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a Cycling/Biking workout

  1. Tuesday 04152014

    by , April 16th, 2014 at 12:56 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    went up to Kino for the evening masters workout
    Nichol (who I don't think I had met before) coached

    got in 200 w/u

    main sets:
    5 x 100 @ 1:45

    4 x 50 kick @ :55 (used fins + board), did flutter

    4 x 100 @ 1:40

    4 x 50 @ 1:00, 25 kick/25 non-free (used fins, did 25 flutter on back/25 back)

    3 x 100 @ 1:35

    4 x 50 kick @ 1:05 (used fins + board, did dolphin)

    2 x 100 @ 1:30

    4 x 50 pull @ :55 (used Catalyst paddles + buoy)

    100 fast (went 1:12)

    4 x 50 IMO @ 1:00 (did free-back-breast-free)

    6 x 25 @ :45, underwater shooters

    150 w/d

    TTL: 3000 yards

    I couldn't even remember the last time I swam an evening workout with the team...been a few months, I think maybe November?
    it wasn't the toughest workout I've done, but given that I biked this morning, my legs were feeling like mush, this fit the bill.

    Evening workout groups are always hit/miss. sometimes we've had 15+ swimmers, others just 3-4. tonight was somewhere in the middle, I think we had about 10. everyone seemed roughly the same speed, and everyone did that set above.

    after cycling, the cool water felt wonderful on my legs. I should have jumped in my backyard pool, but it is around 67-68...still a bit chilly for my AZ blood (when I was a kid I remember swimming in 65, probably cooler.) heck, I think it was this when I did a swim at Brighton a few years ago, and i know it was rather brisk when I swam in a PA lake too.

    as for my spin this morning...
    I was itching to get out, hadn't ridden for ~2 weeks. my computer said temps were in the 50s, so I put on a baselayer top under my jersey. felt great for the first ~25 miles (really all I should have done...). I made my usual stop, topped off bottles with water. then when I was about 10 miles from home, I realized I was dying, and made an additional stop. topped off bottles again (water), and took off that baselayer. should have gotten a Gatorade or something, but pressed on. was going to stop at a Starbucks later, well I did stop, but the line was still long (figured by 9 or 9:30 it would have died down). so I just cut what little speed I had, and just focused on getting myself home. then I made myself a smoothie
    I did get in ~45 miles. but between getting over my stomach bug, the fluid thing, overheating, etc (some of those were probably connected), I probably should have done maybe 30.
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  2. Wednesday 01082014

    by , January 8th, 2014 at 01:08 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did get to spin class at the Chandler 24 Hour last night.
    same instructor, but MUCH better music. it is really amazing how that makes such a difference. 2 notable songs were a souped up/dance version of, "Thunderstruck," and Lenny Kravitz, "It's not over till it's over."

    after spin, I did a very easy 300 swim, then about 10 min of stretching in the hot tub, then another 100 easy swim.
    I have no idea how the heck I did any kind of swim workout after spin last week.

    got up to Kino for the AM swim workout today, and it was LCM again

    300 w/u

    16 x 50 @ 1:00, w/fins, done 3 swim/1 kick

    4 x 400 @ 6:30, desc 1-4 (4th was about 6:10)

    4 x 50 kick @ 1:00, w/fins + board

    4 x 200 @ 3:30, desc 1-4, w/fins + paddles (4th was about 2:50)

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3900m

    I really felt the effects of doing spin last night. I started those 400s very very easy, but still had some people who are usually a bit slower passing me (in the next lane), especially on the last.
    the 200s weren't quite as bad, but still noticeable.

    I must have been slow enough that after workout a few others asked if I was ok.
    even with fins (or maybe especially with fins), with tired legs, I just wasn't getting too much extra traction.

    not too bad of a set, although I wasn't especially pleased when Paul first told us the 400s. something about knowing you'll have 1600m right off the bat just doesn't sit well. although after 3 of them, knowing just 1 left, I felt much better.
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  3. 01022014

    by , January 3rd, 2014 at 12:38 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    I had good intentions to workout earlier in the day, but unfortunately that didn't work out. thought of going for a spin on my bike, but between the poor air quality (major pollution here now) and my Garmin dying, I passed on that. then I was going to swim the noon workout...was working from home and suddenly got an email from someone at 10:55 that she'd be late for our 11 (oops, I didn't even check my calendar).

    so I compromised, went over to the Chandler gym after work.

    started with the 5:30pm spin class.
    --I got there about 2-3 min late, and things were already started, lights were out, was kinda tough to even make my way to a bike and get adjusted
    --there were only a dozen of us, plus the instructor, in this HUGE room. initially her music was pretty low, but she turned it up a little. not really good spin music, but it was ok I guess.
    --instructor was a little blah, not quite as into it as some others
    --all that said, as I've said in the past, spin is as much you want it to be. you can pretend to turn the knob when they say to turn it, or you can turn it even more. I pushed myself, was sweating in 10 min, and dripping within 20 min.
    --a major negative was there was another class in the room at 6:30. they started lining up at 6:10, and we had to be out right at 6:30 (it is a multi-use room, not dedicated to spin).

    after spin, I changed and went into the pool...

    400 w/u

    4 x 100 kick @ 1:50, w/board and fins
    --odds dolphin/evens flutter

    10 x 50 swim, 2 @ 1:00, 2 @ :55, 2 @ :50, 2 @ :45, 2 @ :40

    100 easy

    4 x 50 breast kick @ 1:00

    5 x 200 pull @ 2:40 w/buoy + Catalyst paddles

    200 w/d

    TTL: 2800 yards

    I've done little bits of swimming after spin before, but I don't think I've ever tried to do a full swim workout.
    as soon as I got in the water, I knew there was absolutely no way I could do a real swim workout, so I figured I'd just make things up as I went along, depending how I felt.
    well my fav lane was taken, so I was in the wall lane, and I also based my set on moving over after that guy got out (just in time for my pull set)

    the 50s felt pretty good, I always like doing that set. I ease into the 1:00 interval, and get faster through the set. on those last 2 I still got 7 sec rest.

    was only going to do 3 x 200 pull, but felt good so I kept going. I held 2:30 on all of those, not really pushing things too much, kinda just stretching things out and gliding along.

    overall, not a bad swim. and I can say I swam every day this year

    it is really a shame that the air quality here has gone down the toilet. just going outside to get the paper I could smell the air. there are bans in place against using a wood-burning fireplace, but people still do it anyway.
    I did take Holly for a little walk to enjoy the nice sun and mid-70s temps

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  4. Thursday 12192013

    by , December 19th, 2013 at 11:38 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    went out for a spin on my bike this morning:
    Home to Ahwatukee 45.49 mi 02:33 17.8mph pace

    hmm maybe I need to replace the battery in my HR monitor. anyway, I didn't feel nearly as deathly today, even though it was a bit brisk when I started. forgot to charge my Garmin, so I used both it and the Strava app...the later kinda freaked me out when I heard it telling me I was finishing a segment (it was in my jersey pocket).

