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  1. Sat., Nov. 12

    by , November 12th, 2011 at 04:34 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Bike, 20 minutes


    RC exercises
    HS hi row, 195 x 1 x 5, 190 x 4 x 5
    deadlift, 155 x 1 x 5, 165 x 4 x 5
    explosive leg press, 270 x 5 x 10
    power clean & press singles, 75 x 5
    hip abductor, 120 x 3 x 10
    HS bicep curls, 40 x 5 x 5

    knee tuck jumps, 2 x 10
    standing broad jumps, 10
    squat jumps w/bar, 10
    bicycles, 2 x 50
    long arm crunches, 2 x 50

    Treadmill, 30 minutes

    3 miles @ 10:00 pace
    -- my first "run" in maybe 2 years ...

    Yoga/Stretching, 35 minutes


    Woke up this am still not feeling great and I was PISSED! Slightly less pissed after soccer game. Slightly less pissed and feeling better at the gym. Even less pissed since I don't have to make dinner.
  2. Sat., Nov. 5

    by , November 5th, 2011 at 04:34 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises
    power squats, 140 x 1 x 8, 160 x 1 x 8, 190 x 1 x 8, 210 x 1 x 8, 230 x 1 x 8, 250 x 1 x 8
    --hadn't done these in awhile. should have started off heavier. even 250 wasn't that difficult. i'm limited on this machine by it bothering my left shoulders/trap.
    skull crushers, 50 x 2 x 10, 60 x 2 x 7
    -- first time trying the 60 lb BB
    full stop DB rows, 40 x 1 x 10, each side, 45 x 1 x 10, 50 x 1 x 10, 55 x 1 x 10, 60 x 1 x 5/8 (left side weaker)
    -- first time I've tried it with a 60 lb DB
    reverse scoops w/ 35 lb kettleball, 2 x 15

    box jumps, 2 x 10
    knee tuck jumps, 10
    altitude drops, 2 x 10
    med ball slams, 2 x 10

    Yoga/Stretching, 30 minutes


    That could be the fewest exercises I've ever done at the gym! And it wasn't too dreadfully boring.

    Lil Fort did great in her soccer game today (winning goal) and she has a national qualifier race in cross country tomorrow. She's a bit off the NQT, but she's only 11. She did run a 6:41 in her converses in PE the other day, which seems pretty quick to me. She frequently says she "loves swimming and running," which makes me very happy and glad I didn't push any sports too much too soon. I"m very paranoid about teen girl burnout.

    Now must shower and be off!
  3. Friday, Nov. 4

    by , November 4th, 2011 at 04:27 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various

    8 x 50
    odds = caterpillar drill
    evens = single arm fly

    8 x 25 shooters w/fins
    4 back, 4 belly

    Main Sets:
    (Stolen from a recent Paul Smith workout)

    3 x (4 x 50) @ 1:00
    1st round = kick
    2nd round = swim IM order
    3rd round = best average
    -- did breast w/fins and went 33, 33, 32, 31
    -- really working on doing a fly like pull

    50 EZ

    4 x (4 x 75) @ 1:30
    1 = 1st 25 fast
    2 = 2nd 25 fast
    3 = 3rd 25 fast
    4 = 75 fast
    round 1 = free w/paddles (40 on the 75)
    round 2 = flutter kick w/board & fins (43)
    round 3 = IM (fly/back/breast) (42)
    round 4 = dolphin kick w/board & fins (43)

    -- kicks were easier than the swims since I could breathe
    -- no Spr break (akin to Q break) between rounds because I was on Spr interval

    200 EZ

    Total: 3250

    Scurried into my spandex to head to the 2:00 pm bikram class ...

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    This was a great class for me. I usually struggle a bit after a layoff and going right after a workout, but not today. I got a couple "excellents" and a "you totally rocked the class today." Huh. No one passed gas, got emotional, or ran from the classroom. And it was a relatively balmy 105 instead of 110.


