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  1. ourswimmer's Avatar
    You met me too, with Jim, and also our teammate and her family. Great swimming. Those 100 IMs were something to see, too; sorry we couldn't have seen you as well.
  2. rtodd's Avatar
    Real nice, especially breast. You are a true IM'r.
  3. Syd's Avatar
    Left a comment at blogspot but it doesn't seem to be registering. Anyway congrats on that world record time. You're improving with age! Well done Ande!
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Congrats Ande!! Clay will be pissed. lol. Maybe he'll even train for the Albatross meet this time ... Look forward to seeing your swims on youtube.
  5. quicksilver's Avatar
    Excellent times.
    Glad to see your blog is back!
  6. blainesapprentice's Avatar
    This is actually that I know where to change the view to see all blogs it's pretty much 100% like the forums...people are still gonna read and comment...I know for me at least that I will probably forget to go to your other blogger site to read up on your progress, because I am always here checking up on all the other news and members....please use this blog location...I think you'll find it is gonna be exactly the same as it was before.
  7. coach's pet 1's Avatar
    Always look forward to reading your blog.

    John Morales
  8. swim4me's Avatar
    Great Start Ande! It is a different place, but we will get used to it!!!! I look forward to reading what you have been doing - please keep it up!
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