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  1. Tuesday 2/4/2020

    PM SCY Solo (w/ Trip as "Head Timer") @ LRRC "200 Pace work/Drop-taper Day #2"

    2x150 @ :10 rest 100 FR/50 BK
    200 N.S. pull w/ paddles + SNKL (1:07/1:04)
    100 BR kick w/ BD

    4x50 FR
    1 @ 1:00 build (28.5)
    3 @ :50 @ 200 PACE to the feet (27.8, 27.6, 27.8)

    200 FLOAT

    Total: 1000

    SHOUT OUT: Trip, for showing up on deck at precisely the moment I needed a timer!

    I felt really good today. Went with my "competition" suit (not my tech suit, just a tight Nike brief) for practice. Same suit I wore for the "Six on Five" two days ago. Plan to take tomorrow off, then go full body suit for a broken 100 BR on Thursday, then float Friday and then it's off to the races on Saturday (200 FR and 100 BR)!
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