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  1. Bobinator's Avatar
    Good luck with the elbows. Being injured is so frustrating!
  2. Bobinator's Avatar
    I totally understand your "empty-nest" situation. My last child left for college in Florida last January and I too feel lonliness and isolation from the quiet house. I will say a great swim workout helps my attitude and I can always find someone to talk to at the pool!
  3. wnt2bfst's Avatar
    here is embarresment for me and i am still not discouraged.
    i swam in the huntsman senior games in october last year. one gold, one silver and 2 bronze. not bad, right? well the official times for the games came in the mail last week. with my times i would have to swim in 70 -74 year olds to have won any medals. not much competition in the 50 - 54 year old group this year. lucky for me. even knowing my times i still had fun. i am heading to houston for the senior games in june.

    good luck
  4. gigi's Avatar
    Definitely look at your times from your first meet! The first meet back is a total freebie, no pressure, no worries. Just see how you do and take it (as kgernert says above) as a PB.
    And I don't know the specifics of your elbow issue, but I have lingering elbow issues from a fall I took, so I can (kind of) relate. It's tough to "swim around" an elbow problem. keep the faith - and under 6 on the 500 sounds totally doable to me!
  5. kgernert's Avatar
    Just do the best you can and compare your times to your times as you progress - not to the other girls in the pool who have been swimming for 20+ years. Besides, racing is fun - and addictive. Enjoy!
  6. Celestial's Avatar
    I think I would like to just race, and not see what my horridly slow time was!! I just want to enjoy the race. But if I don't look at my time, I won't know what to put on my next entry, and of course, won't be able to track my progress (if any) over time. Hmmm.
  7. kgernert's Avatar
    The first meet can be scary, but don't worry about the competition. The best thing about my first meet is that every swim - no matter the time - was a personal best Enjoy it and just have fun!
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