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  1. Kurt Dickson's Avatar
    I think you broke our American record we had for a month...we just missed the wr by a few tenths. Your old guys were faster than ours. I did a 57 and Utsch did a 54 but then we had some 101s I believe....congrats.
  2. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Great meet Ande, nice drops in the fly and back.
  3. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job to you and your team!
  4. That Guy's Avatar
    Congratulations Ande!
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    Maybe fly/back are your more natural strokes.

    Congrats on the WR!!! Buncha speedy dudes.
  6. ande's Avatar
    I saw dr Nathan Breazeale, he thinks it's connected to my Lower back, (which I hurt in college between freshman & sophomore years, in fact I red shirted my sophomore year, had a sucky JR year & almost quit
    wrote a little about it here
    [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums - View Single Post - Ande's Swimming Tips: Swimming Faster Faster[/ame] )

    we did an Xray & an MRI, one of my lower spine shock absorbers is bulging, might be pressing the nerve. I hurt my hip bending over & lifting (not weights just in a life activity) which might have hurt my peri??? muscle which can also irritate my sciatic nerve so he prescribed we do physical therapy first before considering next steps like cortisone shot in my spine. He said you're active & not impaired by it. I've also recently increased my ibuprofen dose which has helped.

    It was not a problem today, but sometimes hurts & causes pain in my left leg & numbness in my foot.
    The pain varies. Symptoms vary. It's weird. But its been irritating me for many months

    I don't do squats or deadlift. I do leg press. But didn't lift between Dec 2011 to July 12. But started lifting again to improve my speed
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  7. jaadams1's Avatar
    4 x 100 fr relay with David, Mike, & Jim
    The WR is 3:54.63
    I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that the WR gets broken by about 6 seconds.
  8. __steve__'s Avatar
    careful with squats
  9. Sojerz's Avatar
    Good luck at zones.
    left lower back and hip muscle or joints? Probably worth getting it checked, especialy if there is no connection to an event (fall, lifting, etc.) and it isn't getting better on it's own. getting older sucks, but you also get smarter.
  10. Chris Stevenson's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your ailments. Are they (hip & back) separate problems, or connected?

    Good luck at your meet.
  11. ande's Avatar
    Thanks, she usually doesn't do that.
    but I like those kind of workouts
    they are hard.
  12. knelson's Avatar
    Ande's so fast he somehow manages to complete a double fast Friday when it's still Thursday!
  13. ande's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Fortress
    I lifted Wed, FRI, Sun & plan to lift today.
    I'm already getting stronger & working on weighing less at zones than I did at NATs

    I'm updating my plan page with planned lifts & actual lifts, I'm doing more speed work & less / easier aerobic. Modifying sets to swim shorter faster with more rest.
  14. The Fortress's Avatar
  15. ande's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Thanks for starting the thread. I was thinking of doing that myself. The Oregon meet could be a good one for those looking for a "last chance."
    you bet
    happy to
    many of us are going and we'll follow results with interest
  16. knelson's Avatar
    Thanks for starting the thread. I was thinking of doing that myself. The Oregon meet could be a good one for those looking for a "last chance."
  17. ande's Avatar
    that looks like a great one.
    I'll probably just do South Central LCM zones
  18. knelson's Avatar
    Hey Ande, if you're looking for a very late LCM meet there's one in Gresham, Oregon at the Mt. Hood CC pool (same place 2008 summer Nationals were held) the weekend of August 24-26. Here's the info:
  19. __steve__'s Avatar
    Glad the bed-bugs only persist in temperate zones, they would cook in SC. Hope you rest and recover fast.
  20. Karl_S's Avatar
    It looks like you took Peirsol's "train to win on your worst day" advise to heart: Despite bed-bug induced sleep deprivation, a major distraction on the home front and an incipient URI, you still claimed a national championship in the 50 bk, and edged out the otherwise nearly unbeatable young buck in our age group, pwb, in the 200 IM. Great Going!

    I've had the bed-bug experience on two hotel stays now. They are no fun.

    'hope you are healthy, rested and in fine racing form again soon.
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