 / 41.31
    I just completed this one. It was cool to see Mike go a 2:23 in front of me at age 55!

    500 Free 5:19.61
    29.05 / 32.25 (1:01.30)
    32.77 / 32.57 (1:05.34)
    32.57 / 32.37 (1:04.94)
    32.25 / 32.54 (1:04.79)
    31.95 / 31.29 (1:03.24)
    Good way to end the meet. Even split it and had fun.

    Now it's time to get my butt back in shape. I've got about 5 weeks till Indy, but 2 weeks until I do one day of a Triple Pentathlon meet (USAS). Of course, the distance version I'm signed up for. Swimming these times at or close to my season best times with the 2 weeks off from training makes me feel good about what's to come at Indy.

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  16. Saturday, March 3, 2013 Coeur d'Alene, ID Meet Results

    by , March 10th, 2013 at 01:09 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got up this morning and left about 5:30am, which was a 2 hour sleep in for me, so I was happy. At least I wasn't going to work, but I do have to go in on Sunday morning instead since I missed today for the meet. Work still has to get done.

    There were about 60 people in the meet today, but it was spread out nicely on the total timeline, going from ~10:15am till 4:30ish pm when the final 1500 heat finished. I didn't space out the events too well though, doing the first 2, last 2, and one in the first 1/3 of the meet as well, in addition to 3 relays with my workout group. It was a good day of swimming, having over 3000 meters of racing in 8 races, plus all the warmups/cooldowns, and the 205 miles of driving each way to and from the meet.

    200 IM - 2:25.27
    30.04 / 38.23 / 43.72 / 33.28
    My legs were just dead after the backstroke...during the breaststroke leg, I thought to myself "boy the 400 IM is going to hurt later".

    400 Free - 4:33.08
    30.80 / 33.73 (1:04.53)
    34.91 / 35.13 (1:10.04)
    35.17 / 34.99 (1:10.16)
    34.55 / 33.80 (1:08.35)
    Not too shabby. A few seconds slower than last fall, but this was a few heats after the 200 IM as well. At least it was split decently.

    50 Free leadoff in the 200 Free Relay - 26.76
    Pretty sure this is a SCM best time in the 50 for me.

    200 Free - 2:08.01
    29.44 / 32.18 / 33.29 / 33.10
    This was a better swim than this meet last year, at least in terms of time. I got "dusted" (to use That Guy's words) by Larry Krauser, a 60 year old who just set the World Record in the 200 Free right next to me. He dusted me by 0.05 seconds, but did admit that I gave him a hell of a draft for the first 150 of the race.

    100 Fly split in the 400 Medley Relay - 1:05.40
    This was just fun with the team. I caught us back up after the neighboring relay left us in the breaststroke leg. Good thing our Wenatchee team has a flyer

    200 Free leadoff in the 800 Free Relay - 2:19.40
    I originally was going to do the 200 like normal, but my earlier time was good enough, so thought I'd do a 100 Split Request. Went a 59.30 UGH!! super tired!!, and then had to finish my leg as quickly as I could manage. Our team was going for the LMSC record as well. We did get that by about 5 seconds.

    400 IM - 5:19.11
    32.07 / 37.55 (1:09.62) - serious...I tried to go easy
    43.37 / 42.85 (1:26.22)
    46.19 / 46.56 (1:32.75)
    35.40 / 35.12 (1:10.52)
    I was just DEAD prior to this race. I didn't want to swim it, but did it anyway on sheer principle. You sign up for it, you swim it.

    1500 Free - 18:19.46 - New LMSC Record

    I was semi-dead tired prior to this one as well, and almost just fell into the pool off the blocks. We had no counters either (our fault for not trying to find one), but magically around lap 17 or so some numbers starting appearing in my lane! Thank you mystery person!! I wouldn't have been able to count the whole thing myself.
    I just cruised alongside That Guy for the first 3-400 of the race. My UGHness starting wearing off, so I decided to pick up the pace a bit to see what happened, and I felt okay. I kept looking over to T.G. to see if he was coming, but didn't seem to want to. Around the 800, I tried giving another speed increase, and was still feeling good...slowly increasing my lead. 300 to go, one last speed increase. WAIT A MINUTE!!...cancel that. I'm fine at my 800 cruising speed. Finished the race and just hung on to the wall, glad to be against dry land again.

