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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    That plyo set was hard! I never do conditioning sets like that. Rich A does, I seem to recall. I think it would just wipe me out for the pool, so do quality yos with max rest. Doing a recovery workout today? :-)
  2. Water Rat's Avatar
    I did a quick survey and the ladies in Pitt all scream "Clipped!". This includes those from the Tilted Kilt.
    My taper was 3 weeks. The first week is same yardage on longer intervals. a little less intensity. 2nd week is 10% less yardage with again longer intervals and less intensity. last week the bottom drops out. 50% less yardage. technique, technique, technique. sweat the small stuff and the details like breathing patterns, stroke rate, turn position, number of SDK's, etc. the last week, my feeling is REST is utmost importance. sleep in. go to bed early. eat right. at the end of each workout, i'd do some short speed work. nothing longer than a 25 and not every day.
    i can't stand drag suits! i don't know how people use them day in and day out
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    And Zones wasn't exactly an easy workout for you, coming right after that LT set.

    I dunno, I only did a couple LT sets all season. Definitely not anywhere near a meet.

    I still like the linear decrease best, but I did all right with crash taper for zones, bump it up and then 2 week taper.
  4. SwimStud's Avatar
    I did a LT set the Wed before Zones and then started taper. I just feel like I really ready to race...maybe I just held taper who knows, but remember I felt blah even in the week before Nats and only just felt excited a day before...I'll go a-tapering a little earlier next time...especially if zones is in there.
  5. The Fortress's Avatar
    How long did you taper? I know you bumped it down earlier than me, but don't know the progression.

    I like to be sleeker in the water to practice racing skills. I should wear a tech suit more in practice. Stay clipped if it's not a huge hassle.
  6. jroddin's Avatar
    My lifetime best 50y free was done about an hour after drinking a pint of Rogue Red Ale. Our 200 free relay team (1994 Masters Nationals/Tempe) went across the street for a beer after our individual events and we came back, warmed up, and swam the relay. I had never been below 22 and I went 21.4 leading off that relay! I felt like I was going backward, though, as Troy Dalbey was next to me (around 20.1, I think). Perhaps I caught a nice draft (pun intended).
  7. SwimStud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Obviously she mistook you for Daniel Craig. I'm sure it happens all the time.
    Yes but usually only when I have my dinner suit and bow-tie on...
  8. SwimStud's Avatar
    I find wine is a good in meet supplement. I cut out Beer in training but once I'm at the meet, it's time to enjoy...
  9. Bobinator's Avatar
    Thank you Stud, this is exactly what I'm looking for. I will no longer abstain or limit my wine consumption for swim events. I really wanted a 2nd glass at Palamino and I should have!!
  10. swimmieAvsFan's Avatar
    I know Muppet had a pint two of the nights we were out in Indy, and ended up with at least 1 lifetime PR the next day both times. So there might be something to beer as a recovery drink (and perhaps wine as well?)
  11. Water Rat's Avatar
    I find a big ole draft beer makes me happier than a diet coke. And I believe I swim better happy.

    Rich be honest. Sid u out on an Irish accent to impress the girls at the TK?
    great seeing you as always. These meets wouldn't be the same without u
  12. knelson's Avatar
    PSM (Puget Sound Masters, what was previously known as PNA) had a team happy hour after the meet Thursday. I was the only person in attendance, out of maybe 15 or so, who drank alcohol. I'm not going to get shnockered or anything, but I see no reason to become a teetotaler either! Not to mention I think I earned a beer or two after swimming the 1650.

    Oh, and I should mention to Rich that I saw his 50 breast and I was very impressed. Not bad at all for someone who had knee surgery just a few months ago!
  13. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Obviously she mistook you for Daniel Craig. I'm sure it happens all the time.

    No idea why folks are so vigilant about going on the wagon during taper! Doesn't seem to bother me a bit.

    Glad you remembered what slick side pocket the phone was in. Poor Teen Fort would've missed her heat of the 200 evil and there would have been even more evil teen drama.
  14. knelson's Avatar
    ...some odd girl at the airport shimmying at me and blowing kisses while I was waiting for Fortress.
    Obviously she mistook you for Daniel Craig. I'm sure it happens all the time.
  15. pwb's Avatar
    Sounds like a great weekend ... once the car was found!
  16. rxleakem's Avatar
    Excellent meet - happy you are realizing some great races.

    Hey, did you wear the same special shirt to the forumites dinner that you did at BU?
  17. jroddin's Avatar
    You better make sure your knee is healthy. You may need it to run away if I catch you calling my wife again!
  18. The Fortress's Avatar
    I like that set. It looks like one I would assign. I'm a fan of the short break after an AFAP effort then smooth swim. The rest isn't much, but the moderate kicks can be quasi recovery.
  19. Water Rat's Avatar
    Rich, good luck and be careful. Patience!
  20. aztimm's Avatar
    Are you still able to swim? Any breaststroke?

    Have you been icing, stretching, elevating, or wearing a brace?

    I've decided that running does too much damage to me and I'm just doing little bits. Cycling isn't nearly as bad, so long as I don't fall, though it is more damaging to my wallet.
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