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  1. Tuesday 5/21/19

    PM Weights @ LRRC
    PM LCM w/ Trip (sort of) @ LRRC "Resistance, Power, and Speed" (well, a lot of the former, and very little of the latter two)


    3x10 BB RDL (45/65#)
    3x10 BB back squat (45/65#)
    3x10 S-leg glute (30/70#)
    3x10 S-leg curl (10/30#)
    3x10 S-leg extension (10/30#)
    3x15 hip adductor (70#)
    3x15 hip abductor (70#)


    400 swim dive every 100
    6x100 @ 1:45 50 kick/50 B&A drill w/ fins

    4x100 @ 2:00
    1 - 12.5 FAST/37.5 SMOOTH w/ chute full close
    1 - 25 FAST/25 SMOOTH w/ chute half open
    1 - FAST (1:11, 1:26+, 1:08)
    1 - EZ
    FAST = STRK (RD1: FL, RD2: BR, RD3: FR)

    200 EZ

    Total: 2500

    Trip did 10x100 @ 2:00 BEST AVG. I came in planning to do resistance work so I passed on that set, but I constructed my main set so we could race on a couple of the 100s. I felt awful on the fast stuff. Great for 10-20 meters after I dropped the chute, but then it all fell apart.

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