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    Quote Originally Posted by srupe
    Can a swimmer take multiple dolphin kicks into the wall?
    I believe so as long as your arms don't do anything wrong.
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    Can a swimmer take multiple dolphin kicks into the wall?
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    This rule will be modified in the 2018 rule book. Up until now, the decision to approve automatic splits has rested with the meet host, meet referee, and championship committee. A modification to 103.18.2 in the 2018 rule book will make the recording of automatic splits mandatory at national championships.
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    from the rule book approval for automatic splits starts with a recommendation from the meet host which the referee may approve automatic recording of individual and lead off splits

    and if the National Championship meets now have automatic splits for individual events then the rule should be changed to reflect that


    Upon a recommendation from the meet host, the meet referee may approve the automatic recording of individual initial splits and relay leadoff splits without the requirement for a written request subject to the following conditions:

    C For national championship meets, the meet referee may approve automatic splits with the concurrence of the USMS Championship Committee.
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    Regarding knelson's question, no not necessarily. The turn is completed when the feet leave the wall. Once a swimmer makes a legal touch, the swimmer may turn in any manner desired.
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    Yes, that is correct. Once the feet the leave the wall, the swimmer must have attained a body position required by the stroke part of the rules. In the case of backstroke, if a swimmer make a legal touch with the hand, the swimmer could stand on the bottom of the pool "during the turn prior to pushing off of the wall to complete the turn. However, if a swimmer rotates past vertical, there cannot be any action independent of the continuous turning action before the feet touch the wall. So, it would not be possible to stand on the bottom during the turn in this case.
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    Wouldn't "during the turn" be completed when your feet leave the wall? While not true in butterfly, you do not have to touch the wall with your hand in backstroke or freestyle turns.
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    Good scenario! I guess one caveat should be that (at least) one hand must always be in contact with the side of the pool while you're standing on the bottom otherwise it won't be considered "during the turn."
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    I think you missed something pretty important and that's the 15 meter rule.
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    Very nice blog post, Charlie. How did I not know about this Rules blog until the most recent Streamlines? What a good resource.