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  1. 9|7|19 dryland

    by , September 7th, 2019 at 06:23 PM (Blog)
    Assault airbike lactate production to muscle shutdown
    3x 1 minute max calories + 20 pushups on 3:00
    (resulted in about 1:30 ez bike between ea 3:00)
    1st min: 22 cal
    2nd min: 21 cal
    3rd min: 17 cal
    legs gave near end of 3rd recovery

    1 set DBBP #50 22 reps
    3 sets single arm inclined DBBP #35 4 reps ea
    various shoulder and triceps stuff

    Haven't exercised much over the week due to Dorian. I actually just drank wine all week long, couple gallons worth, and now I have fat and sagging skin.
    Was windy for a day, but happy to just have a messy yard to finish cleaning up.