    I have another HR monitor somewhere, just need to find it. I think the one I've been using is my original that I got with my first Garmin, like 6-8 years ago. not really worth wearing if it is going to give false readings.

    after work, I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

    600 w/u

    4 x 150 kick @ 2:45, w/fins + board. done 25 flutter/25 dolphin

    100 easy

    7 x 100 @ 1:30, swim w/Agility paddles

    200 w/d

    then went in the hot tub, did about 10 min of stretching, mostly legs
    back in the pool for another easy 100

    TTL: 2300 yards

    I really didn't want to go, but figured I should at least do a stretch out swim. there was someone swimming in the wall of the types who when I got close to lapping him, he turned on the speed. on many days I'll play along, but today I wasn't feeling it, so I just let him do whatever he wanted.

    I felt pretty decent on those 100s. I was determined to do at least 5, but no more than 7.

    this puts me at 490.67 miles, almost there! I'll probably hit 500 by next Friday at latest.
    yea some of the miles are garbage. but many times, especially in winter when it is cold and dark, knowing that I need to keep on pace for 500 miles gets me out of bed. this is my 4th year doing the FLOG. the first year I just hit 410 miles, then 500+ 2 years ago and last year.
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  5. Mon 1216-Tues 12172013

    by , December 18th, 2013 at 12:22 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    ended up going to the gym after work yesterday.
    was one of my old typical run, stretch, weights, abs type workout. well the weights were a little lower. focused on back and biceps.

    went for a little spin on the bike this morning:
    42 miles. just a stretch-out spin. my HR monitor was very squirrley, well either that or I'm really bad (and should have gone to the hospital).

    after work today I went up to Kino for the PM masters workout
    Lori coached

    warm-up sets:
    400, done 75 swim/25 kick
    200 kick w/fins + board, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin

    2 x 100 @ 1:30, first cruise, 2nd 80%
    4 x 75 @ 1:30, done as 50 swim/25 scull

    2 x 100 @ 1:30, first 80%, second cruise
    4 x 50 @ 1:00, supposed to be non-free (did 25 free/25 breast)

    2 x 100 @ 1:30, first 1/2 cruise 1/2 80%, second 1/2 80% 1/2 cruise
    4 x 25 underwater power kick @ :40

    200 fast-ish
    100 easy

    200, broken at the 100 for 10
    100 easy

    100 fast-ish
    100 easy

    100, broken at the 50 and 75 for :15 each
    100 easy

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3000 yards

    I really felt horrible in the water, even worse than yesterday. some may be due to all the other activity I did, but some may also be still recovering from the meet.

    my times were really bad. the fast-ish 200 was 2:40, and the 100 around 1:15. I should be much faster for each of those.

    debating if I should just sleep in tomorrow morning. guess I'll decide how I feel.
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  6. Tuesday 12032013

    by , December 4th, 2013 at 12:12 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did swim yesterday morning, with the team. but I didn't write down the workout when I first got to work (had an early meeting), and by the time I got to it...I coudn't remember everything.
    there were a bunch of little sets, a variety of kicking/pulling/sculling/drilling, plus regular swimming.
    I'm guessing I got in about 3100 yards, based on what a guy in my lane said he did (he got in a little more).

    this morning I went out for a little spin:
    Easy morning spin 31.09 mi 01:41 18.4mph pace

    Been focused more on swimming for the past few weeks, going to a meet in Boston next week. But my legs were itching to ride, so I did just a short/easy/flat spin this morning.

    after work today I went to Kino for the PM masters swim workout. I was looking for a coach I know...wandered over to the kids' coach, who then pointed out Caleb, a new coach.
    400 w/u, done 100 swim/100 kick/100 swim/100 pull
    8 x 50 build @ 1:00

    main set, 2 rounds (no extra rest between sets):
    200 @ 3:00
    2 x 100 @ 1:30
    4 x 50 @ :45
    200 stretch out, on 4:00

    10 x 50 kick @ 1:00, done as 2 rounds of:
    --build 1 to 3
    --hold 4-5

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3100 yards

    I actually did fairly well for the main set, even though it didn't feel too well swimming it. for round one, my times were 200 (2:30), 100s (1:14, 1:13), 50s (all around 37). I took off my drag suit for round 2 (the guy in the next lane put on paddles), and my times got a little faster... 200 (2:28), 100s (1:13, 1:11), 50s (all around 33-35).

    we had a decent group, for an evening workout. about 10 swimmers I think, and I had a couple of people similar speed.
    Caleb was a good coach, did a great job of calling out times and keeping us on our toes.

