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  1. Mon Dec 22, swim workout

    by , December 22nd, 2008 at 11:41 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Monday Dec 22, 6AM Swim workout with the team, ASU Student Rec Center SCY
    --did 60 pushups and held The Plank for 2 min before leaving home
    outside temp: around 42, water temp: around 80
    we were a bit delayed starting, took the lifeguards extra time to take the covers off the pool. plenty of steam, which means the water was nice and warm
    around 400 warm-up
    6 x 75 @ 15 sec rest, #1/3/5 free, #2/4/6 IM (no free)
    4 x 50 @ 1 min, fly/back, back/breast, breast/free, free/fly
    3 rounds of the following--
    --100 FAST IM @ 3 min
    --400 recovery free @ 7 min
    held 1:22 for the IM's, took the 1st 400 easy, #2 around 80% (came in on 5:25), and pushed #3 (came in on 5:06)
    200 warm-down
    total: around 2700 yards
    still have a little lingering cough, but overall I felt really good. been getting cabin fever from not doing much, and this workout was great!
  2. Weekend of Dec 20-21

    by , December 21st, 2008 at 09:38 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Weekend of Dec 20-21

    Sat: got in a pretty normal set of weights. My muscles weren't quite ready for it, but I went ahead and did it anyway. I'm feeling a little sore now, and will probably feel it tomorrow morning. Did my usual machine bench press, machine fly, dumbell chest press, dumbell flys, dumbell triceps curls, machine triceps pull-down, machine lat press (front and back), machine seated row, dumbell biceps curl, machine biceps curl. Finished up with 60 elevated situps.

    Sun: set my alarm for 6:45 AM, it went off and it was still dark outside. I kinda rested a bit, got up around 7:15 and took it pretty easy. I kept checking the outside temp, it was pretty cold (upper 30s), and had some cereal to snack on (no milk just ate some cereal). Finally around 8:45 I began stretching, then did 50 pushups, then held The Plank for 2 min. Started my run around 9:10 AM:
    Nike+ Run graph: aztimm_12212008
    Run details-- distance: 12.32 miles, time: 1:46:26, avg pace: 8:38/mile, calories burned: 1528
    Temp at start: around 42F; temp at finish: around 50F
    The antibiotic has really worked its course, my lungs felt pretty open (still had a little coughing here and there). I was a bit pissed that the water fountain at my 4-1/2 mile mark wasn't working (especially when you count on it). I stopped around 7 miles, used the restroom, got some water. I don't know anything that happened between miles 3 and 4, I think that dip was a Nike+ screw-up (and then again I didn't do a 6:48 pace at mile 2).
    Wasn't my fastest, wasn't my furthest, but this worked for me. Especially after time off, not feeling well, etc, this was a respectable run on the way back. Sure I could have done more, but don't want to overdo it.
    Planning to swim Mon-Tues-Wed mornings, weights Mon/Wed, and a Tempe run Tues night. Hopefully I'll get in some runs Thurs (Christmas), Fri, and see how long I can do next Sunday. If things progress, I may still be able to do a January marathon.
  3. Wed: break for a few days....

    by , December 18th, 2008 at 12:15 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Well I do/did have bronchitis, thankfully just that. I've gone to this urgent care office before, maybe twice in the past 3 years. Both those times I was with a doctor for maybe 2 min total between both visits. Anyway, this time was far different.

    The doctor started asking what was bothering me, etc. When I told him I had been in Europe, he asked even more thorough questions, did all kinds of checks to my chest (he had that stethiscope all around my torso it seemed), and had me get chest x-rays (I was shocked they do it right in that office). I, "don't quite have pneumonia," but evidently it was a close call. They then put me on an inhalater system for around 15 min, which really opened up my lungs a bit....then more checks with the stethiscope all around my torso again. I was probably in the office for an hour, the doctor was with me nearly half that time.

    In the end, I got what I expected....a prescription for an antibiotic (azithromycin) and prednisone (I had this once shortly after I started running, my first run on this I felt like Superman). Thankfully, I didn't have anything more severe.....evidently there's some sort of European, "Superbug," thing around, and they wanted to rule that out too.

