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Strength Training and Dryland Workouts

  1. Week 171 - Tuesday

    by , January 5th, 2016 at 02:49 PM (After a long rest)
    I had a very good night of sleep last night and woke feeling good. I hoped to get both drylands and a swim in today but alas I was not able to make both work.

    5x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest)
    2x(shoulder exercises with bands)
    5x(5xabs done as :45 secs on and :15 second transition) with 1min between rounds.
    6x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest) all out
    5 mins of one leg pushes on vasa against the wall(10 pushes per leg)

    My new ab toy is tearing up my stomach pretty good and I wonder how long I will have to wait before the soreness goes away. I guess I must be doing something right because my back ache has gone already.

    I am still working on my season plan but I would like to add an extra 5k per week to my swimming program from last season. As we have put more focus on race pace work my aerobic work has decreased. In thinking about my 800m I think the reduction in aerobic work likely hurt me. Its a balance due to the wide range of events I compete in. My challenge is trying to find an extra 90 minutes or so in my week to swim, which is going to be tough.

    Assuming my work situation stays as it is right now I maybe able to do a taper meet this spring. My season plan is going to assume I am going to do a taper meet. Now the challenge is deciding between USMS Spring Nationals and Canadian Nationals. My friend from Austin ages up next year so this will be my last shot at the little Ewok for a few years, so right now I am leaning towards Greensboro.
  2. Week 170 - Friday

    by , January 1st, 2016 at 01:27 PM (After a long rest)
    My daughter and I went for massages yesterday. It was her first real massage and I think she will be back for more! She and I are alike and according to the masseus we are both knotted in the same place; shoulder, back and neck. I suspect this is typical swimmer muscle areas. She did great and followed instructions with water and today is not too sore. I have had a small pain in my trees major for sometime and the last couple of times I have had a massage she has worked in this. Last night she went right to it and it hurt a lot but as has been the case after previous massages I feel so much better the next day. After our massages we had a nice family dinner with my wife, kids and parents and then I did my normal fall asleep on the couch as everyone watched tv. I headed to bed around 8:45pm and did not even make it to 9pm let alone midnight. I guess I saw in New Year in Greenland or there abouts!

    Today a group of us met up for a dryland workout. I choose to do an aerobic focused workout consisting of the stationary bike and the vasa trainer. I really felt good today.

    2x(30 mins at 100rpm and heart rate of 110ish, 10 mins at medium intensity on vasa trainer)

    On the stationary bike I struggled getting my heart rate up and assumed the bike heart rate monitor was off. One of my training partners offered to lend me his Mio watch that has a heart rate monitor and it confirmed that my heart rate was at 110. I checked it after the bike and again after the vasa trainer and it was pretty much the same. This seems low to me since I was sweating pretty good. One of the guys said I was just in good shape which I guess could account for it. I may start keeping a heart rate log but I know I struggle with a watch in the pool so maybe I will just do it on dryland workouts or will manually count in the pool. We shall see.

    We are off to a masters New Year's Day party which s always good fun!
  3. Week 170 - Thursday

    by , December 31st, 2015 at 06:10 PM (After a long rest)
    I had another good nights sleep. I think this was partly due to my sons choice of movie last night. We decided to do a family movie night and persuaded my son to join us by giving him the right to choose the movie. Of course, he had to choose Terminator Genisys which put me to sleep within 15 minutes. Immediately after the movie I went to bed and slept like a baby. I woke up feeling pretty good.

    Today was another dryland workout and once again I used my new power roller or as I now like to refer to it "the wheel of torture".

    5x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest)
    2x(shoulder exercises with bands)
    5x(5xabs done as :45 secs on and :15 second transition) with 1min between rounds.
    6x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest) all out
    5 mins on stationary bike
    5 mins on elliptical machine
    5 mins of one leg pushes on vasa against the wall(10 pushes per leg)

    i really worked the abs and vasa today and was hurting so bad it took me a good 3-4 minutes to get up after the last round of abs.
  4. Week 170 - Tuesday

    by , December 29th, 2015 at 10:45 AM (After a long rest)
    I slept much better last night and felt good when I woke up. Today's workout was a dryland workout. My ab power roller arrived on Saturday so today was test day. No doubts about it, it brings a whole new dimension to my abs. My only concern is that it significantly increases the pressure on my lower back which right now is very sore. I think I over did it today and will grow this in my core program. Today I used it twice per round of core exercises and on round 5 I was mush!!!!