    Loved the Clydesdale workout! A nice complement to my AFAP workouts. And sometimes going "fast" is a nice break from going "AFAP" where you have to be really mentally prepared and aggressive. I was surprised I could do a double after yesterday's hard sprint effort, but I was full of energy again today. This is day 5 of an increase in thyroid meds, so I'm thinking it's that. When my wacky thyroid is on the blink, anything but 50s seem "long and sad" (to quote Jazz). Right now, I feel like I could do another workout! Going to shift my day off from Sat until Sunday around Lil Fort's sport schedule. Don't even feel like I need a day off at the moment.

    Booked my flight/hotel for Boston today. I've decided on my events for my two December meets.

    Last Chance: 100 free (50 split), 100 breast
    NE Champs: Sat: 100 IM, 100 fly, 50 free 50 breast; Sun: 200 IM (50 fly split), 50 fly, 100 free

    I thought about signing for the 800 free on Friday night to get a 50 or 100 split, but I want to be completely fresh for Saturday's events.

    Scary article about moderate drinking in the WSJ:

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  4. Tuesday, Oct. 18

    by , October 18th, 2011 at 06:39 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Decided to use my "home gym" again. And it was too nice to be inside.

    TRX squat jumps, 3 x 15
    TRX standing roll out, 2 x 20
    TRX chest press, 2 x 25
    TRX close grip row, 3 x 15
    TRX tricep extension, 2 x 20
    TRX single leg squats, 15 each leg

    power wheel roll outs, 25
    power wheel pike ups, 3 x 10

    knee tuck jumps, 2 x 10
    med ball slams, 3 x15
    ropes, alternating waves, 2 x :30
    ropes, double waves, 2 x :30
    ropes, in and outs, :30

    Erg, 30 minutes

    Stretching/Yoga/Foam Roller, 30 minutes


    Had thought about going to bikram tonight, but decided to do bikram + easy swim tomorrow. That may be the last drylands I do before the Sprint Classic. Possibly one more yoga session.

    I'm glad I have a meet coming up. I've been feeling a tad unmotivated lately. I think it is partly due to the fact that I've only swum in one meet since April. Not as many opportunities here as on the left coast, and my weekends are pretty busy.

    Masters athlete tests positive:

    Also just read that Dana Vollmer and Noriko Inada are training 6-9 hours a day -- 2 x 2 hours dryland + 2 ocean swims with some pool time squeezed in.

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  5. Power Play, Thursday, Oct. 13

    by , October 13th, 2011 at 04:55 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Swim w/Speedo @ OakMarr

    Warm up/Transition:

    600 various
    6 x 50 fly drills
    8 x 25 shooters

    10 x 50 on 1:00
    -- mixed strokes and kick

    Power Sets w/Toys:

    8 x 25 drag race @ 1:00
    -- burst 6 strokes with no push off (4 free, 4 back)
    -- drag race style, floating, then go from zero. or in my case almost zero. took a tiny push off cuz slightly worried about shoulders. will try none next time.

    4 x 50 torque drill w/paddles @ 1:30

    5 x 30s (while Speedo was using parachute)
    -- dive from side + power dolphin kick to 15 m + cruise back

    4 backstroke starts to 15m + cruise back

    8 x 25 power kick w/parachute & paddles
    -- 4 on back (shooter), 4 on tummy to 15 m

    100 EZ

    Total: 2570

    Stretching/Yoga/Foam Roller, 45 minutes


    So glad I stretched! Finally! I was pretty sore today from weights yesterday. Was not ready for lots of timed swims. Glad that Speedo was up for fun power-oriented play.

    Thinking of going away at Thanksgiving with Teen Fort. Neither of us are fans of the holiday. And I'm thinking we need a short happiness trip. Besides, Mr. Fort goes on a ski jaunt every year. So it's our turn. It may not be the best timing for NE Champs, but I don't care.

    Muscle Glycogen Synthesis:

    Another Natalie Coughlin workout:

    Rebecca Soni on Breast:

    Cool TRX exercise:
    [nomedia=""]TRX TV October: Incline Press - YouTube[/nomedia]

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  6. Oct. 6-7

    by , October 7th, 2011 at 03:55 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Bikram, 90 minutes

    Wow, much easier to get through a bikram class when it's the first or only workout of the day!

