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  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Thanks Gigi. It's a Nike suit--they named it "Lane Leader," and it comes in several different colors. It's currently on sale at swimoutlet for $35.
  2. gigi's Avatar
    v. nice suit. Brand?
    Wish I could be a swimsuit addict...
  3. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Buttercup?! No way! That's Bubbles, aka "the joy and the laughter." You clearly need to brush up on your PPG lore.
  4. jim thornton's Avatar
    I take that as a challenge! Is your avatar Buttercup? The bad girl of the Power Puffs?

    I should have known!
  5. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Sorry, Jim--I kind of like the disembodied suit look. You'll just have to use your imagination (or drawing skills) to fill in the rest!
  6. jim thornton's Avatar
    I like the concept of your blog, swim suit addict! Any chance that you could post the occasional picture of yourself modeling the latest addicted swim suit? There are many, I am sure, in my geriatric age group who might become addicted to swim suit addict's blog if this were a regular feature.
  7. tjrpatt's Avatar
    great! This sucks! Oh well, I guess that I get another weekend of relaxation! It kind of sucks that I will have very little SCM competing before SCM Zones!
  8. quicksilver's Avatar
    Thanks so much for the information. Wow, that used to be such a popular meet.

    Guess people are planning on the Flushing Meadows meet instead? Who knows. Someone suggested that the suit ban may result in less participation even though it doesn't take place until January.

    Well, it's not a huge deal. I was just telling my friend how much I enjoy working out in the mornings, and it really doesn't matter if we did meets or not! Be careful of what you wish for.

    Good luck at your meets this Fall. And yes, I'd like to try at least one day at zones...not sure which yet...probably Sunday.
    My daughter has a 2 day meet (of all weekends) that weekend!

    Maybe we'll see you there. Best, Val
  9. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Yes, Quicksilver, that's the meet I was posting about. I think something will be soon posted on the website about the cancellation.

    And you're right of course--the important thing is enjoying whole process of working out and staying strong and fit. Meets are just the icing on the cake. And I'm still feeling very lucky this year that Zones is so close to home--I'm happy to have a multi-day end of the season meet to look forward to. Will you be able to make it to that one?

    And glad to hear you're enjoying my blog!
  10. quicksilver's Avatar
    Would this be the Aquafit meet on Sunday at Eisenhower?
    I went to the home site as well...and there's not a word mentioned about it.

    Either way, don't fret over the small stuff. I have a busy work and family schedule this year, and my meets may have to take a back seat to what's more important while my youngest child is still in high school.

    I'll still work-out of course, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It's a lifetime sport.
    (I enjoy your blog by the way).
  11. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Hey, Bobinator, that's a good idea! I'll see what the think about it.
    Thanks for the encouragement Ahelee Sue. It does look like I'll have the chance to swim both a leadoff 50 FR and 50 BK in my second meet, where I'm swimming only 3 individual events. Hurray for relay-mates!
    And that's a good key for my 200 FL as well, which will lead off the last day of my last meet. Thanks for sharing it!
  12. Ahelee Sue Osborn's Avatar
    Janet -
    Good luck with hitting all the events!
    You can definitely do it...

    Good call on the 800 split for the 1500
    Can you lead off any relays for a freestyle or backstroke event?

    I'm impressed. Its no joke to pull it off in 3 meets!
    Relatively, there are a lot of meets in the SPMA & PACIFIC (California) and it still was terrifying to finally swim the 200 fly
    I just kept chanting "keep it legal"
  13. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Hey Fortress,

    If you want to branch out while keeping the black-suit theme, Nike makes a black version of that second suit. It fades to dark gray at the top, and the swirly pattern is subtly sparkly. It's kind of a little-black-dress version of competitive swimwear.
    I love the splish suits and the uglies. Only problem with the latter is that they last too long--fewer opportunities for new suits!
  14. The Fortress's Avatar
    Too funny!

    Most of my suits are black. I think I have one solid blue one. If I'm really pressed, I'll steal my kid's splish/uglie suits.

    I think I like the swirly one on top is the best.
  15. Bobinator's Avatar
    That's a neat idea! You shuld talk to the race directors and see if they could come up with some type of tri-challenge tee for next year. I bet that could turn into a big deal! Have fun !
  16. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Hi psyncw,
    I do feel really lucky to have so many meets so close by. That's not always the case--this is an especially bountiful fall for masters meets in the metro area (thank you, meet directors!), and that's largely what inspired me to do this.
  17. psyncw's Avatar
    It's off topic, but you are lucky that you have so many choices of SCM meets in your LMSC. In the potomac valley, our next scheduled meet is not until the end of january. We had our only SCM in late march.