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  1. Costa Rica Dream Swim Camps

    New Video - this one is even better:

    New Dates added for Triple Gold Medalist, Rowdy Gaines - July 4th -8th. Ages 14 to 100 welcome to join in this week long swim camp. Experience Rowdy, one on one, face to face and elbow to elbow. You will never have a coaching experience like this is limited to 25.

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  2. Rowdy Gaines - Triple Olympic Gold Medalist

    New Dates added for Triple Gold Medalist, Rowdy Gaines - July 4th -8th. Ages 14 to 100 welcome to join in this week long swim camp. Experience Rowdy, one on one, face to face and elbow to elbow. You will never have a coaching experience like this is limited to 25.

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  3. Happy New Year from Costa Rica

    New Years Eve is upon us and it is 85 and sunny here in Costa Rica quite a different Holiday Season then I was use to living and training in Vegas. Yesterday we spent 8 hours on a 33 ft Sport Fisher basking on those amazing beaches I briefly mentioned in my last blog. Costa Rica is just some 11 degrees above the Equator and I would call it Tropical year round. There is such a huge variety of beach choices here from your traditional sun soaked beaches, to your snorkel/reef beaches, to the terrific surf beaches and sea shells to die for.

    As soon as I figure out how to post pictures to my blog, I will share with you all the beauty!!

    On to my list of bringing in the new for 2011, as I am extremely excited about many things. My first is the launch of my new swim team. They are a ton of great kids here in Costa Rica that have never been a part of a structured swim program. Well, get ready, cause workouts start in 10 days!!

    Second is the launching of Costa Rica Dream Swim Camps and my first series of Camps/Clinics. Featuring Rowdy Gaines, 84 Triple Gold Medalist and NBC Olympic announcer the end of January 2011, Mel Stewart, fellow flyer and 92 Olympic Gold Medalist on February 7th 2011 and Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, 204 time Masters World record holder here on February 20th 2011.

    Lastly, Spring Nationals in Mesa!!! As a graduate of Dobson High School in Mesa, an ASU Sun Devil swimming alum and having swim at Kino hundreds of time, it will be a home coming of sorts for me. Just having the knowledge that they have redone the pool from my competitions days in the late 80s has really sparked my excitement for April!! Also, this will be my first SCY Nationals in my new age group 40-44

    Welcome 2011!!! Pura Vida!
  4. Costa Rica Dream Swim Camps

    I lovingly call swimming my passion. I have been swimming for some 26 years; twelve of those years spent in high school/college/post grad training. At the top of my career, I qualified for two Olympic Trials, in 1992 & 1996. For the last 8 years I have been a competitive Masters swimmer and I love the competition again, after a 10 year break in my late 20s/early 30s. The best parts of Masters swimming is meeting new folks and maintaining physical health. I just turned 40 and this past January I relocated my young family to Costa Rica.

    When I arrived to Costa Rica, I thought I would find a place to train without giving any thought to specifics. However, once we got settled into our new lives, I ran into a bit of a problem - there is literally no place (besides the Ocean) for a pool swimmer to train. Of course, there are pools in Costa Rica, but 99.9267% of them are free form and less than 10 meters in length. I met a few new friends here that swam in the Ocean a few times a week and I joined them on several occasions. Ocean swimming was not as bad as I expected - the water temperature here is amazing (usually 80-82) and is usually extremely clear. But my friends rarely swim over 1500 meters (which is pretty minimal from what I am use to) and are a bit on the slow side.

    So, out of frustration more than anything, I needed to find and pool and a more competitive environment.

    It all started from a crazy brainstorming session with my wife and after a morning swim with my Open Water group. I was asked to coach a few of their children in competitive swimming. Although I had always wanted to coach, I never really wanted to work for free (as most coaches do starting out in the US). I also was not 100% sure I would even like coaching. Boy was I in for a shock!! Not only did I like coaching, I loved it!! The kids were attentive and hungry to learn. I started with 2 kids in a 15 meter condo pool and within 4 months I had 10 kids training every week. This made the need to find a competitive pool an even greater priority, as the space was limited and the word of mouth on my program was growing.

    The second part of the brainstorm was from my past. During my competitive swimming career, I have met and friended some amazing people. Several of these folks were Olympic Champions and World Record Holders. So I started putting a few pieces of the puzzle together (Costa Rica eco-tourism and the ability to train with and/or be coached by Olympic Champions and World Record Holders). If you were going to marry these two ideas together in one of the beautiful places on Earth, what would you call it??

    What I came up with was Costa Rica Dream Swim Camps (CRDSC) Founded 2010

    To digress for a minute or two; during the previous six months, I had had discussions with a few land developers in the area and shared with them my ideas of building a competition pool and what it would mean for the community as a whole. Although the feedback is extremely positive, getting an actual commitment to build a 50 meter competitive swim complex is going to be a bit more challenging than I was hoping - as no one was throwing any pool funding my way as of yet. But in my search, I have found a great place to start my club team and develop Costa Rica Dream Swim Camps. Country Day School is located in Brasillito, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I was able to secure their 5 lane pool for the club team, Masters team and CRDSCs. The pool is located 3km from the Ocean and is surrounded by many of the best beaches and resorts in Costa Rica. More on that topic of my next blog.

    Swimmingly, Keith