    I had intended to go to my team practice at night. But after it took me 45 minutes just to drive 3 miles to Lil Fort's cross country practice and get home, I couldn't face an hour+ drive in traffic to Fairfax. And it was probably for the best anyway as the rest enabled me to have a kick ass sprint practice at Mason today.


    Swim/SCY/Solo @ Mason:

    -- no blocks or backstroke flags, but it was refreshingly cool
    -- immediately deleted all fast backstroke from my workout

    Warm up:

    600 various

    8 x 25 shooter on back

    Transition Sets:

    9 x 50 @ 1:00
    3 x free/single arm fly/backstroke kick

    4-5 dives from side with clean entries
    -- left quad started protesting, so I desisted

    4 x 25 burst to 15 m + cruise

    50 EZ

    Sprint Sets:

    5 x (50 fly w/fins AFAP + 150 EZ)
    -- Went mid 24s on 4, high 24 on one
    -- Really happy with these; 2 seconds faster than a month ago
    -- Was wondering if my new fins might have given me an extra speed assist since they're very stiff. But whatever assist they gave me was likely wiped out on the turn as I had difficulty getting a good push off.
    -- I also didn't breath on the first length, which is a slight time saver. May try to do a 1 breath 50 fly at the Sprint Classic.

    1 x 25 AFAP free + 75 easy
    -- Ouch! Flutter kicking hurt the quad too much, probably because I don't engage the core as much as for dolphin kick

    1 x 100 broken 100 fly w/fins fast
    -- long and strong
    -- :15 rest each 25
    -- went :47 (out in 11)
    -- stroke felt awesome

    200 EZ

    Total: 2850


    Very glad to end the week with a kick ass workout. May try to get another speed session in Sunday. I'm due for another dryland workout today. I may hit the TRX while Lil Fort is at soccer practice, and will edit blog. My left quad has not improved over the course of the week, so I think I'm going to have to lay off lower body exercises for awhile. The timing is not ideal, but no other option I fear. Probably need to start icing, etc.
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  7. Wed., Sept. 28

    by , September 28th, 2011 at 07:09 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various
    6 x 50 fly drills
    6 x 25 shooters
    4 x 25 scull
    4 x 25 burst + cruise

    Main Sets:

    6 x broken 100s + 150 EZ @ 5:00
    -- @ 100 race pace
    -- broken at 25s for :15

    1-3 backstroke, no fins
    -- went 1:05s on all three
    -- 16, 16, 16, 17 on the 25s
    -- 14, 13, 13, 12 kicks off walls

    4-6 fly w/fins
    -- went :56 (too cautious), 52, high 51
    -- splits: #4, all 14s; #5, all 13s, #6 12, 13, 13, 13
    -- fly felt strong and smooth after weeks of feeling like crap

    -- definitely gasping for breath at the end of all 6, but the backstroke 100s felt harder.

    4 x 25 free w/parachute & paddles

    100 EZ

    Total: 2950

    Bikram, 90 minutes

    A very unusual occurrence -- Lil Fort got a ride both ways to swim practice with the 2 families we carpool with. So I am heading off to the 8:00 pm bikram class in 20 minutes.


    I slept terribly last night (thunderstorms and other issues) and my legs were somewhat tired from yesterday's kicking. So I did not have high hopes for this workout. Nonetheless, I was fairly pleased with the broken 100s and liked the set. Next time, I may bump the rest down @ the 25s down to :10.
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  8. Tuesday, Sept. 20

    by , September 20th, 2011 at 06:22 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various
    6 x 50 fly drills
    8 x 25 shooters w/MF

    My Version of a 100 Fly Set:

    15 x 100, done as:

    5 x 100 broken shooters w/MF
    -- all UW
    -- broken 10 seconds at each 25
    -- 3 @ 2:30, 2 @ 3:00
    -- not easy

    200 EZ

    5 x (100 broken fly w/fins + 100 EZ)
    -- only 6 SDK off walls
    -- broken 10 seconds each 25
    -- easy speed fly a bit slower than 100 pace
    -- no interval, that wasn't the point
    -- baby steps

    200 EZ

    5 x 100 free w/paddles @ 1:30

    200 EZ

    Total: 3700


    Was tired after yesterday's double, but not flattened. Felt good enough to get in some yards geared toward my 100 fly. Considered going to bikram late tonight, but I think I might be "overdoing," so just stretched instead.