    I didn't particularly like the workout when it was given, but afterward, I figured it probably was good for me, for my 800 SCM free next week.
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  7. Thursday 11142013

    by , November 14th, 2013 at 11:14 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    went out for a nice little spin on the bike this morning:
    Ahwatukee spin 47.55 mi 02:38 18.0mph pace

    Another beautiful morning to get outside for a ride. I felt a bit beat up from riding, spinning, and some tough swim workouts this week. But figured something is better than nothing. Saw a few other guys doing repeats on the hill in Ahwatukee, made me try to keep even with them

    I really love this weather now. hard to complain about much of anything outside when temps are like this.

    later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:
    600 w/u (done 75 free/25 breast)

    4 x 50 breast kick @ 1:00, w/board
    4 x 150 kick @ 2:45, w/fins + board (25 flutter/25 dolphin)
    100 easy

    main set: 5 rounds
    100 build to AFAP @ 1:45
    50 @ 1:00, first ~20 yards AFAP, then cruise
    50 easy @ 1:15

    wrap up:
    5 x 100 @ 1:30, swim w/Agility paddles

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3200 yards

    that main set was a poach from Leslie's set today:

    I think that was the first time I had ever stolen one of her sets. well at least it has been a very long time since I had.

    anyway, maybe it wasn't a good idea to do all that kicking first before that set. between riding this morning, then kicking, my legs were already pretty fried.
    I don't think I got the pacing right for the 100 build. I tried to go out slowly, but I'm sure I went out too fast at the beginning. I did build, but probably not to AFAP. my time on the 100s was under 1:10 on all of them (about 1:07 to 1:08), which is really good for me. that rest after the 100 before the first 50 seemed to go by way too fast.
    by the time I got to the 3rd, knowing I still had 2 full sets left, I felt like bailing, but I knew I'd feel better if I did all 5, and I'm glad that I did.

    after that, well I kinda just wanted to get out. but figured something easy aerobic would help.
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  8. Tuesday 11122013

    by , November 12th, 2013 at 11:56 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    morning workout @ Kino:

    400 w/u

    set 1, warm-up w/fins, 5 rounds:
    25 scull @ :30
    50 build @ 1:00
    25 kick @ :30

    set 2:
    100 @ 500 pace
    200 recovery
    300 @ 500 pace
    400 recovery

    200 kick

    set 3:
    50 @ 200 pace
    100 recovery
    50 @ 200 pace
    200 recovery
    50 @ 200 pace
    300 recovery
    50 @ 200 pace
    400 recovery

    100 kick

    set 4: 4 rounds, w/fins + paddles
    50 @ 100 pace
    50 recovery
    all @ 2:00

    200 w/d

    TTL: 4000 yards

    I hadn't swum with the team on a Tues morning for months. several people commented about me suddenly showing up.
    it wasn't too busy at all, and we had a bunch of lanes (not as many other groups there). I split a lane with 1 guy, but some lanes just had 1 person.

    this was much much more distance than I expected. past sprint sets that I remembered were more closer to 2500 yards; I commented to Paul after how I got in as much as I would on a Wednesday.

    the last set was my favorite. my times were 30, 29, 27, 28...but I don't think any of those are realistic for my 100 free. my fastest (as yet) was 1:00.2

    after work, I went over to the Tempe 24 Hour for spin class:
    Tues PM spin class @ Tempe 24 Hour Fitness 18 mi 00:01:00 00:03 pace

    The normal spin instructor wasn't there, a woman (I think her name was Cynthia?) led the class and was definitely more into it. We started with a bunch of 2 minute, "climbs." then we moved into a bunch of 30 min intervals (she divided the class in half and we took turns), then a few longer, "climbs," before finally warming down. this was probably the most intense spin class I've done yet. for those 2 min climbs I was thinking of climbing Hawes, and Usery for one of the long climbs. I was sweating within 10 min, and dripping within 20. did a short recovery swim after.
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  9. Monday 11112013

    by , November 11th, 2013 at 11:44 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    I got in a swim and a spin on my bike today, but certainly not the way I expected...

    Home to Hawes/Bush/Usery 72.39 mi 04:10 17.4mph pace

    Had these elaborate plans to get up early, go to swim workout, then head over to bike. Well my alarm went off, I shut it off, and slept another 3 hours. Had a lazy morning, then decided to head out just before 10am. The weather was really fantastic, and I felt great for ~90% of the time (Bush Hwy was my ~10%). Heck, I had a guy just ahead on Usery, and after Bush that never seems quite so bad. I had been leaning toward skipping Tucson, but now maybe I'll give it a shot, who knows.

    then later today I went to the PM swim workout at Kino:

    warm-up sets:
    400 swim
    300 kick (did 25 flutter/25 dolphin), w/fins + board
    300 pull (buoy only)
    100 swim

    6 x 100 @ 1:30, desc 1-3/4-6

    main set, 3 rounds of: (I wore fins the whole thing)
    2 x 50 kick @ 1:00
    8 x 25 @ :40, no breath
    2 x 75 back @ 1:20
    2 x 25 fly @ :30

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3400 yards

    the water felt so wonderful when I dove in. I suddenly felt really fast, and I realized that I didn't put on a drag suit. amazing the difference it makes without.

    that main set was deceptively difficult. the 25s no breath were a challenge. no I didn't make all of them, but I did make a few here/there, and it felt good once I did.
    heck, the fly actually felt kinda smooth too.

    only 3 of us there, with 1 coach, so there was no hiding.
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  10. Sunday 11102013

    by , November 10th, 2013 at 11:55 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    went out for a spin on my bike this morning. not as far as I'd have liked, but I guess better than nothing:
    Ahwatukee spin 59.14 mi 03:19 17.8mph pace

    Beautiful morning to get out for a spin. It was a little crisp when I first started (low 50s I think), but it warmed up nicely. I hadn't done a Sunday ride in Ahwatukee for ages...and it was crazy busy with cyclists out there. I had thought of something longer, but held back after being sick last week. Felt pretty good, although I was feeling a bit sore on the way back, and it was a little windy.
    I'm probably going to bail on el Tour de Tucson. I registered back in May or June I think, and I just haven't been cycling as much as I should, certainly nowhere near like I was last year. Yea I'd be out the $90 or whatever I paid, but a hotel for 2 nights would cost more than that anyway.
    And if I don't do it, there is an AZ masters swim meet that weekend, which I may do instead (or do neither, who knows).
    But this got me to thinking how I went from running heavy and doing a bunch of running events, right into pretty much the same for cycling. I think I just need a little bit of a break. Yea I'll still workout, but just more for fun, enjoy the nice weather--when it is nice--and it if isn't, maybe sleep in, walk the dog, go for a jog, go to swim workout, or whatever.

    anyway, later today I went to the gym for a solo swim:

    600 w/u, done as 75 free/25 breast continuous

    4 x 50 breast kick @ 1:05, w/board

    100 easy (25 free/25 breast)

    5 x 100 kick @ 1:55, fins + board, 25 flutter/25 dolphin

    100 easy (25 free/25 breast)

