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    Thanks, Mr. Quicksilver, Ms. Chicken of the Sea, and Mr. Tjburk for your comments! The nice thing about Tracy is that if you somehow get him on a topic, like evolution or the Bush Administration's blunders, he is remarkably adept at disproving the obvious, i.e., that evolution and the Bush Administration's blunders are both spectacularly real! A few comments like this will keep things going for months, if not years, which drives up the "blog to comment" ratio, making other people think, "Hmm, this must be a very interesting blog, I shall check it out." Thus, on this note, thank you very much, Tracy.

    One question for you:

    You are saying it is impossible for something to come from nothing, that there had to be a creator of some sort that made this something.

    What is wrong with instead thinking that matter and energy in some form or other have ALWAYS been, and hence were never created at all? They just ALWAYS existed?

    If you disagree with this, then what about God or god himself or herself or itself of themselves. Either God has always been, and hence was never created, or SOMETHING must have created God, in your line of reasoning. But what created the Forerunner God that created the current God, or did the Forerunner God always exist? No? Then a forerunner to the forerunner God must have created Forerunner God, and so forth.

    Bottom line: either something/entity has always existed, or there have been infinite number of creators creating creators, with no first creator.

    Which seems to me to come awfully close to swinging us back to my proposition, i.e., that matter and energy, in some form, HAVE ALWAYS EXISTED and hence were never initially created.

    I will figure out how to turn this into a swimming vlog soon.
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    I enjoyed the delightful bird video.

    Pamela Anderson has fake gills.
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    Updated January 9th, 2009 at 09:00 AM by tjburk (Because as usual, Jim can't come up with anything useful to say!)
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    I was flung into the Parramatta River as a small child, and learned to swim by watching my sister

    It is well known that the Parramatta River is mainly comprised of beer, urine, toxic waste, and bull sharks. As a consequence, my sis and I have both retained our gills, and are much sought-after for our party tricks.
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    Updated January 9th, 2009 at 09:00 AM by tjburk (Because as usual, Jim can't come up with anything useful to say!)
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    Maybe not yours! Mine did! My gills were fully operational. I can still remember inhaling lungfulls of sweet identical twin urine and being sustained by these. Marvelous. If you want, John and I can send you some samples.
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    Jim, you will be assimilated.....quit fighting it!!!!!

    A little education is warranted here i see....

    human fetuses have pharyngeal or branchial pouches that are sometimes called gill slits. They are transitory structures that eventually become parts of the jaw and the upper respiratory tract and they do not function like gills at all.
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    Tracy, I see that magnificent picture of you emerging from the ocean with your surfboard, taking perhaps your first breath of air after a life time of living contentedly in the primordial ooze, determined to climb onto terra firma and tell one and all across the land: I believe in the irrefutable theory of evolution! To adhere to quasi-moronic notions of Creationism is for suckers! Sure, some still find consolation in conservative Wiki sites out to discredit the central organizing tenet of life of on earth! But not me! I am no such dupe and never will be!

    Welcome, newcomer, to the land of enlightenment!
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    Jim, for your reading pleasure...

    The theory of recapitulation, also called the biogenetic law or embryological parallelism, and often expressed as ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny, was first put forward in 1866 by German zoologist Ernst Haeckel. Haeckel proposed that the embryonal development of an individual organism (its ontogeny) followed the same path as the evolutionary history of its species (its phylogeny). This theory, in the highly elaborate and deterministic form advanced by Haeckel, has, since the early twentieth century, been refuted on many fronts. Haeckel's drawings used artistic licence, his theory was associated with Lamarckism, it was quite clearly wrong in supposing that embryos passed through the adult stages of more primitive life-forms, it ignored organs such as teeth which are "held over" to a late developmental stage, and it was used by Haeckel to promote the supremacy of the white European male. However, the basic idea of recapitulation is still wide spread - Stephen Jay Gould's first book begins by declaring that many medical professionals still believe, privately and informally, that there is "something in" the notion.
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    So the 400 IM was worth it then? lol
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    Thanks, but it WASN'T ME!!! Truly, my twin brother John does exist. It was John doing the swim--my polar bearing comes slightly later (Feb) a beach or two down from John's house in Ocean City, in Sea Isle City!
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    Jim, once again, you crack me up! Thanks for posting your New Year's swim!
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    Thanks guys! I hope Dave liked Citizen Cope better than Enya. We must be catholic in our musical tastes. Next stop: Early Rap.
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    Excellent. Enjoyed the soundtrack. Citizen Cope is good stuff.
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    just remember me after...... gotta go ed mcmahan is pulling into the driveway.
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    Dave, thanks for the referral to this real nice guy on Facebook. I sent him my bank routing information, and I don't want to sound like I am bragging or anything, but I think pretty soon a lot of people are going to be calling me Mr. Thornton, sir! Who would have thought I, of all people, would have won the Nigerian National Lottery???? I am getting so forgetful, I don't even remember buying the ticket!
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    that other guy kinda looks like you...... any relation?
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    How did you make the video, Jim? You could do post meet vid-pic-vlogs too.
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    There are a ton of GREAT photos (only a few completely objectionable ones)
    Truely a tribute to the deep love and appreciation for frends who share the passion of swimming.
    Thanks for putting this together - you did a nice job
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    Nicely done Jim...I agree with knelson...that one picture scarred me!!!!! LOL