    I was very lucky to dodge a lanemate today since I swam during lunch hour. I think the MF discouraged some. One women had the gall to try to ask me about it on one of my precious 10 second breaks. Do they not see I am breathing hard and looking at the clock? I completely ignored her, really had no other choice.

    It has been so long since I last did a real aerobic set (I usually get them in LCM over the summer), that I'm wondering if I have lost my ability to do one ... Though my heart rate was up on everything today. :-)

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  9. Sept. 17-18

    by , September 18th, 2011 at 10:22 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    Most of Saturday was lovely. Lil Fort scored the winning goal in her soccer game and later ran a great race in her first cross country meet, bringing home a medal and a smile. I squeezed in 60 minutes of P90X stretch on my day off. And I had a nice dinner with Mr. Fort where, unlike Q, the service and dinner were quite good. Like Q, however, whatever I ate did not agree with me and a loss of electrolytes ensued. Unlike Q, I did not make it to the pool today. I watched 8 episodes of the first season of 24 streaming on my TV from netflix and played Words with Friends. That is not a flog listing unfortunately. So I got even more unexpected recovery in! Hope tomorrow will be an improvement and I can train.
  10. Sept. 15-16

    by , September 16th, 2011 at 06:46 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    This was the first class since re-starting post-taper that I haven't felt like flying out of the room to grab more water or air. A comparatively easy class. My back seemed tighter than usual, but was probably from the lactate dolphin kick set.


    Swim/SCY/Solo @ Mason

    Warm up:

    700 various

    10 x 25 shooters on back with fins

    8 x 50 burst 15 + cruise
    (2 free, 2 back, 4 dolphin)

    Speed Sets:

    4 x (50 AFAP w/fins + 150 EZ)
    -- Didn't look at clock for intervals. Hit the hottub after the first two b/c I felt tight, then got back in.

    #1 fly, 25
    #2 fly, 25
    #3 fly-back, low 26 (bad turn)
    #4 breast, 31

    -- Fly felt dreadful again -- very choppy and forced. But at least the flys were faster than I went last week.

    4 x (25 AFAP + 75 cruise)
    -- Did SDK on back from a push, no fins
    -- Went 13s, pretty good. I noticed Ande went 11.2 from a dive. Maybe I'll try that sometime.

    100 EZ

    Total: 2650

    15 minutes of tubbing


    There are still no blocks up at Mason.

    Still do not feel speedy. Well, my kick feels speedy but nothing else. Dolphin kick, the fifth stroke, has apparently become my best stroke. My fly feels particularly foreign. Hopefully, it will come around with more fast pace and easy speed work. (I haven't felt mentally or physically up to longer fly distances yet.) And I've only been at the speed work for a couple weeks. I resisted the urge to do parachute work.

    I am also trying to resist the urge to make Fort Son feel guilty. One of my masters swimmer friends (and former secret nemesis) has a son rowing crew at another college. He skypes several times a week and texts her every day. I have yet to hear how orientation is going or whether he likes his roommate. No, wait, I did get one text asking if he could use his credit card for something. (rolls eyes)
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  11. Sunday, Sept. 11

    by , September 11th, 2011 at 09:28 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Was stuck at home mid-afternoon, so played around with my TRX:

    TRX squat jumps, 3 x 15
    TRX standing roll outs (moving plank) 3 x 15
    TRX knee ins, 3 x 10
    TRX lateral barrier jumps (2 legs) 3 x 15
    TRX sprinter starts, 2 x 20
    TRX tricep extension, 3 x 15*
    TRX Y deltoid fly, 3 x 15

    * In general, I haven't found that many TRX exercises that are great for the upper body
    (though I am still very novice). But I liked this one a lot and it really "worked" the core too.

