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  1. Wednesday 7/29/2020

    AM LCM Solo (w/ LRAD) @ LRRC "Friday Fly Day and 'Lactaturday'...on a Wednesday?"

    Air Temp: 77
    Pool Temp: 81

    400 swim every 4th 25 head-up scull
    400 FR kick w/ fins + BD
    400 pull w/ SNKL

    4x50 @ :45 PINK
    1:00 REST
    4x50 @ :40 PINK

    4x100 @ 2:00 k/sw/dr/bld I.M.O.
    8x25 V.S.
    4 @ :40 FR kick w/ BD
    4 @ :30 FR swim

    100 EZ

    8x @ ~ 5:00
    50 DIVE PURPLE FL (30.5, 30.3, 29.7, 30.5, 30.4, 30.6, 31.7, 31.3)
    50 EZ

    100 FLOAT

    Total: 3200

    Was really happy with my times today. After a lot of FL yesterday, after not really having trained much LCM FL this summer, I actually felt surprisingly good. Held my stroke together well. This beard though, its like having a five pound weight attached to my chin. Every time I bring my head up to breathe I feel like my son is grabbing my chin and pulling me back down (something he actually does when we play in the water together). It's the longest my beard has ever been. Man do I ever need a shave/taper meet!
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