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    Thank y'all so much. He's improving but he's also 77 & a bit over weight.

    my daughter started having seizures in 7th grade, they'd happen right as she was falling asleep. We got her a child neurologist, had her tested put her on meds that made em stop, (she was lucky) then had her tested years later and took her off the meds. It was a very scary time. She hadn't had a seizure in years then had one while she was taking her final final this past December.
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    That's great to hear, Ande.
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    Sounds like good news. After living through a lot of this very same thing with my son's seizures over the past month and a half, I know exactly how you feel. I'm happy for you guys the doctors were able to get things under control rather quickly too.
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    Great to hear / read this. Hopefully a full recovery is in due course.
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    Glad he is improving so quickly...will keep him in my prayers!
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    I hope your father has a full recovery.
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    Thinking of you Ande. Hope that you all heal soon!
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    Best wishes to your dad, Ande.
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    Thinking of you and your family Ande.
    Our Dad's love having us near... glad you can be there for him.
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    When it rains, it pours. Hope it is all better soon.
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    Glad it was not an aneurism, hope your dad gets better soon.
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    Glad you're able to with your parents. Prayers for your dad's continued recovery. Take care.
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    I hope all is well with your dad. Best wishes!!
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    Just realized I forgot to enter the hr swim.
    It's good to know that your Dad knocked some sense into your head!
    Best wishes to your entire family.
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    As a pathologist with some expertise in soft tissue pathology, I can assure you that it is a rare diagnosis. I also would not want to mess around with it. If it is at the margins, I would want it conservatively re-excised. Giving up 2 weeks of swimming is nothing in the overall scheme of things especially if it prevents a recurrence later on.
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    I have a growth on the bottom of my left foot. It's pea sized and embedded on the big-toe tendon. Went to the foot surgeon yesterday, and he said it would probably grow back if he cut's it out, and I should wear shoes around house for it's discomfort. Can't recall what he called it but said it's a common eastern European thing

    Good luck healing further from your surgery and also dealing with dentist.
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    I'm going to walk & I bought some bandaid glue so I'm going to apply it before today's noon practice
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    Does suck! Can you hop on the bike for some cardio?
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    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    I suppose when you bite into a rock you should feel it! Toothaches are definitely not much fun, though.
    Toothaches are awful. Stay away
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    Quote Originally Posted by ande
    not much fun, why do we need nerves in teeth?
    I suppose when you bite into a rock you should feel it! Toothaches are definitely not much fun, though.