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Strength Training and Dryland Workouts

  1. Strength training weights

    Working on getting strong (from surgery on kidney) and building my strength back up with weights hoping to be strong again soon in the pool. We have a meet coming up late November Im hoping to be strong and fast enough to be in.

    Deadlift 125#x8
    Single arm row 40#x6
    Bridge Drag Sand Bag 30#x10
    Kneeling rollout wheel x5
    pull ups x6
    Waiter carry KB 25#x20yrds
    Back Sqt 55#x8
    Overhead Press 45#x5

    2nd set

    Deadfift 135#x5
    Single arm row 40#x6
    Bridge Drag Sans Bag 30#x
    kneeling rollout wheel x5
    Pullups x6
    Waiter Carry KB 25#x20yrds
    Back Sqt 55#x8
    Overhead Press 50#x5
  2. Strength & Swim

    Deadlift 135#x6. 1st set. 145#x3. 2nd set
    single arm row 45#x10. 1st and 2nd set
    Bridge drag (sandbag) 20#x20. 1st and 2nd set
    kneeling rollout 10x. 1st and 2nd set
    assisted pull up x8. 1st set, 5 2nd set
    waiter carry30#x20 yrds 1st and 2nd set
    back Sqt 80#x6 1st and 2nd set
    overhead press 60#x4 1st and 2nd set

    500 w/u
    8x75's kick w/o board,4 and 8 MAX efforts
    6x 100's pull, bilateral breathing,tight turns,power off wall
    12x50's drill/swim 25's work all strokes free,back,breast,fly
    6x50's free hard effort
    300 cool
  3. Great power phase & Swim

    Power phase
    Snatch 25# fast 2 sets
    Swing KB 35# fast 2 set
    Lunge jmp fast 2 sets
    Spd Skiers fast 2 sets
    Slam MB 16# fast 2sets
    Tuck jmp fast 2 sets
    Asst pull ups slow 2 sets
    push ups 12 slow 2 sets
    Goblet sqts 30# slow 2 sets

    rest 30 min

    Swim scy
    350 mod pace warm up, tight turns, dolphin off wall
    10 50's kick sets
    6 25's fly single arm alternate
    6 100 pull bouy, catch up, pull drill
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 150's bi lateral breathing, pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall

    pretty much a jelly fish now, need rest for tomorrow is another swim day. Also getting ready for the Gulf Masters Swimming Challange!! Got to work on getting those yards in!!
  4. Power phase & swim

    Snatch 25# fast
    Swing kb 35# fast
    Lunge jump fast
    Spd skiers 10x fast
    Slam 16# med ball fast
    Tuck jump fast
    Asst pull up 12x slow
    Push ups 12 slow
    Goblet sqt 30# slow

    450 catch up pull, tight turns, dolphin off wall
    20 50's mix kick set free, back,breast,dolphin, otter
    12 25's caterpillar
    6 100's catch up, pull, alternate side breathing
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 25's otter.

    My swim coach is out of town for the holidays, I really feel I need a change of pase, this workout is becoming effortless unless I shorten the times, but then again I feel the technique may begin to weaken.

    Also wish I had someone to do these swim workouts with!!
  5. Strength and swim

    Deadlift 135, 2nd crtct 145#
    Swing KB 35# 20x 2 circuits fast
    Asst pull ups 10x 2 crcts
    spd skiers 6x 2 crcts fast
    Bridge drag 20# 20x 2 crcts
    kneeling side throw 16# 2 crcts fast
    Back Sqt 80# 2crcts
    Sqt jump fast
    OH press 60# 2 crcts
    Push Prs 30# fast

    450 warm up
    10 50's mix kick,free, back, breast, dolphin,otter
    6 25's caterpillar
    6 100's catch up, pull, tight turns, power off wall
    6 25's breaststroke
    6 25's otter
    350 easy cool
  6. Strength & Swim

    Deadlifts 135# 6, 145#3 2 circuits
    KB swng fast35# 20 2 crcts
    Asst pull up 10 2 crcts
    Spd ski fast 6 2 crcts
    Brdg drg 20# 2 crcts
    Knl sad thr fast 16#5 2 crcts
    Bk Sqt 80#5 2 crts
    Sqt jmp 5 fast 2crts
    OH Prs 60#4 2crts
    Psh press fast30#2 crcts.