    12 x 100 @ 1:25, swim w/Agility paddles

    100 easy (25 free/25 breast)

    12 x 25 breast @ :35, desc every 4. second set of 4 w/fingertip paddles. goal was to hold the same times on the last set (w/o paddles), and I was successful

    100 easy (25 free/25 breast)

    2 x 200 pull @ 2:40, w/buoy + Catalyst paddless

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3800 yards

    was rather surprised to swim that much. I really didn't feel like even going to swim. but I wanted to at least swim enough to get my daily FLOG's worth (I think about 2200). so that was my initial goal, then I thought I'd get in ~3000, then whatever happened after.
    I keep saying that I won't bother with the FLOG again, but I think it is good for me to have an annual distance goal. 500 miles isn't a ton of swimming, but it certainly isn't easy. I'll get there this year, but it will probably be another close one.

    anyway, the kicking seemed to be a good way to loosen up my legs. after I got that over with, I really got into a groove for those 100s. started off holding 1:18, and worked my way down to 1:12 on the last few.
    I set a goal that if I was swimming an easy 100 that it would be half breaststroke... and it helped get me ready for that mini breast set. I'm a bit faster with those fingertip paddles, and they also help my arm position. I was pretty surprised that I held that speed on the set after that.

    gym pool was surprisingly busy most of the time I was there. I got in my usual lane, but there were all kinds of people in/out while I swam. it is kind of nice when there's people actually swimming when I'm there.
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  11. Thursday 11072013

    by , November 7th, 2013 at 10:48 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did make it out to bike today, but I putzed around, got caught up in some work, and before I knew it I didn't leave until 10am. the nice thing is that is pretty much the best time of day right now to ride. awesome weather, traffic wasn't too bad, and I got a little sun. just under 45 miles.

    after work, I went over to the gym pool. I did a rare workout poach, this time from jbs from yesterday:

    except I didn't write down any intervals. so I pretty much went on feel...

    400 w/u (did 75 free/25 breast)

    4 x 125 @ 2:05, w/a 25 breast in each (started on last 25, last on 2nd 25)
    500 @ 6:40 (finished in 6:25)
    4 x 100 @ 1:45
    400 @ 5:10 (finished just under 5:00)
    4 x 75 @ 1:20
    300 @ 4:00 (finished around 3:42)
    4 x 50 @ 1:00
    200 @ 2:40 (finished around 2:23)
    4 x 25 @ :45
    100...whatever I had left (I remembered his time of 1:07, set that as my reach goal and actually made it!)

    300 w/d

    TTL: 3700 yards

    this set was deceptively difficult. before I went I thought how I'd mix in a bunch of breast, use some of my toys, maybe kick, etc.
    but after that 400, well the first 100 was just recovery, and that's pretty much how the rest were too, with maybe a slight descend.
    interesting how my times (well other than the 500) were pretty similar to his. he just needs to take a swim-cation out here and swim with our team sometime

    oh, and I have no idea how he did just 100 w/d. after my fast 100, I felt like I was gonna die, and I needed every bit of that 300 before I felt ok.
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  12. Wed-Thurs 1023-10242013

    by , October 25th, 2013 at 12:19 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did swim yesterday, with the team, but it was rather uninspired. I don't remember the entire set, but the main pieces were:
    the 800 was supposed to be for time, but I cramped in the 700, so went last in the lane for the 800, did a bunch of breaststroke, and still came in around 12 min.

    just felt kind of blah late yesterday, so skipped the gym. came home, walked Holly, then about passed out on the couch (part with Holly, part with one of the cats) until my other half got home.
    my sleep just wasn't that good. not sure how to explain, but I slept fitfully.

    got up this morning, did a little work, then headed out on the bike:
    Another Ahwatukee spin 52.53 mi 02:53 18.2mph pace

    Another pretty good morning weather-wise, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it today. Didn't sleep as well as the past few nights, and my stomach started to feel odd while I was out riding. I wasn't sure if I should drink more, or less. I ended up taking an extra rest stop, and at least I was able to make it home. I guess it is good to have not-so-good rides once in a while, it makes you really appreciate the really great ones

    my stomach felt really bad as I was climbing a hill...really didn't know what to do. I made an extra stop, unclipped, pulled out my phone/camera, took a picture of the TV towers on South Mountain, sipped some fluids, and before I knew it, I felt much better.
    I've heard that when you're not feeling well, and you keep thinking of it, it just makes things worse. so that little break really helped.

    went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim after work today:

    600 w/u

    8 x 25 breast kick @ :35, board only
    50 easy swim
    8 x 50 kick @ 1:05, board + fins, 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    50 easy swim

    4 x 50 breast @ 1:05
    4 x 150 @ 2:05, swim w/Agility paddles
    4 x 75 @ 1:20, 25 breast/25 free/25 breast

    100 easy

    2 x 200 pull @ 2:45 w/Catalyst paddles + buoy

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3100 yards

    I still really wasn't feeling too well. since I was working from home, I took a break, crashed on the couch for about 15 min (some with Holly cuddled next to me), which helped.

    so off I went, the gym is just 2 miles from home, so figured I'd go, do a warm-up, maybe some kicking, maybe some drills, and see how I felt.
    of course once I was in the water, I felt decent, so pressed on a bit. and I felt much better when I got out than when I got in, so that was a success.

    I'm trying to work in more breaststroke in preparation for the BU meet in Dec. I did some during warm-up, warm-down, plus those sets. not a ton. I like the kick, when I'm on the verge of cramping, the breast kick helps stretch my legs and avoid a cramp. although the stroke didn't work quite well with stomach issues...

    oh, a guy came into the lane beside me, wearing a jammer, and actually swam. I started to pass him on my first 150, but he pressed on to finish with me. then I went off for #2 and he sat out, he started again while I was on my 4th. I did chat with him a bit, told him about masters swimming, and that he should try it. he said he swam in school, but it had been a while (I"m guessing he's 10 years younger than me, so not too long).

    does anyone have suggestions for swimming in Minneapolis? I'll be there for work in a few weeks. I'm staying downtown, and won't have a car (using the light rail from/to the airport).
    a few years ago I remember going to the pool at the downtown Y, my hotel gave me a pass. I'll check with the hotel for this trip (a different place though).
    I think there's some masters groups nearby, but from what I remember, not downtown.