    They had to input all the 1500 times manually as they decided to do a little reconfiguring at the last moment with the heats to combine them from 3 heats into 2. It was a good idea to save another 30 minutes for all of us, but no computerized splits on Meet Manager. I'll have to check the computer tape backup...
    About the backup...(I'm sorry T.G.) I left the meet getting the meet manager backup file on my flash drive, but left the hard copies sitting on the desk in the office of the pool. I called the meet director on the way home and let her know that so she can save them for me. SOOOOOOO, both our 800 free split request times are still unknown, but they are in Coeur d'Alene.
  17. Sunday, Feb. 17, 2013 Kirkland Meet Results

    by , February 17th, 2013 at 09:27 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I took off this morning around 5:15am for my trip over the mountains to the west side of the state again. I checked the pass report and viewed the Dept. of Transportations webcams for the mountain passes, and everything looked okay and good to go, so I didn't bother much in my vehicle selection. I took my normal '83 Toyota pickup (100% 2007 rebuild by me) that I drive on a daily basis, figuring it would be no problem. Well, I got to the base of the mountain pass, and the pass report sign was flashing so I tuned in on the radio to find that my pass was Traction Tires Required.
    Great!! "Too late" to turn back and get my wife's car, that would put me over 1 1/2 hours off my schedule and would've made for issues, so I just forged on with plans to take it easy if needed. Well, the snow got heavier and heavier, not really a lot on the roadway yet, but I knew the west side of the slope would get thicker...this is also the downhill side for the direction I was traveling.
    Well, I was going slow and easy, and on the downhill had a left turn coming ahead. My foot barely touched the brake pedal, and WHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I was skiing! In my truck!! Fortunately swimmers are the only ones up this early on a Sunday morning (and quite a few insane skiers), so I had the whole highway to manuever my truck around to get it under control. No problems, other than raising my heartrate to the EN3 level really quickly!!
    I'm sure I left those tracks in the snow of a spinning, sliding vehicle that we've all seen before and wondered how it ended up.
    Good news is that I made it down okay, swam the meet, and the return trip home at 1:00 in the afternoon was without incident. No snow at all on the roadway in fact!


    Started off with a nice stretched out 1000ish worth of Freestyle, with a few lengths of Fly drill mixed in near the end. One pace 50 Free, which I did a :30. Zero diving, just a little stretch out in the hot showers.
    I hadn't done much fly at all this past week, let alone the past month since I began having shoulder soreness a while back. But I never really did a lot of fly in practice to begin with, so I figured I'd be okay.

    200 Fly - 2:07.50 - New LMSC Record 35-39
    27.75 / 32.09 (59.84)
    32.98 / 34.68 <--- UGH!! at the 175, and That Guy was coming, but thankfully it was SCY, not SCM
    I looked back at my swim results database, and this is actually my 4th fastest 200 Fly for me, with my fastest being a 2:06.30. I was on track to better that today, till somebody was throwing pianos in the pool. I got hit with a small one, but a few other big ones hit too!

    200 IM - 2:11.14
    27.57 / 34.76 / 39.37 / 29.44
    My fastest time in over 2 years. I know I can improve on this race all around. I was really only happy with the final split.

    7 heats of 50 Fly rest, then...

    50 Fly - 26.23
    Right on par with where I've been when I swim this event...the one 50 I don't mind swimming. I almost kissed the wall on the turn taking a short stroke and almost regretted it.

    Afterward, I did a 300+ straight swim at a quick pace during the 10 minute break. I was probably going around 1:10-12 per 100 during it. My body needed to get a little jump start to it for the last couple events, rather than just having some EZ swimming in the 14 yard long cooldown area.