    I'm currently in NM on a biz trip (debated on cancelling), and didn't bring a single workout-type thing with me. Already I feel the prednisone working, and I think the antibiotic is starting to kick in (I've been sometimes sweating like I'm running in PHX in August). I'm hoping to be well enough on Saturday to get in a weights set....then we'll see about a Sunday run.
  4. Tues Dec 16: AM Swim

    by , December 16th, 2008 at 11:19 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Tues Dec 16, 6am swim workout with the team, ASU Student Rec Complex, SCY
    --did 50 pushups and held The Plank for 2 min before leaving home
    800-1000 warm-up (don't remember, I wasn't counting, but seemed long)
    the following was supposed to be starting easy for each round, finishing faster
    100-200-400-200-100 @ 1:30/100 base
    75-150-300-150-75 @ 1:30/100 base
    50-100-200-100-50 kick (don't remember the interval)
    25-50-100-50-25 @ 1:30/100 base
    200 warm-down
    total: around 3300 yards

    strangely, I actually lost 5-8 lbs during my vacation. I think much of it is loss of muscle...

    my cough is still lingering, and I think it may have turned into bronchitis. I'll probably stop by the urgent care on my way home....this seems to happen about once a year, and antibiotics kick it out pretty fast.
  5. Monday Dec 15: run

    by , December 16th, 2008 at 12:36 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Monday Dec 15, afternoon run
    thankfully took off today from work as a recovery day. I caught some nasty cold in Paris, which made Saturday and the trip back yesterday just a big blur. I remember walking through the Louvre like a zombie, freezing one minute, roasting the next....did see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Anyway, the flights went off without a hitch, CDG-IAD didn't seem nearly as long as IAD-PHX (the big plane makes a huge difference, and biz class doesn't hurt either).
    anyway, got going for a run somewhere around 1:45 today. set my iPod for 9 miles, had no idea what I'd do. the cold was lingering, but the good thing about getting out was that the run kinda cleaned me out. weather here was cruddy, temp around 50, overcast and started raining (heavy at times), especially around the 1/2 way point.
    Graph from Nike+: aztimm_run_12152008
    Summary-- distance: 8.91 miles, time: 1hr 20min 46 sec, avg pace: 9:03/mile, calories: 1105
    This was my slowest run for several months, could be due to my cold, the weather, and certainly lack of runs recently. Nike+ was very squirrley tho, there's no way I did a 6:53 for the first mile (closer to 8:30), and the last 2 miles were pretty solid (as solid as I could be). I started to cramp up (lower right stomach) around the 4 mile mark, and it flared up for the next 2 miles (walked a little, of course while it was raining). Overall, I probably shouldn't have run at all, but I did get a nice 2-3 hr nap after.

    I haven't yet registered for the January marathon, and truthfully, at this point, I don't think I could do it. I'm traveling for biz Wed-Fri, we'll see how I feel, how much running I get in, and what I'm able to do for my 'long' run on Sunday (I think 10 miles will be a stretch).

    Planning to get up and swim at 6am, as long as the cold has subsided a bit.
  6. Wed Dec 10, treadmill run & weights

    by , December 12th, 2008 at 03:51 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Wed Dec 10, got in a quick (about an hour) workout at my hotel...The Disneyland Hotel @ Disneyland Resort-Paris
    I am such a chicken; the weather in London looked nice one day, and I was tempted to go for a run. Took a cab to switch hotels, and saw lots of people running. I got out of the cab and felt freezing. Guess after living in the desert for a few years I'm no longer a cold-weather runner.
    Arrived in France to a snowstorm, and it has been cold since....
    Did about 6.5 km on the hotel treadmill last night, the first .4 km at a walk pace (around 6-7 km/hr), then hovered between 12 and 12.5 km up to the 5.5 km point, then added about .1 km/hr ever .1 km after, finishing at about 13.5 km/hr (I have no idea what these convert to in mph). Overall run (warmup/run/warmdown) was around 32 min.
    Then did some weights, 3 x 15 chest presses w/dumbells (22 kg), 3 x 12 chest flys w/dumbells (22 kg), 3 x machine flys (110/120/130 kg or maybe that's pounds?), and finished with tricep curls 3x each arm w/9 kg dumbells.
    Arrived at the Paris Hilton today, to find that there's no gym The hotel is closing next week, then converting to something else, and it is clear Hilton has let this place suffer. But I did see a pool across the street. I'll have to find out if it is available, and I'll try to at least get in some laps. Who knows, maybe if I'm adventurous, I'll go out for a run (if I don't freeze).
  7. Sunday swim in London

