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    I miss the grease flowing through my veins. I haven't really had much fast food type stuff in a while since I've been with my new job. No possibility to leave the plant for lunch, so I have to pack this garbage, I mean homemade stuff for my lunch (dinner).
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    Thanks! I'm concerned that these "gifts" from Nike may one day affect my NCAA eligibility since technically, I still have 4 years left to swim on a team. But my professional sponsored swimmer status gives me a lot of street cred.

    I did hit 500 miles a little earlier this year. My goal is 800 and I'm on track for 840 or 850. Sometimes I think I'm overdoing it. But this is the year round swim team I didn't get to do as a kid. As long as I still enjoy knocking out 5K early in the morning, I'll stick with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    I fear I will not hold onto my sponsorship next year, but I hope to be worthy for a Nike swoosh again in 2014.
    C'mon PWB!! There's still almost 4 full month of the year to retain your sponsor!! What do you need to average, 10,000 a day, 7 days a week??

    Myself, I'm hoping I can hit the same 500 milestone by the end of the year. I'm about 120 away, and should, but we'll just have to see.
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    Looks like I've held on to my sponsorship deal for another year. Wake up TYR and Speedo! Yet again, I'll be sporting a Nike swoosh on my left hip instead of your brands. My agent is standing by for your call.
    Love it! Congratulations. That's pretty darn early in the year, as well, to have achieved this milestone. I fear I will not hold onto my sponsorship next year, but I hope to be worthy for a Nike swoosh again in 2014.
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    My 7 yr old son is into the social aspect of swimming. He isn't the fastest swimmer on the team but he is the happiest swimmer on the team. He's always smiling and having a great time. My daughter did make it back today but she has now sworn off swimming 2 days in a row. She even brought her own workout that she made up last night.
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    Awe! My daughter is five and this is her second year on a local "swim league" swim team (they didn't have those where I hail from.) For what it's worth, I'm not sure who has more fun with her team, me or her. While she doesn't really "get" the competition part, she loves the social aspect of the swim meets and she adores her team mates beyond words. I can hardly wait for the day my girl wants to swim laps with me. So sweet!
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    I don't think so! Any eight legged movement in my general direction is a hostile act.
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    The little bug liked you
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    Definitely fun for the kids. I mostly walked around a gym all day trying to find the best spot for cell service so I could do some work. At least I didn't have to sit outside. It was hot, humid and generally miserable for being outside more than 15 min. My older son's relays qualified for state. One was scratched but he will swim another 50 free in a better pool in a couple weeks. Now, he is swimming w/ me in the morning and w/ his team after I'm done. His choice. I've never seen him quite so dedicated to something before.
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    Sounds like a really fun weekend. Congrats.
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    Thanks! And I hope all goes well with your exchange student. We are supposed to have one coming from China but the government has been very slow in getting the student visa paperwork done. Maybe mid-schoolyear.
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    We haven't done much fostering lately at my home, mainly respite. We'll pick up an exchange student from South Korea in late August for the upcoming school year. Good luck with your little ones.
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    This morning a radio DJ reported the weather: "30% chance of thunderstorms... because apparently we now live in a RAIN FOREST!" Better that than a desert but we could definitely spare some for the Texans.
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    When you get done with rain please send it our way!!! If only it were that easy.
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    Its been weird. I don't every remember a summer day where it just rained all day long. We've had on/off scattered thundershowers before but nothing like yesterday. Its more like a winter weather pattern... just not as cold.
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    I was just thinking about the weather. It's 75F at almost 2pm in Mobile in July? Let it rain!
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    You never know! Right now it is just fun to watch them enjoy swimming. I'm just trying not mess that up. This fall is going to be tough. His coach wants him to swim w/ the year round team. The problem is that practice would conflict w/ soccer which he isn't willing to give up. He wants to swim w/ my team until next summer. I think that is good because there are some great swimmers on my team that can help him. We are also fast enough to challenge him as he is learning and our workouts would build up his aerobic base. The problem is that it becomes really easy for me to turn into "coach dad".
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    Breeja Larson didn't start swimming until she was 17 so the sky's the limit!
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    way to go!
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    This definitely was the meet to introduce/recruit for masters. The age groupers were mostly part of Alabama Parks and Recreation Association. Some swim USAS but most are just summer swimmers. So, you have a bunch of parents in the stands watching when grown-ups dive in and have a great time mixing it up. I'm sure some of them are thinking "maybe I can do that". At the same time, it was definitely low key but at a "big meet" venue with all the bells and whistles.

    Bigger states will surely have travel issues. Texas and California would involve some travel. But most states are about like Alabama. Maybe 4-5 hour drive would be worst case. They even do an opening ceremonies the night before for people that are staying overnight. I wish we could have gone to that.
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