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    The class was surprisingly not very crowded. Hence, the heat was more bearable. Though I had really had enough by the last few postures. I would be oh so much happier if it were 75 minutes instead of 90. Balance was pretty sucky today.


    Enjoyed my TRX workout. Still need to do some more googling and experimenting to find which exercises I like best.

    The happy news of the day is that Mr. Fort easily got his BQ at the Lehigh Marathon. They had re-routed the course due to flooding and he said it was harder than Boston. Last year to qualify he ran a 3:32 on a flat course and then bonked in Boston and went 3:40. Today, with some injury free hard training, he ran a 3:27:54, 7+ minutes below the BQ for his age group (50-55) of 3:35. There is a new registration system for Boston that favors the fastest runners. The prognosticators apparently believe that running 3 minutes below the BQ will be sufficient to secure entry. So Mr. Fort should be safe. His Garmin went on the blink, so he was fortunate to have his training partner to pace him for 20 miles. He ran a 7:30 final mile, which was his fastest mile. Wow. But then he ended up in the medical tent on an IV. He's fine now and happy about the results. The marathon is on Monday April 16, about 10 days before Nationals start next year. Same weekend as Zones again, darn it.

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  12. Tantrum, Aug. 31

    by , August 31st, 2011 at 06:17 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    I ventured over to Spring Hill Rec around 1:00 today intent on getting in a quality swim. Not happening. Not only were the usual 3 lanes being used as a kiddie diving area, but 3 more were being used for some new swim class. That left a couple lanes in the shallow end already filled with 2 noodlers per lane. I just walked out. Then I complained and asked for a free pass. And apparently, I'm not the only real swimmer complaining!

    This August has been disaster for me wrt swim workouts. I tapered and did virtually nothing the first week and was in a holding pattern the second week when I was planning to swim at the TC. Since August 15, I've only been in the water 4x for generic aerobic workouts. The pool closures and kid camps and noodlers are killing me! If this happens again and my go to pools are closed, I'm taking the summer off.

    I think I may need to revamp my plans for the fall. I had contemplated doing a shortish taper for the Sprint Classic on Oct. 30 to make a run at the SCY backstroke records. (One reason for this strategy was the fact that my best events are on the last day of SCY Nationals -- never a good thing for me.) But I'm not sure I'll be in any kind of shape to make that attempt now. I haven't done a quality workout since July, and I'm sure it'll take awhile to get my speed back. Will reevaluate in one month.

    After leaving the pool, I did some errands, RC exercises and hung out with Fort Son a bit. I'm heading out to yoga at 8:00 pm. Hopefully I'll be in an overwhelming fountain of happiness afterward. Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym and to my team practice. I may have to go in the slow poke lane!

    Saw this meet on the PV meet schedule: Looks like a fun way to get in a speed workout.

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  13. Earthquake Interruption, Tuesday, Aug. 23

    by , August 23rd, 2011 at 10:46 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    This has been a trying summer swim wise for me. Mason has been closed the entire summer. Oak Marr is now closed until October. Most of my practices have been in a crowded pool with lane closures, kiddie campers, kiddie poop, no backstroke flags and noodlers. Very frustrating. But I never in my wildest dreams imagined I'd be hauled out of the pool mid-workout for an earthquake. But I was, around 1:50 or so pm today. Oddly, despite it being a 5.8, I didn't feel a single thing in the water. Like most buildings in the area, we were evacuated from the pool and building right away. We couldn't even go to the locker rooms. After standing outside for some time in disbelief -- earthquakes are rare here -- I realized I needed to leave soon to get Lil Fort, who was at the mall with her visiting cousins. I didn't know if they would be evacuated or not, and my cell phone wasn't working. So I abandoned my clothes in the locker room and drove off clad only in speedo, another workout thwarted. Fortunately, I managed to collect them at the designated place and time without much problem. (Yes, they thought I was mental cruising up in my convertible with only a swimsuit on.) Fort Son was sculling on the Occoquan during the earthquake, which also stressed me out. But, after a bit, he reported feeling like he was waked by a cruise liner, but didn't capsize.