    Long 500 easy
    4;25's Otter
    4;25's back easy
    4;25's caterpillar
    8;50's kick mix kick sets
    2;400 cool

    I can't thank my my personal trainer Chris Ritter enough for all my progress. His excellent guidance has made me become a stronger swimmer!
    And my personal coach Corrie UH COOG's for helping me with percition, giving me great direction and confidence to face up coming competitions!!
  7. Outdoor pools finaly open

    Its been months since last post,
    nevertheless still going strong with Chris Ritter strength training. DL's like 165#, back sqts 95# and over head press55# amongst other crazy looking faces exercise with strenuous pushes and pulls. What a difference in my swimming the w/o's have made. In the mid of my swim workouts at about after 2000m (variety sets) its as if my body is a speed boat on top the water!! amazing.. I'm sure its all in my head!! and for me that's ok.. I just love to swim!!

    Here in Houston the weather is great and the outdoor pools (not all) have finally opened up!! Totally could use some sun!!

    I've been teaching adults to swim (I'm ALTS Inst.) and am loving every moment of it. Feels great to help people achieve their goals learning to swim and feeling more confident in the pool!!
  8. Speed set w/o dryland

    Wish I had more time post.. I enjoy exploring through the usms site, I feel more connected to what I love to do the most in life. I've been researching looking for a person swim coach that can get me in gear to compete spring season 2016. My coach referred me to a one on one coach but, only offers 2 sessions a month ($300) with 4 additional individual w/o.. may as well just stay with the large group I currently swim with.. my work schedule is what keeps me from meeting with my coach and his w/o sessions.. I'll figure something out!!
    On the other hand my strength training is going well. And I can most definitely feel the power of my strength in the pool, just wish I knew how to utilize every ounce of energy and strength simultaneously..

    Deadlifts 145#8x2sets slow
    Swing KB 30#12x2sets FAST
    Asst Pull ups 10x2sets slow
    Slam MedBall 15#6x2sets FAST
    Back Sqt Barbell 55#6x2sets slow
    Sqt Jump 5x2sets FAST
    Overhead Press Barbell 45#5x2sets slow
    Push Press 20#5x2sets FAST
    Half Turkish getup 10#3x2sets slow
    Kneeling sidethrow Medball 15#5x2sets FAST

    Still swimming strong and coach tells me I'm ready for competition.. I need more training..
  9. Awesome strenght train

    I walk my rescued labs every morning for 2 miles and though the heat is excruciating, we're out there walking it!! I find it easier to start at 7/7:30am where its not so hot and gives me time to cool off, shower and head to work.
    Todays strength train session, given by Chris Ritter via online training was most excellent. Discovering that I can do more reps considering coming back from vacation is such an uprise! I want to do more but know I shouldn't push too much incase of injury.. that would be why he's my trainer!! right?!! of course!! Swim w/o tomorrow, love so much being is the water.. It's hot both outside and in the 50m pool but, just keep swimming!!

    deadlift 135#10reps 3x
    Single Arm row 35#12reps 3x
    Kneeling rollout 10reps 3x
    waiter carry 25# 20yds02x
    pull ups 8 2x
    Goblet qut 40#10reps 2x
    kneeling s/a press 20#10reps 2x
    kneeling chst press 35# 15reps 2x
    Felt so alive after w/o.. Thanks Chris!!
  10. Jackson hole and Breckenridge

    Last entry about 2mo ago.. Summer is the busiest time of year for me at work.. vacationed in Jackson hole from July 10th to the 18th. Flew back to Houston, rested 3 days and then drove to Breckenridge(15hrs) with my brother, niece and nephew July22nd to the 30th. What a long time out of the pool.. thought my skin was going to dry out from being out of the water so long.
    My strength training with Chris Ritter is going on strong. Although was away from the weights my body is moving forward quickly.. I'm ever so happy about that, thought it would take more time to get back in it!! My coach is on vacation so I'm looking up swim workouts on some of the other post.. not that I can do them all at the same time but the ambition definitely lives in me.. Wish I could be at summer nats this year.. but look forward to building myself back up for spring nats/summer nats 2016..
    swimming everyday always start with 1650w/u, 1000 intervals & Sprints
    Strength Mondays, Wed, and Fridays.. Great to be back in it!!
  11. Stronger swim

