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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Congrats--those are some fast swims! What a great meet!
  2. pmccoy's Avatar
    That's our current plan. Too close to miss it.
  3. Speedo's Avatar
    Sounds like a good time- will you guys be going to LCM Nationals (@ Auburn) in August?
  4. pmccoy's Avatar
    I should also mention my team which did really well this year. We placed second in small teams with 5 swimmers. Each of us swam 8 events and at least one relay yet we still had a lot fewer events than our nearest contender. Fell just 25 points short. Could have used another warm body to dig out a few more points but overall, everyone did great. Roger won his age group (he swam the 1650, 500, 400 IM, 200 IM, 200 fr, 200 bk, 200 br and 200 fly... talk about getting your money's worth!). Our regulars all placed in the top three. Had a new guy (our third Dave) who had an awesome meet despite just starting a few months ago.
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  5. pmccoy's Avatar
    Thanks! 50 breast was particularly frustrating since I had been hitting my dives very well all meet. This was the only sprint I did and I botched the dive.
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice swims, Pete! I swam the Auburn meet in 2009, and had really fast times there (for me). Love the pool.

    I have done the same thing you did in the 50 breast 2-3 occasions. It is very frustrating while you wait endlessly to rise to the surface.
  7. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    The obstacle course of swimming, seems to be a common occurring theme here for those at a ymca. Soon more obstacles will be around as spring nears.
  8. pmccoy's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice! I have a big tendency to chase others and not focus on what I'm doing. I'm hoping that swimmng in a slower heat will help with that.
  9. Viva O Fear's Avatar
    Seed times, I like to enter slower than I will swim, so I get clear water and swim ahead of the heat, sometimes I am off and others do the same. Just try to make you ideal splits and swim your own race. Have a great 2011 swim year! Nice reflections.
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