    The damage wasn't too bad at the house with only a few things broken though everything flew off the shelves. Apparently, the Washington Monument is closed indefinitely with damage and the National Cathedral lost an entire spire. Many businesses and the government shut down and gridlock ensued. I stayed home a few hours before venturing out.

    Anyway, here's what I got in:


    Warm up:

    600 various
    8 x 50 fly drill @ 1:00
    8 x 50 backstroke w/turtles @ 1:00

    Main Sets:

    8 x 100 @ 1:45
    odds = IM (drill fly b/c of lane noodler)
    evens = backstroke kick

    Earthquake interruption during #7

    Total: 2150


    RC exercises, 10 minutes
    extreme angle isometric holds:
    left lunge, 3:00
    right lunge, 3:00*
    bicep hold, 4:30
    tricep hold, 5:00**
    squat w/10 lb DB, 5:00

    * Had to take a couple 3 breath breaks during the lunges as recommended in the article I cited a couple days ago. The lunges are so much harder than the squat for me.

    ** Had to use 3 lb handweights instead of 5 lb ones.

    Bikram Yoga, 90 minutes:

    We had a new instructor heat nazi tonight. It was crowded and I was slightly worried after a couple other classes with her, but she kept the temperature lower than other times. (I must admit I complained about it to another experienced instructor after one of my classes.)


    My lats and muscles around the inside elbow area were really sore, probably predictable so, after yesterday's gym effort. Perhaps high reps, lower weight isn't so easy! I have a very busy day tomorrow with leaving for MN Thursday am. I really hope nothing gets in the way of a swim tomorrow! My right shoulder does feel better now after intensive RC work and taking a week off swimming.

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  14. Wed., Aug. 17

    by , August 17th, 2011 at 09:30 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    RC exercises, 15 minutes

    extreme angle step ups w/DBs, 25 x 3 x 10
    dead lift, 95 x 4 x 8
    back extensions w/plate, 25 x 2 x 15
    hanging straight leg raises, 3 x 10
    knee tuck jumps, 2 x 10
    altitude drops, 10
    alternating hammers, 25 x 2 x 20

    Bikram, 90 minutes:

    Survived today with no problem. I was even "perfect" on standing separate leg stretch and rabbit pose! I made sure I was super well hydrated and stuffed full of electrolytes. Today I went to the 2:00 pm class, which is much smaller than the 6:00 pm class. When you're packed like sardines, the heat is even worse than usual.


    Felt dreadful yesterday after Monday's heat induced hurling. Just did my RC exercises.

    Today, I started off slowly in the gym on the long road back to dryland fitness. It's been 4 and 1/2 weeks of no weights aside from a short core workout last week. Too bad I lost last week when I abstained from weights b/c I thought I would be swimming in the TC. Going to hold off on the upper body a few days more.

    After that, I took my Mini Fort out for a birthday shopping spree. Between birthdays and buying college items, my credit card has been burning!

    Not sure what I'll do tomorrow. But I may not hop back in the pool just yet.
  15. 2/3 Yoga, Aug. 15

    by , August 15th, 2011 at 11:53 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    ART, 30 minutes:

    Snuck in on a cancellation today. My doc thinks I should desist from non kick sprinting for awhile and ramp up RC work unless it's something very important. Since I am beyond paranoid about shoulder issues and tendonitis, I'm going to take his advice.

    Bikram, 60 minutes:

    Ack! This was my worst experience with bikram. The first half seemed like a breeze: balance uncommonly good after a layoff and the heat was not unbearable. Then, about 2/3 of the way through, I started feeling very nauseous. This is apparently not uncommon in the heat. But it hit me hard and I barely made it to the loo before hurling. Very distressing. Haven't really felt well the rest of the night.


    Given my doctor's advice, I'm going to skip swimming in the Terrapin Cup. My shoulder has been bothering me since before the Hains Point meet, over a month, and I think I need to give it a break. And I was awakened several times with shoulder pain last night. I really don't want the pain to spill over into September and the short course season; I want to be healthy and ready to rock and roll. I will still be at the meet and am happy to film anyone's race. Just hand me your camera! And I will continue to look for my own lost charger ...