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  13. Tuesday 10222013

    by , October 23rd, 2013 at 01:03 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    got out on my bike for a fantastic spin this morning:
    Ahwatukee Spin 48.16 mi 02:35 18.6mph pace

    Wow, what fantastic weather! I wish it could be like this all the time, except then it would be super crowded here like California. Anyway, I'm hosting a call at 11, so I went out around 7, wanted to give myself enough time. Yea there was a little rush hour traffic leaving Chandler, but nothing horrible. Things definitely thinned once I got out to Ahwatukee. I felt really good I did 2 climbs on the backside of DFP, then when I was coming down the front, heck I decided to go back up again for another quick climb. And I didn't have a horrible headwind on the way back like I sometimes do. Temps in the 50s/60s, a little crisp at first, but wonderful and sunny.
    after I did my hill fun, I made my usual stop at a Circle K. then I was heading back to Chandler on Chandler Blvd...saw some guys in the median, I initially thought landscapers doing trees. only they were next to Saguaros. turns out they were putting up the holiday lights.
    Ahwatukee does an amazing holiday light display, in the middle and both sides of Chandler Blvd, plus many houses go all out.
    it almost made me wonder why they just don't leave the lights up all the time. but I guess this way it keeps plenty of people employed, setting them up and taking them down (it must take several weeks to get all the lights up).

    went up to Mesa-Kino for the PM masters swim workout
    we were in the main pool (SCY)
    Trix coached

    got in 400 w/u

    8 x 50 @ 1:00, 25 drill/25 swim
    300 done as 100 free/100 IM/100 free

    16 x 25 @ :30, 3 easy/1 fast
    300 done as 100 free/100 IM/100 power kick

    12 x 25 @ :35, 2 easy/1 fast
    300 done as 25 kick/75 swim

    8 x 25 @ :40, 1 easy/1 fast
    300 done as 25 scull/75 swim (used Agility paddles)

    4 x 25 @ :45, all fast

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3200 yards

    I ordered fins via Amazon's iPhone app shortly after I got to my office yesterday. the expected date to receive them was tomorrow, but they arrived around noon today. so I was able to bring them to workout, without any loss

    we had a decent turnout tonight also, some lanes had 3 and had to circle. I shared with a guy most of the set, so we just split. after the kids group moved, we spread out and had our own lanes...until water polo came and took a lane back (Kino is a well-used pool, several swimming groups, polo, and synchro all going on, diving wrapped up as I got there).

    I've done similar sets before, but usually with 50s. I remember doing 50s long course and it being a really tough set. not that it wasn't tough doing it with 25s, it was plenty. Plus with Trix on deck coaching, she keeps us on strict intervals.
    well the 300s weren't on set intervals, but she assessed when most people finished, and we were off shortly after.

    I did the first round of 25s as free-back-breast-free, but the others were all free. on the second fast of the 8 x 25s, my left calf cramped...was able to work it out and continue without taking any off. but I did watch how tight I pushed off (the pushing off seems to trigger cramps, in both my calves and feet).

    oh, and an odd thing about the fins... they're the same kind, Speedo Biofuse. I thought I ordered the same size, but my last were XL, and I just got L this time. I tried them on at home, and they fit fine. then when I put them on in the water, they actually felt a little loose. I definitely felt a difference in power with these new fins too. not sure if it is because they're new, or if there's some change.
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  14. Sunday 10202013

    by , October 21st, 2013 at 12:31 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    I did go to Friday's workout, but I don't remember what it all was. I forgot to write it down, and by the time I got home I had totally forgotten.
    I do remember the focus was on 200s; we did a few broken with various gear, then a 200 free for time. My time was 2:22, which is about a normal practice time (from a push).
    About 3500 yards.

    my massage on Friday felt fantastic. well maybe not while she had her elbow in my back or quads, but after I felt so much better.

    it felt fantastic to sleep in yesterday morning. I had thought of doing a short ride, or even a run. but in the end, sleep won out. I hadn't slept in since I was out of town. of course Holly (the dog) loved getting a nice long walk. there was some sort of 5/10k run along the canal near the park where we stop, but it didn't interfere too much.

    I tried a Breathe Right strip last night, and I really don't know why I hadn't before. I've been told that I snore, and I don't think I did with this strip. yea it does look a little funny, but it isn't like I'm parading around town with it on. it did feel a little funny, but I think I eventually adjusted.
    when I woke up this morning, I felt so refreshed, despite waking up a little earlier than yesterday. had no stuffiness in my head at all.

    this morning I went out for a nice little spin on my bike:
    Hawes/Las Sendas/Bush/Usery 63.03 mi 03:32 17.9mph pace

    I did this ride about a month ago and really liked it then, it was even better today with decent temps. I've never noticed really how red Red Mountain was get some awesome views of it on McDowell and Bush Hwy. Yea, Bush Hwy is horrible, but the views are almost worth it, and the hill of Usery doesn't seem so bad since the road is so much better. Bumped into some triathletes on Ellsworth on the way back, they pulled me down to Ray, then I kinda had a tailwind on Pecos. Really fantastic weather, 60s/70s, sunny, with just a little wind.

    here's an amazing picture I took during my break before I braved the Usery climb:

    later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

    800 w/u

    4 x 50 breast kick @ 1:00, board only
    100 easy
    4 x 100 kick @ 1:50, 25 free/25 fly, w/fins + board
    100 easy

    4 x 100 @ 1:30, pull w/buoy + Agility paddles

    1000 for time (13:18)

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3200 yards

    the water was a bit chilly, I think the heater broke again. over the summer it felt refreshing. this time of year though...well it felt cool. I'm guessing the water was 76-78F. all of my swims were mostly nonstop, minimal breaks, and I decided to do a longer swim too.

    my legs were pretty tight. my right hamstring was on the verge of cramping, especially when I flipped at first. thankfully it didn't cramp.