    100 Fly - 57.77
    27.03 / 30.74
    I would've like to go faster, but you can't have everything all the time. At least my kick respond to my brain's command on the final 25, so I could drive through the waves of the leader next to me who went a :53

    200 Free - 1:55.81
    26.75 / 30.03
    30.12 / 28.91
    I was happy with this race, and it was the fastest 200 Free I'd done in years too! I need to be able to bring down the middle two 50s into the :28 range as well, but that will come later in the season. My kicking training is what brought me home on this race.
  18. Sun, Jan. 13, 2013 Wenatchee Masters Meet Results

    by , January 13th, 2013 at 09:12 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    So happy to finally have a meet right at home today! Every other meet is so far "out there" that it's nice to be able to swim right at home. Today was nice as well, because I had some very nice competition today from that guy who lives on the west side of the state: That Guy! It's not too far timewise, aside from the mountain passes which can be an adventure at times.

    1650 Free - 18:03.13 (masters best time, new LMSC record)
    I was feeling pretty good about this event beforehand, and I probably took it out a bit faster than I should have. For some reason the splits didn't get recorded on the official computer results in Meet Manager...not sure why, but being the Top Ten Recorder person for the LMSC, I have the hard copies of all the meet paperwork/deck computer timing tapes/etc., so I can actually look up my splits for BLOG purposes.
    For That Guy's info, I will place his splits next to mine, as he also had a very good neck and neck race with me.
    Dist. / James / T.G. / (Differtial me vs. him)
    100 - 59.53 / 1:01.13 (1.60)
    200 - 2:04.81 / 2:06.38 (1.57)
    300 - 3:10.39 / 3:11.39 (1.00)
    400 - 4:16.48 / 4:16.58 (0.10)
    500 - 5:22.92 / 5:22.29 (-0.63) <== "changing of the guard" here
    600 - 6:29.24 / 6:28.12 (-1.12)
    700 - 7:36.08 / 7:34.58 (-1.50)
    800 - 8:43.78 / 8:41.12 (-2.66)
    900 - 9:51.54 / 9:47.61 (-3.93)
    1000 - 10:58.89 / 10:54.89 (-4.00)
    1100 - 12:05.74 / 12:01.86 (-3.88)
    1200 - 13:11.78 / 13:08.91 (-2.87)
    1300 - 14:18.67 / 14:16.19 (-2.48)
    1400 - 15:24.32 / 15:22.89 (-1.43)
    1500 - 16:29.59 / 16:28.57 (-1.02)
    1600 - 17:33.97 / 17:33.97 (0.00) <== Exactly tied here with a 50 to go!
    1650 - 18:03.13 / 18:04.53 (1.40)

    Masters best times for both of us as well! My age group coach John was there taking splits for me, and encouraging me onward through the race. Around the 7/8/900 point of the race, I was hurting bad, and wanting to back off, but knew John would've needed a real good excuse if I did.
    It was good that I had kept relatively close to T.G., because having the rabbit out front can be encouraging when you want it to be. I was very happy with this swim, and I'm sure T.G. was as well, though he went to the gutter after the race for "just in case" reasons. I was very glad to have someone to swim this race with me today, and we pushed each other to just about the max. The rest of my day took a hit on performances, but it's all good.

    100 Free - 54.42
    Pretty much blah, but what do you expect after a killer mile?
    Note: I should probably retire from this event altogether.

    200 Back - 2:20.45

    Sprint Fun - Unsanctioned 25s:

    25 Fly - 11.83 - did it without a breath. (1st overall)
    25 Back - 14.02 - SDKing was good, then was almost to the end (2nd overall)
    25 Breast - 14.40 - I like this one. I had a completely different type of breaststroke on this one (1st overall)
    25 Free - 11.33 - OK I guess (2nd overall)

    These races basically consisted of the fast 25, hit the cooldown lane for a 25 back to the start end (wait for the reseeded chaos) and sprint another 25. Kind of a mini-workout in the middle of the meet.