    I was planning on doing a lot of bikram this week. But now I'm a little leery .. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

    Thanks to all of you who watched and commented on the Swimming World TV interview!
  16. Monday, Aug. 1

    by , August 1st, 2011 at 07:08 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various

    4 x 25 single arm fly

    8 x 25
    odds = easy speed fly
    evens = easy

    8 x 25
    odds = dolphin kick @ 100 pace to 15m + cruise
    evens = drill
    -- Hmm ... On the ones on my belly, 11 solid kicks got me past the 15 m mark. Must have been getting pretty good DPS; makes me wonder what it would be in a tech suit.

    8 x 25 back no SDK

    8 x 25
    odds = free, focusing on breakouts
    evens = breast

    100 EZ

    Total: 1600

    Stretching, 30 minutes



    Rats, no easy speed yet. Felt like lead in the water still, maybe slightly better by the end. Normally this would mess with my mind some, but I am uncharacteristically calm. It does make me somewhat glad that the 2 events I care least about are the first day (50 evil and 100 fly), so I can work out the kinks. I am trying to have no expectations about these events. As Ahelee has said, "enthusiasm plus no expectations = happiness."

    Jimby has given me the following sage advice about how one feels pre-taper meet: "I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter AT ALL, in fact, there may even be an inverse correlation (feel bad before, swim better during.) I also have come to conclude that positive thinking (you have to be able to visualize swimming great in order to actually do it) is vastly overrated. None of this matters. It's only evidence of a nervousy mind preparing itself for pain." All this preliminary suffering apparently makes the post-meet relief and happiness all the more compelling.

    I am really really sick of tapering. The last week is just murder.

    My shoulder is still bothering me somewhat. I seem to be tossing and turning at night. Some of it may be due to stopping weights as well -- my shoulders always feel somewhat hinky during taper. Going to try to ice more.

    I'm packing Mini Fort off to rowing camp in the am. The really big job of getting Fort Son ready to pack off to college begins after Nationals.
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  17. Tuesday, July 26

    by , July 26th, 2011 at 06:48 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    600 various

    4 x 50 single arm fly

    6 x 25
    odds = shooter
    evens = no breather free

    50 scull

    6 x 25
    odds = shooter
    evens = no breather free

    50 scull

    -- Other person in the lane left. So I did 3 backstroke starts.

    6 x 25
    odds = shooter
    evens = no breather free

    50 scull

    4 x 25 easy breaststroke

    4 x 50 stroke drills

    50 EZ

    Total: 1750

    Stretching & Yoga, 30 minutes



    Just another easy workout. (Not sure that should be called a "workout" actually.) I was somewhat cheered by the fact that I felt lighter in the water and riding higher than on previous sluggish days. I am somewhat down by the fact that I now officially feel fat again after the abrupt halt to training. And even more down by the fact that someone backed into my new car today. On the upside, she did leave a telephone number so that I'm not hit with the deductible.

    I could feel the groin strain in breast today, but it wasn't bad. I wish 50 breast were the last event instead of the first though. My shoulder is still twingy, but much better. Oddly it hurts when I swim with high elbows in free. So I am just using my straight arm sprinter version of free. (Although I noticed the women who won the 1500 free today at Worlds used a straight arm style.)

    I have tinkered around with my backstroke start the last few months. But I am most comfortable with a somewhat unconventional style. I don't push my ass out as far as most advocate and my feet-ass are at less than a 90 degree angle. I just like to pull up with a straight back and head neutral or slightly back. I seem most like the woman in lane 5 here: And if she can do it that way, so can I!

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    Swim Workouts , Yoga
  18. Monday, July 25

    by , July 25th, 2011 at 06:09 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    15 minutes RC exercises

    30 minutes foam roller & stretching

    -- When I stretch, I pick from the following list of stretches:


    600 various

    4 x 100 w/paddles
    25 scull, 25 kick, 50 free

    4 x 25 shooters

    50 EZ

    4 x 50, burst dolphin kick to 15 + cruise

    50 EZ

    2 x (25 AFAP w/fins + 75 EZ)
    free, low 11
    flutter kick w/board, low 11

    50 EZ

    1 x 50 fast fly w/fins
    -- high 24

    200 EZ

    Total: 1900



    I'm feeling rather tired and sloggish the last few days. It's likely just that lovely stage in my taper, though I haven't slept that well the last couple nights either. Got home late last night after seeing Captain America with Mr. Fort.