    I'm sure because the water was so cool, I had the pool to myself. sure, there were a few people who stuck their feet in, even some went in to their hips, but no one really swam the whole time I was there. fine by me
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  15. Thursday 10172013

    by , October 18th, 2013 at 12:30 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    went out for a little spin on my bike this morning:
    Ahwatukee spin 46.04 mi 02:30 18.5mph pace

    Got a late start and forgot to start my Garmin, so I missed a mile of credit. Anyway, things still a little sore from Sunday, but getting better each day. Have a massage tomorrow which should help. Did 2 hill repeats today, which was what I wanted to. Saw a few others out, really great weather, although it was a little windy.

    I think about the strangest things while I'm biking. after watching, "American Horror Story," last night (which is a fantastic show), I watched this clip, and had it stuck in my mind much of my ride:

    later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

    600 w/u (mixed in a bit of breaststroke)

    kick sets (700):
    4 x 50 breast kick @ 1:05, board only
    50 easy
    4 x 100 kick @ 1:55, w/fins, 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    50 easy

    main set, 3 rounds (1800):
    2 x 50 free @ :55, @70%/90%
    4 x 25 breast @ :30, hold 200 pace
    4 x 100 pull @ 1:30, w/buoy + Agility paddles

    200 w/d

    was pleasantly surprised when I showed up to see new lane lines in the pool:

    a gal was getting out as I arrived and I briefly chatted with her. first a new pace clock, now new lane lines, all we need now are backstroke flags they'd need to drill into the deck to put in poles, but I guess they could also just attach them to the walls (the room is pretty narrow, maybe 3-4 feet on each side of the pool).

    I got my favorite lane again! you can see all my equipment spread out there. a few people came/went while I swam, but none were there too long.
    oddly, after my kick set, while I was organizing my stuff, drinking water, a woman in the next lane said, "almost done?" and I said, "I'm just getting started." not sure if she wanted my lane or was just making conversation, but I didn't stick along long enough to find out either.

    for my main set, the breast I did as swim on the first round, swim w/fingertip paddles on the second, and swim w/breaststroke fins on the third. goal was to hold ~20 sec on each. right now, a 2:40/200 breast would be good for me.
    my 100s pull got faster as I progressed, started holding around 1:20, and 1:12ish on the last.
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  16. Tuesday 10152013

    by , October 16th, 2013 at 01:04 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    was still a bit sore when I woke up this morning...and the temp was down in the 50s. so I worked a little, avoided the bulk of rush hour, and went out to ride around 8am:
    Home to Ahwatukee 44.85 mi 02:28 18.1mph pace

    Was very sore after the ride Sunday, much more than I remember last year or TdM. Been icing, stretching, NAISDs, etc. But went out for a mostly recovery ride this morning. Great weather, and I missed most traffic. Just felt good to stretch things out, and did just one hill repeat.

    really had no goals in mind, went on feel. but I wanted one hill repeat to see how it felt, and thought I'd do a 2nd if I felt good...but that didn't happen.
    really really fantastic weather though

    after work I went up to Mesa-Kino for the PM masters swim workout
    we were in the main pool (SCY)
    Trix coached

    warm-up sets:
    300 swim
    200 kick
    100 swim

    additional, "warm-up," sets:
    16 x 100 @ 2:00, done as:
    --free: first 25 fast
    --free: 2nd 25 fast
    --free: 3rd 25 fast
    --free: 4th 25 fast
    --free: first 50 fast
    --free: middle 50 fast
    --free: last 50 fast
    --free: all fast
    --kick: first 25 fast (fins + board)
    --kick: 2nd 25 fast (fins + board)
    --kick: 3rd 25 fast (fins + board)
    --kick: 4th 25 fast (fins + board)
    --IM: fly fast (used fins)
    --IM: back fast (did fly drill)
    --IM: breast fast (fly drill)
    --IM: free fast (fly drill)

    main sets:
    3 x 50 free fast @ 2:00 (31, 30, 29)
    (did a 25 easy after the first 2)

    50 easy

    2 x 50 non-free fast @ 2:00 (breast 39, 38) (with a 25 easy between)

    50 easy

    1 x 50 fast kick @ 2:00 (fly kick on back w/fins, 25)

    50 easy

    3 x 50 free fast @ 2:00 (1 w/fins 28, 2 w/fins 27, 3 w/fins + paddles 26)
    (easy 25 after the first 2)

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3100 yards

    I was kind of surprised that Trix was coaching masters. I've seen her coach kids, but never masters before. she's also an official.
    she said she swam Paul's workout this morning, and just used the same set for us. she is Swiss and kept the whole set very much extra rest on those 100s, and even the 50s, very little extra (other than a 50).

    I made the mistake of telling her I couldn't hear my time after that first 50...and she made a point of yelling it right in my ear when I finished after that

    we had a really good group also. there were 2 fast guys. initially I just assumed they were way too fast...but then I realized I wasn't too far behind on those 100s (and one obviously isn't a breaststroker). they certainly made good rabbits to (try to) catch on those fast 50s.
    the one guy even did his 2nd non-free 50 as breaststroke, and I gave him a hard time that I beat him. he pulled (with paddles and buoy) and those last 50s w/equipment, and we gave each other a run at it (I think I barely pulled ahead with fins + paddles)

    oh, and those times...not bad for me. especially considering I did the Tour on Sunday, lifted yesterday, and rode this morning.
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  17. Weekend 1012-10132013, Tour de Scottsdale

    by , October 14th, 2013 at 12:22 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    I went out for a spin yesterday...the intention was taperish, but I think I overdid it...
    Just a little spin to prep for tomorrow. Since I was so close I did one pass at the Wagon Wheel hill, saw a few other cyclists down there, and a bunch of mountain guys getting ready to head out from San Tan park. Nice weather, now hoping for nice tomorrow too

    I went up to Scottsdale yesterday to pick up my packet for today. although I could have done it this morning, I always like to do it ahead of time...

    then I rode Tour de Scottsdale this morning:
    Tour de Scottsdale 67.51 mi 03:23 20.0mph pace

    after riding uphill from my car to the start, I knew this wouldn't be good. it wasn't too bad, but I finished about 15 min slower than last year. there was a big crash about 1/2 mile from the start, and a couple others here/there. I had a bit of trouble finding/sticking with a good group, and ended up on my own quite a bit. those 'little' hills toward the end really killed me this year too. while climbing Shea, one guy near me started singing ZZ Top's, "Legs," which was then stuck in my mind the rest of the ride. oh well, maybe if I'm not on vacation so much I'll improve again next year

    ride back to car 2.73 mi 00:11:10 14.7mph pace

    didn't realize how sore I was until I got back on my bike for the ride back to my car. that shuttle was sounding good...but I stuck it out. in the end I think a slow/easy ride was good for me.