    by , December 7th, 2008 at 06:18 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Sun Dec 7, swim with Otter Swim Team @ Queen Mother Sports Centre, SCM, 17:30 to 19:00
    I remembered how to get to the place, arrived a few minutes early
    Warm-up set (don't remember all the intervals for this):
    400 swim
    4 x 100
    4 x 75
    4 x 50
    4 x 25
    Main Set
    Three rounds of the following
    2 x 100 @ 2:30, fast
    2 x 75 @ 2:00 fast
    4 x 50 @ :35 fast
    200 easy @ 4 min

    300 easy cool-down

    total: around 3950 meters

    I started out in the 3rd fastest lane, towards the back of the lane (we started with 8 in the lane). On the last set, I decided to move up, and was 3rd/4th...some gals in my lane (and guys in the next lane) said something that I must have been taking it easy.

    This will be my last swim for a while... I really haven't been working out too much, but have been doing a ton of walking. Today walked all the way from the Bond St Tube station, down Oxford St (past Selfridge's), saw the freaks on Hyde Park Corner, took some pictures of Marble Arch, walked through Hyde Park (around the Serpentine), to the Museum of Science (not far from Harrod's). Probably 3 miles just in that, not counting all the other walking to Tube stations.
  8. aztimm's London workouts, #1

    by , December 5th, 2008 at 02:03 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Tues Dec 2: Very quick weights set on Tues night, some chest presses with 22 kg dumbells, then some chest flys with 20 kg dumbells. I then tried to use a treadmill, but my left leg bothered me, and I got in a whopping 5 min jog (slightly more than 1/2 a mile).

    Dec 4, 2008...evening swim with Otter Swim Team @ the Queen Mother Sports Centre, 7:30 PM, short course meters
    I really wanted to try to swim last night, thought I left my hotel with plenty of time, but somehow managed to get lost finding the place. Took The Tube to Victoria Station, and managed to exit the wrong way. Wandered around for at least 20-30 min, was about to give up. Suddenly I happened on the road, and just walked past the place. Arrived about 10 min late.
    I ended up in a slow lane, just did a bunch of different drills
    8 x 50 fly (combo of drills/swims)
    4 x 50 back (drills/swims)
    4 x 50 breast (drills/swims)
    4 x 50 free (drills/swims)
    100 easy free
    --the team was doing a 400 IM test set, but I opted not to; had to meet friends and ended up 5-10 min late. 3-4 District Line trains passed by before a Circle Line finally showed up.

    Have gotten in a ton of walking; seems that's always the case when I'm on vacation, tons of tourist sites (with some department stores mixed in). Since this is my 2nd trip to London, I remember bits from 2 years ago. Here until early Tues morning, then taking the Eurostar train through the Chunnel to Paris (haven't been there since I was in college).
  9. Sun Nov 30, morning run (long run)

    by , November 30th, 2008 at 02:37 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Sun Nov 30, morning run
    did some good stretching, then 60 pushups, and held The Plank for 2 min before heading out
    Run Graph: aztimm_run_11302008
    Run Details-- miles: 18.5, time: 2 hrs 35 min 33 sec, pace: 8:24/mile, calories: 2295
    temp at start: upper 40s, at finish: low 60s
    I felt good for most of the first half. It was a total run along the canal, and the canal is being drained for its annual cleanup, looks kinda disgusting now, all the sludge on the bottom, together with the occasional tire or shopping cart (our drinking water switches to an underground aquifer when this happens). Anyway, I did up 4-1/2 miles, back...and almost stopped at the 9 miles...somehow managed to stick it out. Didn't really have anyone to pace off of for the whole thing, there were some other runners that I passed, or who passed me, but speeds didn't even seem close. As for breaks...took a water break at 4-1/2, a restroom + water break at 7 miles, water around 10 miles, restroom around 14 miles, water around 15 miles, and a last water break around 17-1/2.