    Had a final leg on a 400 Free Relay at this point - didn't give much effort and cruised a 1:01

    200 Free - 1:59.17
    This was just hard. Still feeling the effects of the 1650. T.G. was right with me on this one...kicking my butt (meaning that he's tougher than me)

    Swam the final leg on a 200 Free Relay, pretty much a cooldown swim

    500 Free (swam as Fly) - 6:08.08
    T.G. and myself both decided we would be worthless as far as putting together a "good" 500 Free race, so what the heck??

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  19. Thurs, Jan. 3, 2013 7:00-9:00pm

    by , January 4th, 2013 at 02:01 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I had to give up the TV tonight to head to practice. I didn't really want to go, with the Oregon/"other team" going on tonight. The opening kickoff return was great, and the rest of the first quarter was pretty good as well. It was 15-7 with K-State banging on the door when I finally had to go for practice. After I got home, I was happy that ESPN had some good news for me.


    300 Free
    300 Kick w/ board
    300 Free Pull

    Kick Set:

    4 Rounds of:
    • 200 SDK @ 3:00 Build (2:40s)
    • 100 SDK @ 1:25 Sprint (was 1:13-15s)
    • 50 SDK @ :40 Sprint (was :35s)


    Main Set:

    4 x 300 @ 4:00 (held 3:25-3:30s)
    2 min. rest
    4 x 325 @ 4:00 (held 3:45-48s, 3:39 on last one)

    200 EZ swim


    16 x 50 @ 1:20 (4 of each stroke)

    • Drill
    • EZ
    • Build
    • Sprint


    8 x 25 AFAP (did all Free) @ 1:00

    200 EZ

    6200 Yards

    That main set was a good one, and unlike any that we've really done before (with the club team) that I can remember. It's just 100% middle D/dist. short rest hard core kind of stuff--exactly what I like. The way John designed the set was each lane had the same intervals, but the other 2 lanes did 275/300 and 250/275 while my lane did the 300/325 distances. All 3 lanes were basically finishing their distances at the same time, so it worked out good.
    I was pushing pretty hard, and not really sure if I could've possibly made it with a 325/350 distance on the 4:00 interval...but I bet KNelson's workout lane would've ate that up no problem!

    The team is off to a 3 day meet this weekend down in Walla Walla, WA, so no team practices till Monday. I'll probably hit the YMCA on Saturday at lunchtime for a few miles.
  20. Mon. Dec. 31, 2012 9:00-10:30am at Hood - LCM

    by , December 31st, 2012 at 09:16 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    I was able to drop in with the Oregon Reign Masters group out at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, OR on my way out of town from the Portland area this morning. Workout was coached by Dennis Baker. He was happy to see me there, and I was "happy" to see the outdoor pool was set up Long Course METERS!! They have a new bubble top over the pool which now makes it possible to swim outside at this time of year. Otherwise the pool would be unusable.


    400 Free
    200 Kick w/ board
    400 Free Pull
    200 more of Free waiting for the group

    6 x 50 Free Desc. 1-3, 4-6 @ :10 rest

    Main Set: Idea is to get faster on each set of two 100s, even with less rest

    2 x 100 Free @ :20 rest (went 1:23s)
    2 x 100 Free @ :15 rest (went 1:19s)
    2 x 100 Free @ :10 rest (went 1:15s)
    200 Free Pull
    1:00 rest
    2 x 100 Free @ :20 rest (went 1:20s)
    2 x 100 Free @ :15 rest (went 1:17s)
    2 x 100 Free @ :10 rest (went 1:13s)
    200 Free Pull

    400 Kick w/ board, but must be fast in & out of the flags

    12 x 50 Free Pull @ :55
    every 3rd one breath the least amount possible - basically I did a 6 stroke breathing pattern on these.
    last one I did a :33

    6 x 50 IM (yes 12.5 of each str.) @ 1:10
    I did 3 x 50 Fly, and 3 x 50 Back

    100 EZ and out

    4500 LCM in under 90 minutes, then hit to road back to home for 5 hours of fun. At least the roads were clear and no snow problems to deal with.


    Finished up the year with:
    My Go The Distance 2012 Progress
    581.31 miles swum (=1,023,114 yards, =935,535 meters).


    Oh, and here is a picture of my Animal Meet trophy award from the meet on Sunday.

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