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Workouts and Inspiration from a lifelong swimmer


  1. Saturday Masters Workout 1/16/21

    Today's workout brought to you by Coach Paul. I have to say I'm a sprinter who hates sprint workouts, so all this fast stuff was not my jam, but good yardage!

    Choice warmup (I did 100, I was a little late)

    Pre-set (1800):
    2X [
    1x200 swim @ 3:00
    odd - fr @ :50
    even build choice @ 1:00
    1x100 swim @ 1:30
    8x25 @ :30
    1-4 kick
    5-8 variable speed

    Main (2400):
    12x100 @ 1:40
    #1,4,7,10 are fast choice stroke, all other active recovery (I went 2 fr, 1 IM)
    1x400 pull
    12x50 @ :50
    Same pattern as 100's (I did IM order on the fast)
    1x200 warm down - 50fr/50bk/50fr/50 DAB

    Total: 4200 + warm up
    (4300 total for me)
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