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  1. Ron Lockman's Avatar

    I didn`t swim a pier this week-end,.hopefully I`ll swim the Ocean Beach Pier next week-end. Here is an interesting video,,I believe the shark is a maco, not a tiger.
  2. ViveBene's Avatar
    What an adventure! It's great you are writing everything down. Did you swim a pier this past weekend, Oct. 18-19?
    I'll try to look at the photos (dialup leaves one "trying," for the most part). Good luck on the next!
  3. knelson's Avatar
    This is a great read, Ron! I really felt your excitement and nervousness. I think it's funny you already missed a pier on just your second attempt, though

    I'll be down in San Diego visiting my parents this weekend. Don't think I'll get in any pier swims. If I visit PB I'll definitely be thinking about your swim, though!
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  5. ViveBene's Avatar
    Thanks for the album of photos! That looks a bit wavy.
    When is your next swim?

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  7. Ron Lockman's Avatar
    I have had a difficult time posting photos,.but have succeeded in doing so in my Album.
  8. knelson's Avatar
    This is a really cool idea, Ron. Good luck!
  9. Ron Lockman's Avatar
    That photo is of me the morning of my first Alcatraz swim at Aquatic Park. Hopefully I`ll be able to post pictures,..I`ve been having difficulty.
  10. ViveBene's Avatar
    Thanks! Is your new avatar a photo of you at Imperial Beach? This is an epic journey, and I will look forward to the next installment!