    It's been 5 months now since I've been training with Chris Ritter and oh what a challenge it's been. My swimming has improved with the strength traing and the power sets I've routinely performed. As I reach long and far in the beginning of the catch I feel the muscle groups in my shoulders and arms begin to engage, feeling the power of the catch,pull and the finish, understanding the importance of the Pull-Ups and Kneeling s/a Press. My core engages as I control my breathing through each stroke and flutter kick, at which my calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes engage propelling me through the water, I feel the importance of the Goblets Squats and Deadlifts. It all seems to be coming together. My strength traing has increased in both weights and reps and I'm seeing and feeling the progress. My coach and Chris are getting me ready for upcoming competitions telling me I'm doing great. I feel I need to be stronger and I tell coach and Chris, "I'll give it my all"!!
  12. Strength train, showing improvement on time and stroke

    My swim time is improving! But most importantly I can feel the power in my stroke and my coach is also telling he sees an improvement in my stroke tech and times in LCM. So... Keep on strength training I tell myself even though the workouts are strenuous..ok Chris Ritter.. Bring it on!!


    Deadlifts 135#5x,2sets
    Swing kettle bell 30#10x,2sets FAST
    Assist Pull ups 10x,2sets
    Slam med ball 15#8x,2sets FAST
    Goblet Sqt kettle bell 35#6x,2sets
    Squat jump 5x,2sets FAST
    Kneeling S/A press 20#8x,2sets
    Push press15#5x,2setsFAST
    Core Push50#5x,2sets
    Kneeling side throw med ball 8x,2setsFAST

    my weights were recently upped... So I am a bit soar but nothing a nice massage and or jacuzzi can't fix..
  13. Working hard, Swimming hard and Strenght training seriously

    Ok, so its been about 3 weeks since my last entry. A lot has gone on since in that time period. First I'd like to say congratulations to all the swimmers who were at the San Antonio US Masters Nats! I was there as a volunteer and wanted to experience what it would be like to be in such an I thought intimidating crowd.. not it all!! I had a great time meeting swimmers and working with the volunteers who love the swimming just as I. If Im able to get my times up I'd like to sign up for summer nats... fat chance!!LOL!! but I do have hope!! till then lots of swimming with coach Greg/team COOGS and training with Chris Ritter, which I had the opportunity and privilege of meeting!!

    Training Sunday;

    Deadlift 125#10x 2 sets
    Swing kettle bell 30#10xFAST 2 sets
    Assist Pull ups 10x 2 sets
    Slam Med Ball 15# 6X FAST 2 sets
    Goblet Squat Kettle Bell 30#15x 2 sets
    Squat Jump 5x FAST 2 sets
    Kneeling Single Arm press 20# 8x 2sets
    Push Press (jumping) 15# 5xFAST 2sets
    Core Push cable 50#5x2sets
    Kneeling side throw Med Ball 15#5xFAST 2 sets

    Swimming Monday evening SCY
    1000 mod pace
    300 Back mod/fast pace
    200 cool
    1000 pull buoy mod/fast pace
    200 cool
    300 fast pace
    200 cool

    This evening Tuesday swimming with team..yikes!! Coach has no mercy LOL
  14. Saturday Strenght train/ Sunday swim

    Friday was a nice restful day and also enjoyed a great 90 minute massage, pretty much fell asleep through the majority of it. Totally needed it bc of the Thursday swim that whipped me out!!LOL!! And as for Saturdays strength train session.. well..

    Deadlifts 125#8x2sets
    Single arm row 30#8x2sets
    Kneeling rollout 12x2sets
    Waiter Carry 20#, 20 yd 2sets
    Pull ups 10x 2 sets
    Coblet squat 30#12x2sets
    Kneeling single arm press 20#8x2sets
    Knelling chest press cable 25#8x2sets

    Sunday swim pretty much stretched everything out with distance laps.

    1800 scy free mod/fast pace focus on stretching lats and reaching far in front of
    finger tips and hands, catch and pull through, elbows out, soft entry..
    200 kick easy
    1000 pull buoy focus on rotation, had my eyes closed barely peeking to make sure I
    was staying in alignment.. very relaxing and wonderful stretch through out
    long body, keeping back aligned as well.. total zen!!
  15. Back in the H2O and hitting weights again

    After a week and just about 3 days of this horrible bug I had (strep throat/cold) I was finally able to test my strength in pool yesterday. My swim felt somewhat strong and I did not feel too fatigued after not being in the pool for so many days. This morning I woke up and completely felt myself!! I was incredibly happy!! Being sick and having down time can be pretty depressing. So I was happy to hit the weights today.

