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    Elaine, I think it's like I'm always on the first two days, cuz I'm such a cheater!!but you're right, it takes some getting used to. This weekend will be mild starvation mode as I am doing masonry on my porch instead of weights and swimming.
  2. Celestial's Avatar
    Fort, you are sweet, but I want to look as good as you!! I don't have to bench press, I think it's fun! But if you have a better idea on strength training using mostly machines, I'd be happy to entertain it! I do the rear delts, rowing machine, cole of others I cant remember the names of right now.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    Do you have to bench press? Push ups and bench press are not great for the shoulders.

    You are pretty slim! Are you sure you need to lose that much?
  4. ekw's Avatar
    In my experience, the first two days of counting calories are the worst, and you get used to it pretty quickly after that.
  5. ekw's Avatar
    Great job!
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  7. __steve__'s Avatar
    Congradulations on age group best times and time drops
  8. Celestial's Avatar
    Hahaha - just got this - shows you how darn busy work has been! I'm swimming "everything" - 25 fly to 400 free. Should be a bunch of fun!! You have any meets or OW swims coming up yourself?
  9. Sojerz's Avatar
    You're certainly working hard enough - don't forget to rest and taper. What are you going swim?
  10. ekw's Avatar
    Prednisone is terrible. It tastes awful, you really do have to take it with food, and then you want to eat everything in existence! I haven't had to take it in a long time but my dog has and Labs already want to eat everything so it makes him even more nuts about food.
  11. BrendaL's Avatar
    Good luck at your meet!
  12. Celestial's Avatar
    Thanks guys!
  13. rxleakem's Avatar
    Bappy hirthday!
  14. Sojerz's Avatar
    That's a workout to be prou8d of on your birthday. Have a happy one Celeste
  15. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Happy birthday! No better way to celebrate than a morning swim with friends!
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  17. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Celestial
    Holy cow - here I am in medicine, and I didn't realize that! But I already take synthroid. . . .will definitely check that out, thanks Fort!!
    I take a combo of T3 (liothyronine) and synthroid. It works better for me than just T4. And it did lower my cholesterol, which was slightly elevated bc of being hypo.
  18. ekw's Avatar
    Woo! I'll see you at PCB.
  19. Celestial's Avatar
    Holy cow - here I am in medicine, and I didn't realize that! But I already take synthroid. . . .will definitely check that out, thanks Fort!!
  20. The Fortress's Avatar
    Your doc put you on statins? Cholesterol too high? You might consider having your doc add/substitute in some T3 to the standard thyroid dose of synthroid. T3 burns off cholesterol.
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