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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Well done Ande! You are one well conditioned former sprinter. . When do you age up again?
  2. fdtotten's Avatar
    A wonderful and inspirational effort! The descending 1650s is a quite impressive aspect indicating an effective balance of aerobic fitness and a relaxed "zen" state of mind. How did your stroke form feel on the last third/1650 of the swim?
  3. jim thornton's Avatar
    Magnificent! Perfectly paced, it looks like. 3 x 1650 in times of 18:29.84, 18:22.99, and 18.20 without a break. According to the TT listings, you swam the individual 1650 last year in 18:01.37. You should be able to shatter that time this year, I would imagine. Unless, that is, you need two warm-up 1650s immediately preceding your best effort!

    A couple questions: Your 100 pace this year in the hour swim was 1:06.85. Your 100 pace for last year's individual 1650 was 1:05.54. Thus, you swam the much shorter distance at a rate only 1.31 seconds faster per hundred than the much longer distance. Is this fairly typical of the expected drop? I know that both the hour swim and the 1650 are primarily aerobic swims, and that the drop off is necessarily smaller than what you would likely see between, say, an all out 100 and a 500. But I still think that if you can swim 3 x 1650 in the 18:20s without stopping, you should be able to swim sub 18 in a single 1650. Or is my reasoning faulty?

    6 M45-49 1650 Free Anders M Rasmussen 48 TXLA South Texas 18:01.37
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    wow! 40-45 minutes of travel in "good traffic" to get to the pool for practice!???!?! That's either a helluva lotta miles, or lots of stoplights that don't change to green. Dedication for sure.
    I guess I'm spoiled being in a smaller town where I can get anywhere in 10-20 minutes at most.
  5. ande's Avatar
    me too
    I did a pretty hard practice this morning then showed up at noon to do the hour swim
    0500 5:41,
    1000 11:20,
    1500 17:00,
    1650 18:42
    2000 22:39
    2500 28:27
    3000 34:14
    around 2500 I started feeling hot & crampy, pretty much decided that I didn't want feel that way for another 25 minutes so I stopped & got out
    There's another group doing the hr swim on Sunday, so if I'm going to really do it I need to properly prepare, maybe rest a little, cut back yardage. I trained pretty hard yesterday and this morning & wasn't really ready to to tackle it today
  6. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Thinking about doing the hour swim today at noon & maybe again on Sunday
    Sheesh, I have a hard time thinking about going thru the pain of a one-hour swim ONCE, never mind twice!
  7. ande's Avatar
    I'll do some meet like swims in practice, fast Fridays ...
  8. ande's Avatar
    think she made the 200's & 150's but missed the 100's
  9. __steve__'s Avatar
    Did she make them?
  10. The Fortress's Avatar
    No meet until April?!
  11. knelson's Avatar
    How did you interpret the "no stroke" rule? I didn't end up doing the 400 kick for time, but wasn't sure exactly what was intended. It seems like no stroke means your board must hit the wall then you pivot around, but maybe some people take a hand off the board, pull the board back, and touch with the free hand. That's what I normally do when kicking.
  12. ande's Avatar
    Thank you Leslie, I need to work on NO STROKE turns.

    Thank you Stewart, it was a fun project.

    Thanks Carl
  13. Karl_S's Avatar
    You are a kicking machine ande! Great work.
  14. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Really nice job Ande. Very impressive drop across your three swims.
  15. The Fortress's Avatar
    that is extraordinarily fast kicking! I might have tried it if we could've kicked on the back.
  16. ande's Avatar
    Not sure, I will ask
  17. pwb's Avatar
    When are you guys going to get an order of events up for that meet? Indy's now looking like a no-go for me due to a work conflict, so I might see if I can make it out to Austin.
  18. ande's Avatar
    Hi Stewart,
    Great to train with you too
    We're lucky & spoiled
    Keep working on your breastroke.

    Concentrate on:
    + streamlining your upper body as you complete your kick,
    + pausing for a moment after your kick before you begin your next pull, and
    + keeping your legs and hips up when you're gliding

    [ame=""]Swim Faster Faster[/ame]
  19. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Ande, I did not get an opportunity today to thank you for the breaststroke advice this morning. I really enjoyed visiting UT masters, you have a great group of swimmers, great coach and wonderful facility. I will be at practice one more time tomorrow morning and hope to see you there. All the best. Stewart.
  20. ande's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jaadams1
    I've been staying at it, keeping the age group kids "honest" in their practices. My team isn't one of the "hot shot" teams out there, but it has just the right mix of folks to keep me pushed well, as well as me pushing them. My work ethic is the big thing the head coach likes, and he's trying to see if some will rub off onto the age groupers. I know this added workload is doing well for my swimming, since I'm doing close to my normal season ending times now. I can't wait till taper time.
    So you're training with the kids, cool
    I've written about that in SFF

    how many times a week?
    how far per practice?
    what sort of sets and intervals?
    What's your goal?

    I can't wait till taper time too
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