    This may be the last time I look at the clock. Might be my last fast 50 too.

    The meet info for the Terrapin Cup on Aug 20-21 is up: I'm likely just going to swim 50s at this meet. But I'll see how Nats goes. Maybe I'll have to enter some surprise event so everyone can have a good laugh.
    Swim Workouts , Yoga
  19. Thursday, July 21

    by , July 21st, 2011 at 06:14 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    @ Gym:

    15 minutes RC exercises

    30-35 minutes broomstick, foam roller & yoga

    @ Pool Swim/SCY/Solo:

    -- Swiped and modified Chris' active recovery workout from yesterday.

    Warm up:

    600 various

    8 x 50
    odds = dolphin kick w/board
    evens = single arm fly

    Main Sets:

    4 x 150 @ 2:45
    50 single arm free +
    50 single arm back +
    50 SSR rotation drill

    4 x 75 w/paddles @ 1:30
    25 scull + 25 kick (paddles as kick board) + 25 free

    10 x 50 @ 1:15
    odds = 25 shooter on back + 25 cruise
    evens = no breather free, open turn (not easy!)

    50 EZ

    Total: 2450



    Just did an easy active recovery workout. Where's the yawn emoticon? I was planning on a sprint workout tomorrow, but I'm not sure I can squeeze it in ... The swim team is having practice and then going straight to Harry Potter. (Assuming Lil Fort is well enough to attend.) I'd have to swim in the very late afternoon or evening. Of course that may be preferable to braving a public pool on a summer weekend.

    We're having a bit of heat wave here -- scorching hot. This does not dissuade me, however, from driving around with the top down (and AC blasting)!

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  20. Monday, July 18

    by , July 18th, 2011 at 04:42 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)
    @ Gym:

    15-20 minutes RC exercises

    30 minutes stretching + foam roller
    -- felt dreadful at first and then better at end
    -- wish I had been smarter and started stretching more the minute I got back from vaca. 100 lashes!

    @ Pool, SCY/Swim/Solo:

    Warm up:

    550 various

    6 x 50 single arm fly/back/free

    8 x 50 @ 1:00
    odds = 25 easy free + 25 build
    evens = 25 easy kick + 25 build

    Sprint Sets:

    10 x burst 25s @ whatever
    odds = backstroke start + fast SDK to 15 m
    evens = dive from side + fast SDK to 5 m

    4-5 more backstroke starts
    100 EZ

    1 x 75 AFAP free w/fins from push + 125 EZ
    -- broken at 25 & 50 for :10
    -- went :54 (11, 11, 12)
    1 x 50 AFAP free w/fins from push + 100 EZ
    -- broken at 25 for :10
    -- went :22 (11, 11)
    1 x 25 AFAP free with fins from push + 75 EZ
    -- went low 11

    1 x 75 AFAP breast w/fins + 125 EZ
    -- broken at 25 & 50 for :10
    -- went :43 (14, 14, 15)
    1 x 25 AFAP breast w/fins + 125 EZ
    -- went 14
    -- intended to do a broken 50, but a noodler swam in front of me to get to the ladder just as I was about to go and I had to abort. I watch for them, why are they so oblivious to others?
    -- got out at this point because I was cramping and needed to pick up Lil Fort.
    -- probably should take the foam roller to the calves again tonight.

    Total: 2450



    My shoulder is still somewhat sore. Felt it at the gym when I was doing seated straight arm dips for the RC. But it felt good enough to attempt a few freestyle sprints today. Was happy with the times, but I didn't feel sharp at all. I plan to do a recovery workout tomorrow and hope to meet up with Speedo on Wednesday.

    Will be on my feet officiating during a long summer league meet tonight. I hope it doesn't get thundered out. Lil Fort is looking forward to her first 100 IM of the summer league season.
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