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The Lane Line

Workouts and Inspiration from a lifelong swimmer


  1. Easing back into the water...

    So this week was my first week back after about a month off. Ouch. Between the holidays, winter crud, a (ski related, I think) tailbone injury, and more winter crud - I pretty much took a month off give or take a few attempts in December/January to swim. I did two workouts this week, and they both hurt, but I'm back at it. A little hard to find motivation, but it feels good (at least mentally) to be back in. Here was a short aerobic workout from Wednesday just to get myself going again:


    4 @ 1:30 swim
    4 @ 1:30 pull
    4 @ 1:25 swim
    4 @ 1:50 kick w/ fins
    4 @ 1:20 swim
    4 @ 1:50 stroke (I did 50bk/br)

    Total: 2400

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