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  1. qbrain's Avatar
    Am I getting old, or am I just getting even weaker physically and mentally and psychologically than I was when I first turned 50, oh those one score minus three years and two days ago?
    Good news Jim. Recent scientific studies confirm that you cannot get any weaker mentally. One less thing to worry about!
  2. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, you are becoming too cryptic even for me.

    I assume your wise saying, No pain, no parthenon, means that without some physical sacrifice, future ruins would never have been built in the first place.

    I think I need to ponder this more before I make a definitive conclusion, but right now, I am leaning towards thinking this is the wisest thing anyone has written on these forums to date!

    Bravo, Leslie!

    No pain, no parthenon indeed!

    PS Floyd, it looks like the trip is definitely on. And in unprecedented example of cross vlogination, Backpacker is going to put a variation on "Kill the Lawyers" and "Lost in Idaho" on their own website!
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jim thornton
    Leslie, I would never kill you off! Just put you in suspended animation till the suits are legal again.

    (If I were leslie, each of these would be a separate comment.)
    No pain, no parthenon! oh lazy one.
  4. poolraat's Avatar
    Well if this adventure gets axed, you still have the RT to Boise. Might as well come out, get in your rental car and drive south to the NE Nevada compound. I'm sure we can scare up some kind of adventure worthy of your writing skills.
  5. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, I would never kill you off! Just put you in suspended animation till the suits are legal again.

    Thanks for noticing, Kentuckian Swimmer!

    (If I were leslie, each of these would be a separate comment.)

    Floyd, I am hopeful the lawyers have been shelved for the time being.

    Billy, if you arrange your trip to go through Pittsburgh, you will definitely be able to get lost.

    Finally, Bobinator, I will do my best to capture a pet linx for you.

    Here kitty kitty! Here kitty kitty!

  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    If you kill me off, where will you stay for the DC meets, eh?
  7. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    (Wow, 500 facebook friends and 1000 comments here. Big Week!)
  8. poolraat's Avatar
    So if the lawyers change their minds and nix this thing what will you do?
  9. fanstone's Avatar
    I envy you. The closest I can come to "being lost" is a cross-country motorcycle trip (l.A. to Baltimore) which I am trying to do, but there are a lot of friends who want to come along.
  10. Bobinator's Avatar
    This sounds like fun!
    Could you bring Emma and I home a pet linx?
  11. jim thornton's Avatar
    I am afraid that the poor creatures will crack their teeth on the atherosclerotic plaques in my heart. Like granite those deposits!
  12. rodent's Avatar
    The corporate lawyers have to do something to justify their salaries. Why don't you just rent a nice hotel room in Seattle buy some Jack Daniels and pretend you are lost in the Idaho wilderness. Then come home and write your article. It worked for the NY Times!
  13. Water Rat's Avatar
    Damn trial lawyers! They screw up everything, not just the US healthcare system. Don't they know, wolverine's have to eat too.
  14. jim thornton's Avatar
    If you sleep, the wolverines win.
  15. SwimmerGirlKT's Avatar
    Jim, good luck. Will await the story with great anticipation. Apparently you don't sleep, so that will probably come in handy in the wilds...(I'm just up taking a Tylenol PM...thanks for the bedtime reading). -Kentucky
  16. poolraat's Avatar
    Aren't you a Wolverine? Maybe that will give you a free pass. lol

    Never had an encounter with a cat although I've heard them at night a few times when I've been in the mountains.
  17. jim thornton's Avatar
    Friday into Boise; the following Friday out of Boise.

    Boise on the sides.

    Wouldn't it be ironic if i were killed by a wolverine?

    Thanks for the info, Floyd. Mountain lions strategy--look big and don't let them get you on the ground, right?
  18. poolraat's Avatar
    The Frank Church Wilderness is in east central Idaho. Very remote area. You'll have fun being lost there. Don't have to worry about griz, though. Here's a short paragraph about the other wildlife you may encounter.

    "Because of its size the wilderness area provides a secluded habitat for a wide variety of mammal species, including some rare, vulnerable species. The wilderness is inhabited by a large population of mountain lions, and grey wolves that visit the area. Populations of black bears, as well as: lynx, coyote, and red fox are scattered throughout the area. While this area has been deemed as one of the few remaining areas in the continental U.S. with suitable habitat for grizzly bears, no established populations are known to exist. The wilderness also offers some of the most critical habitat for wolverines in the lower 48 states."

    You're going next Friday, right? When do you come back to Boise?
  19. jim thornton's Avatar
    I was joking. I could never, never eat Lefty. No I couldn't! Wooshy wooshy who can't ever eat Lefty, Woooshsy wooshy, I can't eat Lefty.

    I could, however, probably do auto eye surgery in a pinch.

    Floyd, you are around those Idaho parts. I found out the general area where i being abandoned: the Frank Church River of No Return.

    Have you heard of it?
  20. poolraat's Avatar
    Good one Robin. He's too small to make much of a meal anyway. Jim needs a St Bernard or some other big dog.