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    Welcome back Celestial. I wish I could focus more on distance...3000 yds per workout is typical for me, so I will slowly increase yardage
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    We have a tough time getting swimmers to go to meets. I think a lot the younger ones have family commitments that often conflict and the older ones may still be burned out from competing when they were younger or at least not up for that challenge. I agree with you on the 200 br., way more difficult than i thought.
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    Yeah, anything more than 4,000 in an hour is a lot!
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    Thx. We'll see how it goes! Next Saturday I want to go zip-lining, so I am pretty motivated!
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    the story of my swim training, more often than not, is having at least Plan A and B, possibly C, and ending up in Plan X (no swimming) ... especially when sleep deprivation is in the way.

    Roll with it and good luck hitting one of those plans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial
    Yes, yes, SCY!! I'm not fast enough to go 2:33 LCM unless I'm in a fastskin & have a dive!
    Are you faster with a PB? Although it would push my threshold, I imagine that I could make 5x200/2:40 swimming regular freestyle. If I had to use a PB I think that I would be in trouble.
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    Yes, yes, SCY!! I'm not fast enough to go 2:33 LCM unless I'm in a fastskin & have a dive!
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    Had a flippin' Olympian next to me this AM. He was cruising along doing our 200s at 2:04, 2:05, I was THRILLED to be about 2:33! ...
    5 x 200 pull @ 2:40
    Wait, this has gotta be SCY, right? It seems like you usually swim long course.
    ...So you were holding ~2:33s for 200s PULL on 2:40?! Good work! Nobody is going to accuse you of being out of shape!
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    Heck, on a great day with no commitments, 4200 would be a massive effort for most of us. Given what you're managing in LIFE, this is impressive. Good luck in this challenging time.
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    Thanks to you both. Daddy better not break anything on MY watch, Kurt! Don't suppose if you know if it's normal to develop seizure activity with Parkinson's? I'm an NP, but not in neuro.
    Fort - I am a rotten daughter, my SISTER is the amazing one!
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    Hang in there Celestial! It sounds incredibly stressful. But y you're being a great daughter.
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    Sucks watching the parents go down. We had to drag my mom kicking and screaming to assisted living facility two years ago. Just died last year and my dad is starting to lose it. Good luck. If one of them breaks a hip, my bro is a acetabular surgeon of some renown in Houston. Keep swimming. Only thing that keeps me sane.
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    Bappy hirthday
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    Agree with both of you!
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    I find Drylands tricky.

    Swimming just seems so much less of an injury prone activity
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    I lose my drylands mojo sometimes too. I think they can help swimming, especially all the core work. And I think lifting can build muscles that help take the pressure off the tiny RC muscles. BUT it is so easy to get injured. I've had an elbow tear from deadlifting myself. I feel like I may have to shift to a regimen with more reps. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the time off.
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    The pool I swim at uses salt water chlorination. I'm not sure if that's the same thing. Anyway, I find it doesn't taste like salt unless the chemicals are out of whack.
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