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Strength Training and Dryland Workouts

  1. Summer 2012

    Week of 7/1

    Quick weights workout...bench, squats, tri extension (balance on one leg), med ball wood chop, arm curls, and up/downs

    Want to get back to these quick weight workouts on off-days from the pool. My times are faster in meets when i do these. I am planning on doing the Dearborn Masters meet on 7/22. Not having access to a LC pool will be challenging but I'm looking forward to swimming the 200 fly and breast during that meet.


    First workout at Downriver YMCA in several years...felt good to get back there.

    3 times through...
    200 swim/100 Kick (#1 Free, #2 Back, #3 Breast)

    8x25 drill/swim fly
    150 fly straight (building toward 200 fly)
    50 easy

    8x50 drill/swim RIMO 1:00
    100 k
    200 cd
    2000 yards

    The goal for these straight fly swims is to maintain my stroke rate while holding the same time. The last 50 of that 150 straight I added one stroke per length. Need to work my walls more and do a deeper chest press to maximize my distance per stroke. Ran into one of my old teammates from the DRY team...he mentioned that there is a group that still works out on Sunday mornings. Looking forward to joining them again.


    400 wu (300 sw, 100 k)
    4x100 d/s RIMO 2:00
    100 k
    6x50 1:00 (odd free, even back)
    8x25 fly max 6 strokes per 25
    100 k
    150 cd

    1650 total

    Had to stop a little early. Went down to one lap lane. Too crowded! Having a hard time keeping my heart rate down. It's been so hot this week. That could be part of the issue.

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