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The Labours of SwimStud

Ah just my workouts and meets etc...
The odd random thought and I hope nugget of information from a non top ten/elite yukster, which might be useful to other regular guys in speedos!

  1. "I'm only hum-an...."

    by , June 10th, 2013 at 11:25 AM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    OK So here's a video for you...I'm sure you've seen it.

    Well the guy at the end, I just did that after a grueling 85 miler.
    Bike came out of it the best: just a slightly bent handlebar that could be replaced.
    Car got dinged and scratched. Roof bars mangled, bike carried bent (might be able to straighten that out to a functional state). Then to top it all my backside hurts from the ride.

    All this for charity.