    Rested about 15 min after I got home, then did a quick abs set. Tried to do some elevated situps, but my tailbone didn't cooperate (got in about 10). Did get in mostly crunches--- 600 (300 right/300 left), 150 w/11 lb weight, 200 (100 right/100 left), 200 obliques (100 to the right/100 to the left), then 100 regular crunches (50 right/50 left).

    This will be my last workout for a few least Tues, probably Wed. Depending how the flight goes, and my jet lag, I may swim with a team in London Tues night; otherwise, probably Wed (if not a run somewhere). Not looking forward to a ~11 hour flight (PHX-LAX-LHR), but we'll see how it goes...when I did PHX-SFO-FRA earlier this year it didn't seem too terrible.

    Updated November 30th, 2008 at 09:45 PM by aztimm

  10. Sat Nov 29, afternoon weights

    by , November 30th, 2008 at 12:53 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Sat Nov 29, afternoon weights
    Got in a good weights set this afternoon. Got in my full weights set. chest press (with machine), chest flys (machine), chest press (dumbells), chest flys (dumbells), triceps curls (dumbell), triceps pull downs (machine), lat press (machine front and back), seated row (machine), biceps curl (dumbell), biceps curl (machine), and back lat pulls.
    Finished with a mini abs set...about 80 elevated situps, then 20 elevated Rocky situps (10 left/10 right), then 10 elevated situps, then held The Plank for 2 min (including 15 sec with left leg only/15 sec right leg only).

    Tomorrow is a long run morning. Hoping to do 20 miles, depending how I feel. Just need to start out nice and steady and hopefully keep it. This will be my last run for a few out to London on Monday. Definitely packing my running and swimming gear, and hope to get in some workouts while in Europe (a week in London, a week in Paris).
  11. Fri Nov 28, lunchtime swim

    by , November 28th, 2008 at 05:17 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Fri Nov 28, lunchtime swim with Brophy Masters team @ PHX Swim Club, Short Course Meters
    air temp in mid-60s, water in mid-80s...they're having heater problems, that's too warm
    600-800 easy swim (I didn't really keep track)
    400 easy pull
    12 x 50, odds fast @ :45, evens easier @ 1:00
    1 x 2000 for time...I started out normal swim, then my legs started to cramp around 700, put on my pulling gear, my time was around 28:40, I can't remember the last time I had swam a distance that far
    6 x 100 @ 2:00...supposed to be kick. I did 1, then 1/2 of another, my left leg cramped, took a 50 off, did the remainder just breast
    200 cool-down (there was more but I was fried)

    total: around 4400 meters

    the team is divided into 3 major groups, and not really further divided from there. swam in the fast group, in a lane with a guy and a gal, the gal was way too fast, she should have been in a faster lane...only they don't really further divide beyond the 3 groups. overall, a great set, glad I may be my last swim for a while....
  12. Friday Nov 28, morning run

    by , November 28th, 2008 at 05:13 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Friday Nov 28, AM Run from home along the Consolidated Canal
    Nike+ Graph: aztimm_run_11282008
    Run details-- distance: 9.23 miles, time: 1hr 15 min 51 sec, pace: 8:13/mile, calories: 1145
    Temp at start: upper 40s, at finish: lower 50s
    Notes: haven't yet broken out my new shoes (same as my currents, just new), was tempted today but with the rain last night, thought I'd save them some mud. It was still dark when I started (somewhere around 6:15), and it was pretty neat watching dawn to my East. There were several patches of fog, and I really like the way it feels to run through it (we don't get it that much here). Hardly anyone out, saw someone at about 1-1/2 miles, then not a soul for another ~2 miles. After my turn-around, I saw a large group running the other way, who then passed me about a mile or so later. I did stop for water at the turn-around, and took a very quick restroom/water break around 7 miles.

    Didn't do any workout at all yesterday, first time in a while. I had been invited to join some swimming friends for the Mesa Turkey Trot 10k, but I woke up to rain around 6:30; by 8 when the race started it had cleared, but my motivation had passed. I was busy cleaning, helping to get ready (we hosted Thanksgiving dinner), then cleaning up...that almost seems like a workout in itself. I was tempted to do a weights set, but by the time I had some time it was an hour until guests would arrive...opted to shower and relax a few min instead.

