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  1. 10|8|19 SCM

    500 fr warmup
    10 x 25 fr board fins on 0:30 (15-17s)
    500 fr of drills and stroke with board fins

    earlier: weights upper body and torso

    day prior to earlier: 12 miles of hiking with wife SC/NC

    10|5 11 miles kayaking lake Jocassee. Stopped to free-dive at area where I believe my snorkel/camera assembly was dropped. Wife was on the shoreline with parked kayak. I looked for about 30 min and couldnt find it. Even though it was a needle - haystack thing, the snorkel was bright lime green and would be easy to see. It was forecast and water was dark, but once down there, everything came in view again. Unfortunately the pitch of the bottom was steep so anything dropped probably kept rolling down deeper. The water was about 84 and the the air was low 60s and raining.

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