    Swam Tuesday 2200 scy drills, intervals and builds

    Strength super sets

    Deadlift 125#6x2reps
    Swing Kettle bell 30#10x2reps FAST
    TRX Pull up 12x2reps
    Slam Med ball 15#6x2reps FAST
    Goblet Squat 30#8x2reps
    Squat Jump 5x2reps FAST
    Kneeling singlearm Press 20#6x2reps
    Push press 15#5x2reps FAST
    Kneeling side throw med ball 15#5x2reps FAST
  16. Strenght

    Its been a couple of weeks since my last post!! And also went on a week long ski trip in Santa Fe NM. I have a family vacation house there and there had been an extra 4' foot of fresh snow to snowboard on!. I celebrated my 43rd birthday March 3rd and had a wonderful vacation. Getting back to work, swimming with team and strength training is now back on track!! Yea!!

    Chris Ritter has made a new program for me incorporating "Speed Sets" and makes me feel like Wonder Woman my weights and reps are up.. and progress in the pool is gleaming!!


    Deadlifts 125#5x2reps
    Swing kettle bell 30#10xFAST 2eps
    TRX Pull ups10x2reps
    Slam medicine bell15#6x FAST 2reps
    Goblet Squat kettle bell 30#6x2reps
    Squat Jump5x FAST 2reps
    Kneeling Single arm Press 20#5x2reps
    Push Press15#5x FAST 2reps
    Core Push cable 50#5x2reps
    Kneeling side Throw medicine ball 15#5x FAST 2reps

    Unbelievable workout! but I so love the challenge and I feel stronger and am definitely more tone!!
  17. Monday weights

    Monday night was a late workout for me. By the time I was done with my program I barely had any energy to shower.. and of course I did and immediately crashed to sleep.

    Hip circuits
    Cook Squats
    Single leg sit down

    Deadlift BB 95#8x2reps
    Opposite Bridge 18x2reps
    Batwing 25#5x2reps
    Waiter Carry 15#20yds 2 reps
    Seated Pull TRX8x2reps
    Goblet Squat 25#10x2 reps
    Single arm chest press 25#12x2 reps
    Core push Cable 40#10x2 reps

    Weights and reps are increasing and I'm liking the outcome of this workout along with swimming with the team.. YIKES!! which will be this evening!!
  18. Strength

    Shoulder Mobility+Tennis Ball
    Windup Stretch
    Seated Wall Angel
    Hip Circuits
    Cook Squats
    Single leg Sit Down

    Opposite Bridge16x2reps
    Batwing Dumbell25#5x2reps
    Waiter Carry+Kettle bell15#20yds,2reps
    Seated Pull up TRX4x2reps
    Goblet Squat Kettle bell25#8x2reps
    Single arm Chest Press 25@10x2reps
    Core Push +cable40#8x2reps

    My workouts are changing slightly as Chris had upped some weights and reps on my program. I'm feeling it!! and " I'm feeling good!!" as Nina Simone was sing it!!
  19. Swim and Dryland

    Haven't posted in a while, getting behind on some things, but still strength training and swimming!!

    strength Thursday 2/12
    Shoulder Mobility
    Wind up stretch
    Hip Circuits
    Cook Squats
    Single leg Sit Down

    Deadlifts 95#5x2reps
    Opposite Bridge 12 movements 2 reps
    Batwing 25#5x2reps
    Waiter Carry15#20yds,2 reps
    Seated Pull Up TRX8x
    Goblet Squat 25#6x2reps
    Core Push Cable 40#6x2reps

    Swim 2/14
    1025 ez focus on long reach,riding hips
    400 back focus on hip rotation and shoulder surfacing first before
    1000 pull bouy focus on finger tips entry, forearm paddle, high
    High elbows
    800 fast/mod pace, alternating odds fast, evens mod pace
    125 cool down


    was extremely tired and hungry, but felt sensational!
  20. Dryland

    I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.. I did my stretch today nice and slow readying myself for new Monday workout program http://Rittersp (my trainer) has made for me. This starts a new month and the workout is challenging, but great!
    Deadlift barbell 95# 5x 2 reps
    Opposite Bridge 12x 2 reps
    Batwing 25# 5x 2 reps
    Waiter Carry dumbbell 15# 20 yrd ea arm 2 reps
    TRX Pull up 7x 2 reps
    Single arm chest press 25# 8x 2 reps
    Core Push 40# 6x 2 reps
    I really felt this workout!! Soaked in the jacuzzi for a few minutes before shower.. Wanted to fall asleep on the shower bench.. btw... I may have!!
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