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    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    Great job.........In fact, thinking about the thread elsewhere on the forums about participation in meets makes me wonder if these State Games meets might not be the right place to get 'new Masters swimmers'
    Yes really nice job champ.

    i like your idea Patrick, and agree this maybe less threatening for some, although it will probably require travel for most and this may also prove challenging.
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    I think that the State Games of America will be at the Central York HS pool. It's quite nice. 8 lanes. Start at the deep end and turn at the bulkhead where it is still 6' or so. Lots of parking and lots of seating.
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    Sounds like a fun meet! Maybe next year it won't conflict with the Southern Masters LCM meet so I can take my shot at Alabama glory.
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    Great job. My first Masters meet ever was the Badger State Games back in 1993 and I hope to get to the Grand Canyon State Games meet in July. I have found these meets to be even lower key than a typical in-season Masters meet (e.g., bordering on flatlining), but I like them. In fact, thinking about the thread elsewhere on the forums about participation in meets makes me wonder if these State Games meets might not be the right place to get 'new Masters swimmers' into competition.

    as far as your results, I think you are being too hard on yourself about your 200 free splits. They look solid and well-split to me.

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    When I grow up I'm going to swim like you...just sayin!
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    Thanks Stewart and Ellen. Not so sure about the fastest parent thing. It is a sprint meet and I'm not so good at the 100s. They do have a 200 IM and I'm excited about dong that again.
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    How fun! Congrats to the kids.
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    I bet you will be the fastest parent!

    Thats so awesome. Congrats to the kids.
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    Terranova's is out west near me. I've never eaten there. I prefer the greasy wings sports bar in the same shopping area. If you are going w/ Italian, Olive Garden is about half the distance and probably similar in what they offer. I think the best bet would be Pane e Vino. It looks like the menu would meet all the requirements and it is a short walk from the VBC. I've never been in the actual restaurant though and I don't know how much extra space they have. However, I do know that they have rooms in the museum that can be reserved for catered events.
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    Thanks! I figured the odds were pretty slim but it couldn't hurt to ask. Fortunately dinner planning isn't on me for next year's convention. It looks like last time the convention was in Huntsville (2010) we went to someplace called Terranova's that I remember involved a drive (though not a terribly long one). I just hate having to drive someplace after a long day of convention-ing.
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    Wow! Gluten free and vegetarian. That's pretty much everything I don't eat. There are really only two restaurants close to the VBC. That would be Ruth's Cris in the Embassy suites hotel and Pane e Vino Pizzeria ( - they have gluten free pizza) in the Art Museum. If your group isn't opposed to about a 1 mile walk, there are a couple restaurants around the courthouse square like the Cotton Row Restaurant ( or Papou's ( - not sure about gluten free). There are a couple of bar and grills around downtown also but I doubt they will be gluten free and probably not vegetarian.

    Outside of that, you will probably need to hop in a car. The Olive Garden isn't too far west on University Drive. Past that is pretty much just fast food. To the south of the VBC/downtown is more fast food in the medical area. I only point this out because it has the closest and all-important Starbucks.

    Its a few miles from downtown but Airport road between Memorial Parkway and Whitesburg probably has the largest selection of restaurants. You have Italian (Luciano's), Thai (Surin) and Mexican (Little Rosie's - Big Rosie's is further south and better). There's also chains like Outback, Ruby Tuesday and Logans. Not sure about the gluten at any of these but the chains are likely to have gluten free items.
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    This is random, but: Can you by any chance think of a restaurant with a menu appealing to a wide audience including a few vegetarians and able to provide a gluten-free meal that has a group function room that's relatively close to the Von Braun Center?
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    Roger calls them "scramblers". It does resemble some things I've seen on That Guys blog. Fly for the stroke was a poor choice. I couldn't do much after that.
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    16 x 100 - 1:40 Convert Stroke -> Kick (I did fly for stroke, br for kick)
    #1 - All stroke
    #2-5 - K/S/S/S, S/K/S/S, S/S/K/S, S/S/S/K
    #6-11 - K/K/S/S, S/K/K/S, S/S/K/K, K/S/S/K, S/K/S/K, K/S/K/S
    #12-15 - S/K/K/K, K/S/K/K, K/K/S/K, K/K/K/S
    #16 - All Kick
    100 Easy
    Not sure why, but at first glance this made me think of one of That Guy's IM rotation sets.
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    It is a bit tough at times to communicate. For a small team, we have an unusual concentration of Daves. Usually at the Nat, we also swim with 2 Bobs but they haven't been there the last couple weeks.

    The workout is something the Masters coach, Brook, made up as we went along. He usually blurts the set out and watches our faces as we struggle to process everything through our failing short term memories. Then we all debate about what he said to do. From that, we piece together most of the set. Then we fill in the gaps by asking Brook what he said again. It's kind of a mental workout to go with the swim workout.
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    I'm stealing your workout! Like this one - except I think I'll change the first 800 to 50 free/50 back! How can the Daves tell who you're talking to? Dave, Dave & Dave! Lol (my husband is Dave, too!)
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    Not bad at all really. Just had enough electrical activity to shut down the pool.
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    Did you get big storms? Ours were much lighter than advertised. I wish they could have arrived 5 minutes later than they did so I could have finished my swim, though.
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    Yeah, I actually like the idea of swimming those frees pretty hard to get a longer rest. My intervals would have to be 2:00-2:30 though, maybe even 3:00 after a 100 fly, at my speeds.
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