    In hindsight, I was really glad I got my packet yesterday. I thought I left home with plenty of time, and arrived at a similar time as last year. but the close parking was all full
    I had to park at the same place where packet pickup was yesterday, then figure out how to get to the start...that 2.7 miles, but mostly uphill. I got there at 6:15, and the tour started at 6:30. the worst thing was...I really had to pee, but I was so rushed when I got there I went right in the corral. then the race started, and I kept thinking about it.
    they gave splits this year at 15, 30, 45, 60 miles, plus the finish. my time for the first 15 was slow...and was just tough to make that up. when I did get with groups, they'd pass me then slow down. just wasn't my thing. I did get with a decent group about 35 or so miles in.
    then of course when that guy started singing, "Legs," I got it stuck in my mind the rest of the ride...and the ride home:

    here's a picture of the start:

    after I got home, I could hardly walk, had trouble bending over, and spent most of the afternoon on the couch, icing off/on. but I told myself that I really HAD to go to the gym for a recovery swim.

    went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

    600 w/u, including some breast

    4 x 50 breast kick w/board @ 1:10

    100 easy

    4 x 100 kick w/fins @ 2:00, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin

    100 easy

    5 x 100 swim w/Agility paddles @ 1:30

    100 easy

    4 x 50 breast @ 1:00

    100 easy

    2 x 200 pull @ 2:45, w/buoy + large paddles

    300 w/d

    TTL: 3100 yards

    I went intending to just swim ~1500, but before I knew it I swam much more.
    my intention was also to not do intervals, just swim for feel. but with the pace clock staring at me from across the pool, it is hard not to use it. that said, I got ~10 sec for each set, so I didn't kill myself.

    nothing really noteworthy. my goal was to feel better after than when I got in the water, and that was successful.
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  18. Friday 10112013

    by , October 12th, 2013 at 12:16 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    was away last Friday and returned this Wednesday. I had good intentions to try to do something workout-related while away, but that never happened. the only thing workout-related that happened was we had dinner with qbrain and his wife in Seattle last Friday
    but it was a great trip! the weather in both Seattle and Vancouver was fantastic. I wasn't looking forward to it beforehand, as the forecast called for dreary rain and cold, but that never happened. we spent a few days in Seattle (I had a meeting there for a travel website I moderate on), then drove up to Vancouver, explored that area a bit, including a daytrip to Whistler. I have to say that if you are ever in that area, the drive to/from Whistler is simply fantastic. was worth every penny of the $42 rental (and got upgraded to an SUV) as well as the C$30 in gas (crazy gas prices there).

    took my bike out for a nice spin yesterday afternoon:
    Ahwatukee hill repeats 44.04 mi 02:28 17.8mph pace

    wah wah wah, I can make up a zillion excuses why I didn't ride this morning, but I did make it out this afternoon. had a great spin, from the Ahwatukee Park & Ride. avoided most traffic, did a bunch of repeats on the 5th Ave/Back side of DFP. after a week off, this hopefully kicked my butt into gear for Tour de Scottsdale on Sunday (I'll probably do a short spin Sat morning).

    today, went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout
    we were in the main pool (SCY)
    Paul coached solo

    was early and got in 600 w/u

    set 1, all w/fins:
    4 x 25 free @ :30 build
    2 50 kick @ 1:00, flutter w/board

    4 x 25 back @ :30 build
    2 x 50 kick @ 1:00, flutter on back

    4 x 25 breast @ :30 build (fly kick w/breast arms)
    2 x 50 fly kick @ 1:00, dolphin w/board

    4 x 25 fly @ :30 build
    2 x 50 fly kick @ 1:00, dolphin on back

    100 easy

    200 pull @ 3:00, paddles only, 5 dolphin kicks at every wall
    200 pull @ 3:00, buoy + paddles, breathe every 5
    200 pull @ 3:00, buoy only, 25 breast/25 free
    200 @ 3:00, 25 fly/75 free (supposed to be w/snorkel but I don't bring mine)

    100 easy

    main set:
    4 x 50 @ 3:00, fast/best avg
    --done in waves a minute apart (we had 3 in my lane, I went last)
    --I did them free (32), back (40ish), breast (39), free (29)

    100 mass kick for time (1:12), all 3 of us in the lane went together

    300 w/d

    TTL: 3000 yards

    after not swimming for a week, I wanted to get in a decent warm-up so I made a point to leave home early and hope I'd have plenty of time. I don't understand why so many people get there early then just stand around on deck, complaining about how cold the water is, the air, etc. oh well.

    I felt a little rusty for the first 2-300, but gradually felt better.
    oddly, I was kind of glad that we did that set with fins, at least when we started on it. I certainly didn't feel that way after that 100 kick for time though.

    we had tons of warm-up sets. not sure if I got the order correct, and some of that he gave the option of back, then when we did the other he said to do what you didn't do that last round.

    after swimming rather slowly on that first 50, I decided to just do stroke. even that wasn't too good, but my 2nd free was kinda decent. the rest was with drag suit, but I took it off for the last.

    there's a USMS meet up in Flagstaff this weekend, I think tomorrow, that a few people on the team are doing, so I think Paul adjusted our workout to be more taper-ish for them. I would have liked a little more distance, but won't complain too much, as I'm riding Tour de Scottsdale on Sunday anyway.
    I had hoped I'd at least finish similar to last year, but at this point, I'm not really sure. I had just barely felt fine after my 2-1/2 week vacation when I took off last weekend. oh well, if nothing else, the area is beautiful and I'll try to at least enjoy the scenery. maybe I'll manage to hang with a good group to pull me along
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  19. Thursday 10032013

    by , October 4th, 2013 at 01:01 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    went out for a pretty nice spin this morning:
    55.39 mi 02:58 18.7mph pace

