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  1. 6/11/16 Healthy Trenton 5k Run

    I'm not much of a runner. Swimming is more my thing. It sure was a good thing that I stuck around after the race this morning as my family won a $200 aquatic center membership to the Kennedy Aquatic Center in Trenton, MI!
  2. Back in the water!

    It feels good being back in the water. As my kids get older, it's starting to get "a little" easier to find time to swim 2-3 days a week. I enjoy focusing on the technical aspects of swimming which improves my instructional delivery when I coach my high school team.

    I'm finding that I need more rest when practicing but the quality of my swimming is still there. I look forward to seeing what the future brings in the water!

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  3. Workouts (Week of 8/12)

    8/12 @ DRY 9 am
    warmup 1000 yards
    6x100 k/s stroke 2:00
    3x100 IM 2:00
    150 cd
    2050 Total
  4. Workouts (Week of 8/5)

    8/5 @ DRY 9 am

    300 swim, 200 kick, 100 swim
    1x200 pace: t - 2:30
    4x50 1:00 int.
    1x200 pace: t- 2:28
    2x50 1:00 fly
    2x100 kick
    2x50 kick HARD :44, :46
    4x100 CD S,K,P,S

    2000 total

    8/11 @ DRY 11 AM
    300 sw
    100 k
    8x50 d/s RIMO 1:00
    100 K
    100 CD
    1000 total
    Got a quick 1000 in during my daughter's swim class

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  5. Workouts (week of 7/29)

    7/29 @ Dearborn LCM Meet

    Approx. 800 LCM WU
    100 FLY T - 1:11
    200 recovery
    200 fly t-2:53 ouch!
    400 cd

    1700 total

    8/2 @ RCHS "Mock Meet" with Swim Camp Kids!
    WU 5x50 1:00
    100 easy
    During break: 150 easy
    50 Fly T-:27 Beat my swimmers
    50 Under/Over Relay
    400 CD
    1000 Total

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  6. May Workouts

    Friday 5/1
    Run 2 miles (19:40)

    Saturday 5/2
    Willow Duathlon
    .5 miles run warm-up
    5k run 29:50
    20k bike 38:00
    5k run 29:45

    Sunday 5/3
    Bike 10 miles (recovery ride)

    Tuesday 5/5
    Run 3 miles (9:52, 10:02, 9:04!) 28:58 (avg. 9:39-9:40)

    Walk .15 cd

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  7. Workout (2/2)

    Swam during a.m. practice with the h.s. boys team.

    12 x 75's 1:45
    Mix of swim, drills (short-axis), kick, etc.

    100 easy

    1000 yards

    Did not get to swim a lot because I was watching the kids do their sets.
  8. Workout 1/29

    Got a quick workout in before the boys swam Monroe.

    Warm-up 300 swim, 200 kick
    8 x 50's Long-axis progression drill/swim 1:00
    100 easy
    4 x 25 fly :30 drill/swim
    100 cd

    1200 yards

    Felt ok...just trying to get a feel for the water again since the state meet is 8 weeks away.
  9. My first entry!

    Just want to see if this works...

    Not in the water too much right now as I'm staying busy coaching my high school boys team. I have renewed my commitment to stroke technique this season and the results have paid off.

    Last weekend, we got our first state cuts of the season and are very close in 5 other events as well. Coaching one season has allowed me to stay focused because the season is so short.

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