    No workouts today at ASU (campus pretty much closed), but I am in the office trying to get a few loose ends cleaned up before my vacation (I leave Monday). I'll probably do a swim drop-in with the Phoenix Swim Club/Brophy Masters team @ 11:30 am (I need to go to the post office anyway).
  13. Wed 26 Nov, Morning Swim

    by , November 26th, 2008 at 11:26 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Wed 26 Nov, 6AM Swim Workout with the team, ASU Student Rec Complex (SCY)
    did 60 pushups and held The Plank for 2 min before leaving home
    600 warm-up
    400 snake swim (up/down each lane...8 lanes)
    6 x 50 free @ 1:20 w/5 deck pushouts at the 25
    12 x 100 @ 2 min, 4 sets of(1 fast free, 1 (supposed to be) fly, 1 recovery)
    4 x 25 fast free @:35
    200 warm-down
    total 2700 yards

    it started raining while we were doing the 50s (with deck pull-outs), and continued on. I can't remember the last time it had rained here. of course I keep an umbrella in my car, but that didn't help me when I left the drenched walking to my car. glad I'm not traveling today, visibility is very low and I imagine there are delays at PHX.
    the only half-decent thing about my fly (if there is one) is my kick. however, my legs were still fried from my run last night, so I had a very tough time. On the first round, I didn't even attempt fly, did free...after the coach said something, I did the remainder mostly fly drill.
  14. Tues Nov 25, PM Run

    by , November 26th, 2008 at 01:20 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Tues 25 Nov, PM run
    I was determined to get in a run tonight. With turkey day quickly approaching, and my vacation starting next week, I want to try to prevent any unnecessary weight gain. I left my office in an attempt to get a haircut, but my barber had already left by the time I got there. Since the shop is on Mill Ave, I figured I might as well make the most of it and do a Tempe Town Lake run.
    Nike+ Graph detail: aztimm_run_11252008
    Run details-- distance: 7.86 miles, time: 1hr 3 min 58sec, pace: 8:08/mile, calories: 975
    temp at start: around 78, and humid (for here), at finish: around 75
    Some people say Tempe Town Lake is the best place to run in the area, others say it is the worst. I'm somewhere in the middle. A very nice benefit of doing night runs there is that it is extremely well lit. It is also fairly well marked, with markers ever 1/4 mile, if you want to do some sprints.
    I began with iPod trouble; I figured I'd walk down toward the Art Center while my iPod rebooted, and it took almost the whole walk. So I began at the Art Center, ran back to Tempe Beach Park, under the Mill Ave bridge, and up to the Rural Rd bridge (all along the South side of the lake). From there, I went up to the Rural Rd bridge, took it to the north side, went back down lakeside, and continued on my Easterly path. The Town Lake path converges with the Scottsdale Greenbelt. There are underpasses wherever roads meet (I went under both Curry and McKellips). Just North of McKellips is a lake in Scottsdale, I ran around that, then headed back South (it is close to McKellips/Hayden). Just as I was going under the McKellips underpass, I ran into a group of bikers, some kids with a guy--who turned out to be someone I swim with (I paused briefly but really didn't want to screw up my run).
    Overall, it was great to run in a different area, I think I had been getting stale doing the Consolidated Canal near my house most of the time. It was very busy when I started, not so bad once I got off the lake, and just a few people when I finished.

    Planning to swim tomorrow morning, lift tomorrow night.
  15. Tues Nov 25: AM Swim

    by , November 25th, 2008 at 06:52 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Tues Nov 25: 6AM Swim workout with the team, ASU Student Rec Complex (SCY)
    did 60 pushups and held The Plank for 2 min before leaving home
    600 warm-up
    the following set (basically 3 rounds of 300/200/100):
    --300, 200, 100, all swim with 10 sec rest per 100, but all different strokes...I did free/breast/back, the others in my lane just did free
    --300, 200, 100, all pull with 10 sec rest per 100, I put on my paddles/pull buoy
    --300, 200, 100, all kick with 10 sec rest per 100, I wore my Zoomer fins for the 300 and 200. did the 300 fly kick w/board, the 200 fly kick on back (no board), the 100 just free kick w/board
    four rounds of the following:
    --50 swim, build on 1:15
    --25 swim FAST on :45
    --25 kick, build on :45
    --25 kick FAST on :45....I managed to take about 15 dolphin kicks, surfaced for a breath, then made it to the wall...really could feel my abs burning
    200 cool-down