    Had an awesome tailwind leaving Chandler, and traffic was eerily quiet... There was a huge car pileup near I-10/QC (about 8 cars I think), had to dismount and walk through, as cars were all over. Was a bit shaken after that, and with an awesome tailwind, I took Pecos straight to the end--had intended to turn up 17th Ave, but I needed the extra ride. Then went up 17th, did 3 hill repeats (intended to do 5), then varied my way back a bit (took a wrong turn), mostly poaching a route from someone else on Strava. Awesome weather--high 60s/low 70s while I was out, sunny.
    thankfully I wasn't a few minutes earlier, as if I had gone through that area when the accident happened, I wouldn't have made it. one car was in the median, another was off to the right, some were scattered about over about 1/4 mile. one cop looked like he had been there a couple minutes, another was just arriving as I rode through. not really sure what happened, but traffic can be a bit crazy there. it is a divided road, 2 lanes each direction, and I think speed limit 55 (but we all know that means traffic goes 70).
    oh well, I made it though and was able to mostly put that behind me and had a great spin.

    after work today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

    500 w/u

    2 x 100 kick w/fins + board @ 1:50, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    4 x 100 @ 1:40/1:35/1:30/1:25
    100 easy
    2 x 50 breast @ 1:00, w/large paddles upside down
    2 x 100 kick w/fins + board @ 1:50, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    4 x 100 @ 1:35/1:30/1:25/1:20
    100 easy
    2 x 50 breast @ 1:00, w/fingertip paddles
    2 x 100 kick w/fins + board @ 1:50, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    4 x 100 @ 1:30/1:25/1:20/1:15 w/Agility paddles
    100 easy
    2 x 50 breast @ :50, w/breaststroke fins
    2 x 100 kick w/fins + board @ 1:50, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin
    2 x 200 pull @ 2:35, w/buoy + large paddles
    100 easy
    2 x 50 breast @ 1:00, ~200 pace (held low 40s)

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3900 yards

    despite a later start than I'd like, the warm-up really shook away any cobwebs, loosened me up, and got me ready for this set. I thought of it as 4 rounds, but I didn't take any extra rest, other than to add/remove equipment. and speaking of equipment, I used everything but my zoomers--3 pairs of paddles, 2 sets of fins, and my buoy (plus the board from the gym).

    I didn't really have any problems holding any of the intervals for my 100s. I probably could have done the last without paddles, but it sure made it easier with. plus the Agility paddles are great that they keep my stroke more clean, even when I'm struggling to hold an interval.

    this will probably be my last swim for almost a week. we fly to Seattle tomorrow. I may get to swim at a 24 Hour there, who knows. then we're driving up to Vancouver on Sunday. unfortunately the big 75m pool is already closed for the season I may try to swim somewhere, we'll see.
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  20. Blog catchup to 10012013

    by , October 2nd, 2013 at 01:25 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    don't really have an excuse for not blogging...

    rode on Saturday morning:
    Ahwatukee 57.24 mi 03:13 17.8mph pace

    Wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to ride this morning...went out to Ahwatukee, thought about going up to South Mountain, then just turned down Pecos. It was very very busy with cyclists out there today! I think the PMBC went there, saw bunches of their jerseys at least. I hadn't been to, "the end," for a while either. Even on my way home, I had cyclists with me most of the time on Ray, Dobson, and Pecos, was kind of nice. Great weather, around 65-70F, sunny, with a little breeze.

    then rode + swam on Sunday:
    Usery + Hawes 62.48 mi 03:40 17.1mph pace

    Was a nice morning for a ride today Did a usual ride out to Usery, down/up, then over to Hawes, and down through Las Sendas. Felt pretty good, despite riding yesterday.

    solo recovery swim @ Chandler...

    500 w/u

    5 x 100 kick @ 1:50, done as 25 flutter/25 dolphin

    10 x 100--
    * 1-6, pull w/buoy @ Agility paddles @ 1:25
    * 7-10, swim w/Agility paddles @ 1:20

    2 x 100 kick (same as above ) @ 1:50

    200 w/d

    TTL: 2400 yards

    Mon AM masters swim workout @... 3500 yd 01:05 32:41 pace

    400 w/u

    8 x 75 @ 1:15, 25 drill/50 swim
    8 x 25 kick @ :30 (fins, board for last 4, did first 4 on back)
    8 x 100 @ 1:20, pull w/buoy + paddles
    8 x 25 power kick @ :40, fins
    8 x 50 @ :40, fins + paddles
    8 x 25 @ :40, variables, did 4 free/4 breast
    8 min social kick (got in 500)

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3500 yards

    Tuesday, 10012013:
    Ahwatukee 55.5 mi 03:03 18.2mph pace

    Very similar to what I did on Sat. I'll be out of town this weekend, so wanted to ride more today, and hopefully Thursday. Really great weather, I wish it could be like this all the time...65-75 and sunny while I was out. Had a bit of traffic leaving Chandler (the I-10 at QC was busy), but in Ahwatukee everyone was going the other the time I turned around things weren't so bad.

    Tues PM masters swim workout
    Kino, main pool
    Dan on deck coaching

    warm-up sets (Dan was late and Meg gave this)
    300 swim
    200 kick
    200 pull

    3 x 50 build @ :50
    3 x 50 @ :45

    4 x 25 variables @ :30

    main set:
    start on :00 (on the clock), do 100's @ 2:01
    goal to finish under the :30 (on the clock)
    there were quite a few, it got interesting at about 18. I did 21, and finished on 1:07

    200 w/d

    TTL: 3400 yards

    funny, Paul just sent an email to gauge interest in keeping evening workouts all 4 evenings Mon-Thurs. as I've noted here, the past few times I've gone, the crowd has been pretty thin, 3 or so of us. so of course tonight there were about 10 people there
    (oh and i heard that some people don't like Paul/his workouts and that's why they haven't gone.)
    I hadn't seen Dan for months! he has a whole different workout style than Paul.

    that main set sounds much more complicated than it actually was. so we started on 00, I finished around 1:17 just cruising (made my 30 cutoff), then went next on 2:01. next left at 4:02, then 6:03, etc. by the time it got to :18 or so, it started to get a little tougher to finish by that :30 (essentially 1:12 or better).

    of course after I did my last, Dan said, "one more!" but I was done. nearly everyone else had left, and I was hungry! I eat dinner after swim workout, I always pick up Chipotle and bring it home
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