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  1. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks! We'll see how it goes and I'll make sure to report back here.
  2. BrendaL's Avatar
    Good luck on your upcoming meet!
  3. mcnair's Avatar
    Yeah, I can hold that pace pretty well with :15r with long sets of 100s too; not so long a set with 200s... 200s probably represent my "actual" threshold pace and the time I can hold on long sets of 100s is more like the goal pace for 1650.
  4. knelson's Avatar
    Got it. I consider my threshold pace to be slower than that. More like what I could hold for a T-30 or something, so probably a couple seconds per hundred slower than my 1650 pace. I find I can hold my threshold pace on long sets where I'm getting maybe 15 seconds rest between repeats.
  5. mcnair's Avatar
    I think around 1:30 right now, maybe 1:27-1:29 on a good day. When I say "under" I mean I'm not trying to "cross" the threshold (which I think of as the pace I can hold for a hard 1500/1650), so "under the threshold" doesn't mean "faster" than threshold pace for me.
  6. knelson's Avatar
    What do you consider your threshold pace to be?
  7. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks, Stewart, will do!
  8. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Great post Alex and I am so glad you had such an awesome 2013. Keep up all the hard work in 2014 and you will amaze yourself. As my high school coach always used to tell us, you are capable of things you can't even imagine being able to do, keep believing and working hard. Happy New Year.
  9. ekw's Avatar
    Great job! I love the scoreboard.
  10. rxleakem's Avatar
    Great job, mcnair! It's cool that you and your buddy have such a good competition with each other. However, I think I would need a knee brace to swim a 500 breast!
  11. mcnair's Avatar
    thanks! it was a fun meet-w/in-meet challenge, and this was probably the most fun we've had at a meet yet as a result. We're talking about doing a 500 breast vs. 500 back face off during one of the meets this winter...
  12. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Congratulations on that 200 back. Really great swims across the board, especially never having swum SCM before. What I really get excited about when i read your blogs is that you always have fun! This is what it should always be about, swimming fast and having fun. Great job this weekend Alex.
  13. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks, guys, things could be worse, so I'm trying to stay upbeat. I'm still vegan and after four months my weight has finally bottomed out and stabilized somewhere around my high school weight... that's something to be happy about!
  14. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Welcome back Alex. Sorry things have been tough but I am glad you are still swimming and dropping times. I wish you all the best with your search.
  15. ekw's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the work woes. I got a new cookbook - Isa Does It. You might give it a look. I made some really good vegan tacos a few nights ago.
  16. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I think you will really benefit from time spent on your stroke fundamentals. It's really hard for all of us to break bad habits. you have come so far without coaching and I am convinced you will see some significant drops this fall with some small tweaks. I bet her definition of awful is relative. I bet she can correct your stroke in no time.mkeep up the great work.
  17. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip on Lysine, Steve. I just looked at the "no-meat-athlete" website (he has some charts on what foods are high or low in which amino acids...) and find that my most common sources of protein are in fact low in lysine; with the exception of soy... I'll look at some supplements and find a plant-based protein powder that ups the lysine a bit, just in case.
  18. __steve__'s Avatar
    Lysine apparently is the limiting part of protein in a vegan diet. Per wiki, soybeans got the highest lys concentration per weight at 7.42%, which is high even to nonvegan foods.

    With the swimming miles you log with respective level of output, your nutritional requirement is much greater than that of a average 165lb person.
  19. mcnair's Avatar
    Thanks, Stewart, I felt a lot better about today's workout... like I finally loosened up. I think I'm going to go in for some coaching tomorrow; Carthage college here in town just started a new master's team that's meeting on M, W evenings. This week I'm hoping to get out of the office a little earlier and make it over there. If I can get some pointers on my freestyle, that would be awesome... feel like I'm in a rut now with that.
  20. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Don't beat yourself up on the swimming front. We all have weeks like you had and the important think is you stay positive. You are working your socks off and sometimes you just don't have your mojo. I glad the weight has evened off. Sounds like you just had a tough couple of weeks and not diet related to me, but you know your body best.
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