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  1. 8|17|20 SCY

    8 x 50 fr on 3:00, pushed
    30 on most
  2. Monday 8/17/2020

    AM SCY @ LRRC "Arkansas Dolphin Intra-Squad Meet"

    Air Temp: 90
    Pool Temp: 86
    (The conditions were not the best for racing, but you have to go with what you got!)

    300 swim every 4th 25 head-up scull
    4x75 @ 1:10 "Claire Lockridge" pull w/ paddles
    4x50 @ 1:00 FL drill
    4x25 @ :30 V.S. FL

    50 EZ
    35 EZ

    2x50 @ :50 FL @ 200 PACE
    100 EZ

    200 FL - 2:01.24 - 26.85/29.75 (56.59)/31.09/33.56 (1:04.65) - So I put all my eggs in one basket here, shaving and tapering for one race. Also never have I trained LCM and then tapered for a SCY meet (but done it plenty of times the other way around!). But I also have never gotten the chance to swim a 200 FL fresh. The 200 always seemed to fall at the end of a meet, when I was already tired. My goal was to break the 2:00 barrier, and at the 170 yard mark, I was still on target. Alas, the heat finally withered me down the stretch. While it may have kept me from hitting my goal time, it would not deny me a lifetime best. At thirty-five years young, I will take a best time in the 200 yard FL. In a couple months, hopefully I get a chance to race indoors, and I KNOW I can close out those last 30 yards!

    Total: 2100 (including warm-ups and warm-down)
  3. 8/17/20 Workout

    by , August 17th, 2020 at 03:03 PM (Swimming Through Jello)
    Practice schedule changing this week as the age groupers start to have school again. So coach asked us to take Monday off to figure out where will be best for the Masters to fit in. Garage workout it is!

    8/17/2020 Garage Workout

    5 min general warmup + barbell warmup

    3 Power Clean + Power Jerk + Split Jerk - 135/3+1+1, 165/3+1+1, E2MOM 185/3+1+1x5

    EMOM 15
    1 - Depth Jumps - 30"x3, 34"x3, 38"x3, 42"x3, 45"x3 (plus an extra set at the end for fun)
    2 - DB Shoulder Press - 25# per hand x15
    3 - Single Leg RDL - 53#x8 per leg
  4. 8/15/2020 Workout

    by , August 17th, 2020 at 12:27 PM (Swimming Through Jello)
    8/15/2020 Garage Workout

    5 minute general warmup

    Front Squat - 135/4, 185/4, EMOM - 205/3,3,3,3,3,3

    5 min power jerk warmup

    Alternating rounds (with extra PJ round at the end for 5 sets)
    PJ 3x205# on 1:00
    1/3 mi run on 3:00 (d1-3 - 1:50, 1:47, 1:43)