    5x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest)
    2x(shoulder exercises with bands)
    4x(5xabs done as :45 secs on and :15 second transition) with 1min between rounds.
    6x(1:30 vasa swim trainer, :30 rest) all out
    5 mins on stationary bike
    5 mins on elliptical machine
    5 mins of one leg pushes on vasa against the wall(10 pushes per leg)

    i am tired!!!
  5. Week 157 - Tuesday

    by , September 29th, 2015 at 08:51 AM (After a long rest)
    Life is very hectic at the moment. I am off to Austin/San Antonio today and have an early flight. As such I did dry lands at 4:30am so that I could make my flight. It was tough getting up this morning. I got to bed pretty reasonable last night but had a hectic afternoon. Work has been very busy recently and yesterday was a very typical non stop day. I left the office to make it to the pool but Dallas traffic conspired against me yesterday. A truck carrying paint had dumped it's load of bright red paint along I30 over the course of a mile or so. I was lucky that I got off the interstate because it looked like a bunch of cars were driving through the paint and kicking paint up on the cars behind. I would have been very upset if I ended up with red paint on my car!

    My kids had a great meet this weekend and we had lots of best times. A couple of my kids made BB and B times which means they will move up to the faster group. Our head coach asked to meet with me later this week to talk about me coaching a mid distance and distance oriented group of our top kids next spring. I am having fun and if I can make it work with my work commitments it would be a lot of fun.

    Today I could only do dry land.

    5x(1:30 on vasa swim trainer, :30 rest/stretch)
    5x(5x(:45 of abs with medicine ball. I mixed it up again today), :15 rest/transition) 1min between rounds
    2x(left shoulder exercises with light resistance)

    Today was tough! I don't know if it was tiredness from work or just the fact that I did this workout in my own which I always find hard.
  6. Week 22 - Thursday weights and swim

    by , March 7th, 2013 at 10:24 PM (After a long rest)
    This was my first dry land in 3 weeks and I felt very sore, but as usual loosened up in the pool.

    3x(10 bench press, 10 incline bench, 10 military press, 10 seated row hands in, 10 seated row hands out, 10 inclined back, 10 x lat pull down hands inside, 10 lag pull down hands outside), 30 seconds between rounds.

    400 with snorkel
    400 swim
    400 pull
    4x100 on 1.15
    4x100 kick with fins on 1.30
    4x50 on 45 Concentrating on DPS holding 30-31
    100 easy
    4x50 on 40 concentrating on streamlined turns holding 30-31
    100 easy
    Total 2600
  7. Week 18 - Tuesday weights

    by , February 5th, 2013 at 10:16 PM (After a long rest)
    I felt really tired today. No stiffness just beat.

    5 non stop circuits x 10 x (bench press, inclined bench, military press, seated row inside hands, seated row outside hands, lat pull down hands inside, lat pull downs hands outside, back extension machine)

    500 swim with snorkel
    500 pull with snorkel
    5x100 pull
    10x50 swim with snorkel
    Total 2000
  8. Week 13 - weights and a swim

    by , January 3rd, 2013 at 10:29 PM (After a long rest)
    So today was my first Dry land/weight workout. I now know why I was a swimmer and not a weight lifter. There is something nice about not noticing sweat on my body when I swim. Also the pain from weights is a different sort of hurt and I don't like it. I will continue doing it though since I know it's good for me. Based on how I feel now I suspect I am going to be stiff as a board at early practice.

    Weight machines
    Stretch for 10 mins
    10 x (10x bench press, military press, lat pull downs, bicep curls, lower back curls)
    30 mins

    400 free
    8x50 catchup
    15x100 pull on 1.30 focus on long strokes
    100 easy
    Total 2400