    total: around 3100 yards

    planning to do a run tonight, haven't decided if I'll go home and do it there, or run near work.
  16. Mon Nov 24: PM Weights

    by , November 25th, 2008 at 12:51 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Got home with just enough time to squeeze in a quick weights set before dinner....not quite my whole routine, but I'll take it:
    chest press (with machine), chest flys (machine), chest press (dumbells), chest flys (dumbells), triceps curls (dumbell), triceps pull downs (machine), lat press (machine), biceps curl (dumbell). Finished with about 70 elevated situps, 20 of them Rocky-style. Maybe 50 min or so; sometimes when I have a limited time I move faster, watch my rest times between sets more, and actually get in a better workout than when I have more time.

    Usually run on Tues mornings, but I'm doing field visits with a district manager, so I'll swim so I can get out to North Phoenix easier (beat the traffic from home into town). Depending when we finish, I'm hoping to get in a run late tomorrow...either near my office (around the zoo/botanical gardens) or along Tempe Town Lake.
  17. Mon Nov 24: Distance Swim

    by , November 24th, 2008 at 11:26 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Mon Nov 24, 6AM Swim workout with the team, ASU Student Rec Center
    did 60 pushups and held The Plank for 2 min before leaving home
    air temp around 50, water around 78
    wore my usual very bright Speedo drag/swimsuit in 1 thing
    400 warm-up
    3 x 500 @ 1:30/100 pace, descending 1-3, came in around 6:40, 6:30, 6:25
    3 x 400 @ 1:30/100 pace, descending 1-3, came in around 5:25, 5:10, 5:05
    3 x 300 @ 1:30/100 pace, descending 1-3, came in around 4:10, 3:55, 3:45 (last is unclear as the coach unplugged the clock)
    200 warm-down
    total: 4200

    was all psyching myself up for an IM set (especially after reading about pwolf's weekend swims), then get a distance set instead. worked out well, my legs are still sore from my run yesterday, and the easier swims allowed me to stretch

    Sounds like no swimming on Thurs-Fri due to the holiday. I may make one of my rare Sat appearances, especially with beginning my vacation next week. All of a sudden that vacation I've been planning for a few months starts next Monday. I did contact a team for the first part of my trip, and may swim with them a few times. Not looking forward to a ~12 hr plane ride, but at least it will be over with.

    Planning for weights tonight, as long as I get home at a decent time. Tomorrow will be swim in the morning, and hopefully a run in the evening.
  18. Sun Nov 23: Long run

    by , November 23rd, 2008 at 03:03 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    Sunday Nov 23, long run morning
    did some stretching, 60 pushups, and held The Plank for 2 min before heading out
    temp at start around 45F, at finish around 60F
    wore my usual Nike Pegasus shoes, Reebok shorts, and sleeveless Nike top. yea it was a little chilly at first, but after 2-3 miles, I was fine. towards the end I felt like taking off my shirt, but didn't
    Graph from Nike+: aztimm_run_11232008
    Run details-- distance: 17.78 miles, time: 2 hrs 25 min 33 sec, avg pace: 8:10/mile, calories: 2206
    I said last night that I would try not to go out too fast, but with it being cold I wanted to warm up, and couldn't really help it. Then the some good pace music started...Meatloaf's, "Paradise by the dashboard light," lasted from mile 2 to 3, and then some other stuff continued. I stopped for water around 4.5 miles, 10 miles, 13 miles, then around the 15.5 mark. I did stop very briefly to use the restroom around 12 miles.
    Saw lots of people out today. For the last 1-2 miles there was a guy on the other side of the canal with a biker pacer who was going about the same speed, made a nice finish.
    This was my 2nd furthest run yet (furthest was 18.15 about 3 weeks ago). Thought of doing a 20-miler, but don't want to overdo it. Maybe next week, if not I'll work up to one just after my vacation. Really felt good, held a pretty good avg pace over the whole thing.

