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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl_S
    That had to hurt, especially given that it was the second time today. Man I never even contemplated doing a set like that twice in one day.
    Good work!
    Thanks, that set was challenging,
    diving off the block helped

    I got into a bit of a groove, I 2 beat kicked each 1st 50 then 6 beat kick the 2nd. I felt more tired as I went further down the set and continued to be surprised that I still held 53's.

    I think fast friday sets like these help me prepare for meets where I race 4 or 5 times a day
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    That had to hurt, especially given that it was the second time today. Man I never even contemplated doing a set like that twice in one day.

    Good work!
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    Hey Leslie,

    Congrats on your Nats another WR is awesome.

    not sure when my next meet is
    hopefully one or two SCM meets in Oct Nov or Dec
    I've got to get my dau moved to lubbock and I might have a training project in the next few weeks, that I haven't announced yet.
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    Catching up on your blog after nationals ...

    40 x 100?! And I can't believe you did that bet average set twice last Friday. What's your next meet?
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    Nice swims, Ande! Good control on that 400, followed up by a low 27 in the 50 fly. Nice!
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    The unofficial results have been posted . . .
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    thanks steve
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    Hey Ahelee Sue,

    Thank you, CISD Nat is an awesome pool

    TXLA only did 1 relay, mixed 160+ medley with David, Mary, & Kendall, it's on my Day 2 Blog, Mary had to boogie, we didn't do a mixed 4 x 50 fr relay on Sun

    Had a hard time getting folks to this meet.
    needed Max, Jim or Fred for mens 200+ or Tyler, Todd, Nate, or Mike for 160+
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    Hey Leslie,

    thank you, I had a good time

    Does your foray into mid D mean you'll be doing the same in SCY this season?
    If I show up & do Longhorn masters work outs they prep me for mid D & sprints. To focus on sprints I have to modify workouts and lift heavy.

    Do you have a link to results
    I have not seen a link to results yet but they should be up on 2011 USMS South Central Zone LC Championships Or
    Woodlands Results or Gulf Masters Results
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    Great swimming Ande!

    Nice that you can have such an excellent facility and organization to host your Zone meet - especially since you are missing Nationals.

    How did your relays swim?
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    Great meet and congrats on the Zone records. Does your foray into mid D mean you'll be doing the same in SCY this season?

    Do you have a link to results?
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    Thank you Karl,
    guess I did take a "train for everything - swim anything" approach to this season

    Hey Kirk
    thanks for saying "Nicely split 800!"
    I edited the post this morning and added up my 100's 200's, & 400's
    4:48.83 4:51.17 is pretty good
    I think I should have been tougher on my last 200 & thrown in a 6 beat kick at the 650 or 700 instead of at the 750
    it would have been fun for my last 100 to be faster than my first

    thanks on my 100 fly, I might have been faster if I'd warmed up, hard to say. I think it's the closest I've ever split one LCM
    I should have taken it out faster, should have at least been 28 mid to high

    hey That Guy,
    thank you
    the 1 fl is much more fun when you pace it right
    I should have gone a bit harder
    fly is a funny stroke, there's a thin line between flow and force, that 1st 50 felt pretty easy
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    Great swims! It's funny you mention that you paced the first 50 of the 100 fly the same as your 200 IM, because that's exactly what I do every time! I pace the first 100 of the 200 fly and the 400 IM the same too. And I suppose the same can be said for the first 25 of the 50 fly and the 100 IM - I swim them both all out.
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    Nicely split 800!

    Pretty darn good 100 fly considering you didn't warm up. Do you think you would have been faster if you had? Would you have taken it out faster?
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    Great swimming Ande.
    I like the "train for everything - swim anything" style.
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    Great job, Ande! The lack of sleep clearly didn't effect you. Very impressive to swim fast in all those events after a PR in the 400. Good luck tomorrow.
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    Anytime you beat a time from the year before (ie, cheat aging) that's a good thing. Getting PRs is even better, of course. That was a nice 50 back at the end of a long day, too. Nice meet so far, good luck tomorrow.
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    Congrats Ande! Tell everyone hello for me. I miss seeing all my swimming friends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by __steve__
    I'm shaving my head
    I am impressed at your multitasking ability! I hope that you didn't cut yourself as a result of typing and shaving at the same time.
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    I'm shaving my head