    Took about 20-30 min rest after I got back (when I wrote the above), then did about 25 min of intensive abs. Started with 70 elevated situps, then 600 crunches (300 with legs crossed each way), 150 with an 11 lb dumbell, another 200 regular (100 legs crossed each way), 300 obliques (150 to the right, 150 to the left), another 200 regular, 150 with a 5 lb dumbell, another 200 regular. My stomach was burning when I finished.

    Watched some of the AZ Ironman coverage on a local news channel. The weather gal was deployed to Tempe Town Lake, the looks on some people as they got out of the water were priceless. They still had the bike and run to go!
  19. Sat Nov 22, afternoon weights

    by , November 22nd, 2008 at 11:32 PM (aztimm's training blog)
    I was pretty wiped out last night, slept in until 8:30 this morning, and could have probably slept more.

    Got in a good weights set this afternoon. Had a late start, slept in and was busy cleaning, but still managed this set.... chest press (with machine), chest flys (machine), chest press (dumbells), chest flys (dumbells), triceps curls (dumbell), triceps pull downs (machine), lat press (machine), seated row (machine), biceps curl (dumbell), and biceps curl (machine). Finished with about 70 elevated situps.

    Tomorrow is a long run morning. Depending how I feel, I'll do at least 15, maybe as much as 20 miles. Just need to start out nice and steady and hopefully keep it.
  20. Friday Nov 21, evening workout

    by , November 22nd, 2008 at 01:14 AM (aztimm's training blog)
    Fri Nov 21, swam with the team, 6PM ASU Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, Short Course Yards
    air temp around 75, water upper 70s (maybe 78)

    50 warm-up (got there late)
    4 x 75 @ 15 sec rest
    6 x 50 @ 1min 10 sec
    main Friday....6 rounds of the following, fast swims all OFF THE BLOCKS
    1 x 50 @ 2min, FAST freestyle (I did a 100 on the last round)
    1 x 50 @ 2min, FAST non-free (I did them all breast)
    1 x 100 @ 2 min, easy recovery

    About 200 easy cool down

    Almost didn't get there, was working, then when on the way the light rail seemed to be in my way the entire way over. The traffic restrictions for the Ironman certainly didn't help. Then when I finally made it to the pool, I was in the locker room changing and realized I left my towel in the car, so ran out to get it.
    Even with all of that, I had one of the best swim workouts I can remember. I held 27 to 28 sec for the 50s free, and 34 to 36 sec for the breast
    So here's my story on the 100. I asked the coach towards the beginning when would be a good time to do the 100, he said at the end. So he's blasting some Rage Against the Machine from the music system thing, when he sent me off. I had a great start, but thought I should hold back a touch on the first 50, so I didn't do as many dolphin kicks, took a few extra breaths. On the 2nd 50, I pushed it pretty hard. When I came in, by the time I looked at the clock, it said 1:04, which is great for me, I was happy....then the coach came over and said I did a 1:02, I thought he must be joking (he said something like, "That's pretty good for you.". I couldn't believe it, I've never gone that fast....EVER. Originally I wasn't going to do the last 50, but I was so pumped then, I pulled myself out and still went off the block, and did a :35 for that last breast. Johnny (the coach) did tell me that he could tell I held back on that first 50. He thinks I can easily get a min (or less) by Mar/Apr.

    Wow, what a great week this has been. I recorded my fastest mile (7:22) since I've been using Nike+ (that's comparable to when I did triathlons, back in 1996...still a ways to go to my Army 5:15 tho). Then today, to do a 100 free in 1:02 in practice, a double at that, after working a full day in between. I should probably buy a lottery ticket.

    Edited to add:
    I wore a Speedo Aquablade brief. I usually wear it for our Friday speed sets.
    The Mona Plummer is a nice and fast pool. Outdoor but heated. It was quite a difference just diving off the blocks -v- at the Rec Center. I'd hate to become a pool snob, but I really didn't feel like I had to put in the same effort to get better results. I may have gotten a touch of draft, went 10 sec behind Doug (he's also on these forums).

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